I’m Brigit!

I’m a mum to two kids – Chloe and Zara – I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and I make my living leading the Biddy Tarot community. I’ve never felt as aligned with my soul’s purpose — or as blessed — as I do today.

In some ways, I consider myself a regular gal. I love spending time with my husband and my girls. But I also know that I’m here to help people live more mindful and enlightened lives, using Tarot as a guide. I bet you don’t meet someone every day who says that!

My Story

I used to be a management consultant working with some of Australia’s largest companies, which I loved. I’d invested much of my time and energy in my education – earning Bachelor of Commerce with Honours at one of the best universities in Australia and later a Master of Human Resource Management (where I graduated in the top 5 percent of my class). But I’m getting ahead of myself…

I’ve always been spiritual and an avid learner. So when I had my first Tarot reading as a teenager, I was fascinated. The woman who interpreted the cards told me I would meet a man on my study abroad trip to Germany. When I met the guy who ended up becoming my first boyfriend, I thought, Cool! I want to learn how to do this.

So I did what so many of us do – I read a bunch of books and started practicing reading the cards. To keep track of my notes, I began posting them online.

That’s actually how Biddy Tarot started, in 1999.

For ten years, I worked my corporate job, and read Tarot on the side. But over the years, I had a growing sense that staying in my corporate job wasn’t my life path. By the time my second daughter was born, my gut – and my Tarot cards – was telling me it was time to leave corporate and focus on Biddy Tarot full time. So I took the leap!

It turns out that our ordinary lives are one courageous decision away from blowing the doors off everything we’ve imagined possible.

Because of what some people would call a crazy decision to leave a successful and high-paying corporate career, I’m now doing work that is both helpful to others, fun for me, and is deeply aligned with my spiritual path.

Not only is it a spiritually abundant path, it’s financially abundant, earning a healthy seven figures every year.

I employ 14 team members, and we have 4 million visitors to this website every year. For a Tarot business! (Crazy, right?!)

Best of all, both my husband and I work in the business and can be at home every day with our kids, to be the present parents we’ve always wanted to be.

I don’t tell you this to brag – that’s not my intention. But I do want you to see what’s possible when you connect with your own inner wisdom, instead of looking to an outside authority to tell you how to live. (Make no mistake – it took plenty of hard work and business strategy, too. I’m just saying that intuition and business are a mighty team!)

Click here to read my full story, including what life has been like since I quit my corporate job.


Tarot is a tool that allows us to open up to insights already inside us…


The way I see it, Tarot is a tool that allows us to open up to insights already inside us… and gives us a quiet, meditative space to make sense of where we are now and what kind of future we want to create for ourselves.

As you nurture your Tarot-reading skills and confidence, my deepest wish is that the cards continue to remind you of how powerful, how wise, and how in control of your own destiny you truly are. And may they be a trusted light along your path, like they have been for me.

So why Tarot cards?

I’ve noticed that many people seem to think of spirituality as separate from their daily lives.

They may have spiritual practices or tools they use in private. I used to be like this a bit, too. I wasn’t totally confident that my interpretations of the cards were the right ones, so at first I kept my Tarot readings to myself.

But over time, I’ve discovered that my life works best when I let my intuition guide me. Reading Tarot cards is by far my favorite tool for this. If you’re already using your intuition, I hope that my work and helps you deepen your trust in your inner wisdom’s ability to guide you as you create a life you love.

If you’re not quite to the point where you’re totally confident in your intuition, you can learn how to read Tarot cards as a way of tapping into your own wisdom… without someone telling you there’s only one way to interpret a card or symbol.

Like I say, it’s all about learning to read Tarot from your heart, not the book.

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And one final thought for you:

Sometimes people tell me they worry what other people will think when they say they read Tarot. Let’s nip this in the bud now!

Tarot cards are a tool, nothing more. This means you choose how you use them – there’s nothing weird, evil or woo-woo about it.

If you want to use Tarot in your business to advise your clients, great. If you want to use Tarot to talk to fairies, great. If you want to use Tarot for personal growth, great. It’s really up to you. As long as you use the Tarot to help yourself and others, I’m all for it.

I’m on a mission to make Tarot a part of more mainstream conversations on spirituality and wellness, like yoga or meditation. The more people who are listening to their intuition and trusting their gut, the better!

So thank you for being here and I am honoured to be a part of your journey with the Tarot.