Tarot Readings

To request a Tarot reading with me or one of my endorsed Tarot readers, you will be asked to pay via PayPal and submit a request form with your details. Once you have sent your request form, we will confirm your request via email within 48 hours and provide an indication of when you can expect your actual Tarot reading. Turnaround times will vary depending on the reader selected and the level of demand at that point in time. Typically, you can expect your reading within 5 days, unless stated otherwise.

We will also review your question to ensure it can be answered within our Code of Ethics. We retain the right to refuse to read on a particular topic (e.g. health, legal matters, third party readings, etc.). If an alternate question cannot be agreed, your payment will be refunded via PayPal.

When your Tarot reading is ready, it will be emailed to you using the email address provided in the request form. You will have the opportunity to request clarification on the cards drawn for your reading. If you wish to ask further questions that were not addressed in the original request or you wish to have further cards drawn, you will be invited to purchase another Tarot reading.

If you have not received your Tarot reading within the specified time, please contact the Biddy Tarot team here. It is likely your Tarot reading has been sent but has been blocked by your email account’s junk mail filter.

We will store your Tarot reading securely for at least 12 months. You may request a copy of your Tarot reading at any time during this period.

We will not read for people under the age of 18 unless parental consent has been provided. And we will not read on behalf of someone who has not given their express permission for the reading.


Refunds will only be provided upon mutual agreement when the actual Tarot reading has not been performed. For example, if you and your reader cannot agree on the question or the Tarot spread and the reader has not started your actual reading, you may be offered a refund.

However, if your Tarot reading has been performed and completed, there will be no refund. This is because we pour our heart and soul into your reading and we invest a significant amount of time and energy into your situation. We will make our best attempts to clarify any questions you have and to give you advice on how to get the most out of your reading experience.

Tarot Readings with Brigit

When you request a Tarot reading with me, I will review your question to ensure that I can answer it in line with my Code of Ethics. I will also create a customised Tarot spread for your review before I begin reading the Tarot cards for you. If I feel that your question may need to be rephrased, I will consult with you first. Additionally, if we cannot agree on a Tarot spread that appropriately answers your questions, I will offer you a refund.

I will personally perform your Tarot reading, using the Radiant Rider Waite deck. I will use reversed Tarot cards as they come up in the reading.

I will send your reading to you in a Word document along with a picture of the cards drawn.

Tarot Readings with the Biddy Tarot Endorsed Readers

I have hand-selected a number of talented Tarot readers to offer their services to you as a Biddy Tarot Endorsed Reader. I have full confidence in these readers to provide a high quality service to you. If, for any reason, you feel you have not received a high level of service, please contact me directly here.

Biddy Tarot Digital Products

Biddy Tarot digital products (including eBooks, guides, audio programs, etc.) can be downloaded via a link sent to the email provided via your PayPal payment. You will need to install the latest version of Adobe Reader to view the PDF eBook.

If you misplace any of your Biddy Tarot digital products that you have previously purchased, contact my team and we will resend the download links.

My Code of Ethics

  • I will strive at all times to give you the very best advice of which I am capable.
  • I recommend you seek competent medical or psychological assistance from a healthcare professional if you have any disease, illness, or disorder.
  • I recommend you seek competent financial assistance from a banker, broker, or financial consultant before you make any financial transactions.
  • I recommend you seek competent legal assistance from a qualified attorney-at-law if you have any legal problems.
  • To protect the privacy of others, I will not read on a third party (e.g. “Does John really love Sally?”). Where possible, I will rephrase the question to focus the reading on what is directly related to you.
  • I will provide guidance and insight in your Tarot reading, but you have the free will to choose whether you will follow this guidance or not. You are therefore responsible for your actions following your Tarot reading.
  • Tarot cards are neither good nor bad, though they can be used to encourage, give hope, and identify options for future behavior.
  • Your Tarot reading is a complete service in itself. You are not required to purchase anything else.

Affiliate Links

When you visit Biddytarot.com, you’ll find that I’ve included certain products & services, and links to those products & services, that will earn me an affiliate commission for any purchases you make. For the most part, I promote Oranum and Amazon. I only promote those products or services that I have investigated and truly feel deliver value to you. I promote them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.  Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


Email and Personal Information

We all hate spam! That’s why your email address and any other personal details will never be shared with any third party.

You will only receive emails from Biddy Tarot when you have requested them (e.g. for a Tarot reading or the weekly newsletter). Occasionally, I will also email you regarding Tarot specials and website updates. You will always have the option to ‘unsubscribe’ whereby I will remove your email from my database and you will not be contacted any further.

Tarot Readings

Your Tarot reading is private and confidential. Your Tarot readings are stored securely on my computer and will not be shared with anyone other than myself. I may personally ask you if I can present your reading as a sample reading on the website, but I will only ever publish it with your express permission, and without any information that could identify you.