Charmaine D.
"I have grown exponentially as a Tarot reader since joining the Biddy Tarot Community."
Through the community forums and the community resources I have been able to expand my knowledge of the Tarot. And by participating in the Free Tarot Readings I have received...Read More
Erica R.
"What do I think of the Community so far? I LOVE IT!!"
I am learning so much from the Free Tarot Readings and am planning to continue focusing on my checklist! People are very authentic and open! Joining the Community is a...Read More
Helen A.
"I've always been interested in Tarot, but only really dabbled and had the odd reading done."
Then about five years ago I was suddenly drawn to study the cards more seriously. I bought a pack, and then another, and began searching the internet to learn their...Read More
Kathleena O.
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Biddy Tarot and the Community!"
Brigit has very high standards for herself and her website, and she works very hard to make sure that her intentions are carried out in all aspects of her website....Read More
Valerie G.
"I find Biddy Tarot to be a wonderful tool whether you are a beginner, aspiring or professional tarot card reader - you have access to grand amount of resources, there are free master classes every month to help you enhance your skills and the people within the community are incredibly respectful, helpful and supportive."
They allow you to feel like you are part of something far greater than you first imagined. It is a wonderful community and they also provide you an opportunity to...Read More
Dorota P.
"When you want to start working in a personal development/healing business (coaching, psychotherapy, various workshops) and you plan getting a formal education, you usually participate in a program first. But then you need to practice your new skills somewhere."
Most accreditation systems would like you to have clients before you get a practitioner certificate of a kind. It’s a logical approach, but it’s up to you to find your...Read More