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If you could ask about a relationship, decision, or situation anytime you wanted, and receive a clear, life-affirming answer, right on the spot… would that make life better? Because that’s what reading Tarot cards – and this website — is all about!

Biddy Tarot is a modern learning community for purpose-driven people who read Tarot cards.

I’m here to help you learn the language of Tarot, bring more intuition, inspiration and flow into your days, and ultimately create a life you adore. (And while we’re at it, help you grow your soul-guided business, too).

And just so we’re clear…

Tarot cards alone aren’t magic
(in fact, they’re just ink on paper!)

And there’s nothing weird, wicked or woo about it.

But what is magical is how Tarot cards help you connect with a deeper, more expansive part of yourself. The part of you that knows there are no limits, there’s always more than enough, and anything you want is possible.


I’m dedicated to helping you deepen your intuition and your connection with the divine in everyday life, using Tarot cards. It’s my belief that anyone can learn to read Tarot, and my work (and this site) shows you how to do it from your heart, not a book.

Which means you don’t need to memorize anything (can I get a hallelujah?!). You just need to relax and tune in to your intuition. I’ll show you how to do that, too.



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