Weekly podcast on how to read Tarot with confidence

lunar cycles tarot ezzie spencer

BTP123: Lunar Abundance with Ezzie Spencer

party trick to trusted advisor

BTP122: From the Archive: From Party Trick to Trusted Tarot Advisor

melanie orourke

BTP121: From Ad Exec to Tarot Reader with Melanie O’Rourke

how to be an authentic tarot reader

BTP120: How to Be an Authentic Tarot Reader

5 ways to build your reputation as a tarot reader

BTP119: From the Archive: 5 Ways to Build Your Reputation as a Tarot Reader

the truth about money and spirituality

BTP118: The Truth About Money & Spirituality

the secret life of susan wands

BTP117: The Secret Life of Pamela Colman-Smith with Susan Wands

are you ready to go pro

BTP116: Are You Ready to Go Pro?

sacred symbolism with sarah wilder

BTP115: Sacred Symbolism with Sarah Wilder

7 habits of a confident tarot reader

BTP114: 7 Habits of a Confident Tarot Reader