These talented Tarot readers have completed the Biddy Tarot courses and have passed a certification assessment.
I can proudly recommend them to you.

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Shawn Bailor

Shawn's facilitative approach helps you unlock your potential to solve problems and achieve your dreams in these uncertain times. All are welcome and invited.

Clear Light Tarot


Answers to your questions, support with difficult decisions, life planning, career mentoring, help with relationships - profound and thorough guidance and insights.

Jo Robertson

Jo Robertson is a highly evolved Psychic, Intuitive, and Clairvoyant who uses her natural abilities to reveal core issues in your life.

Thom Pham

I'm an empath that specializes in relationships and life-path readings. I use various Tarot and oracle decks and do my readings via online chat platforms.


Through the power and wisdom of Tarot, I combine Empath, Life Coaching and Counseling skills to deliver insight, clarity and considerations straight from the Universe to you!

Amanda Cause

I see the Tarot as a way for you to have a conversation with a Higher Power about your life. My goal for you is to bring Heaven down to Earth - pure and simple.

Alveda M Zahn

As someone who values the Tarot cards and the messages they offer, my goal is to help guide my clients with whatever messages or path they are seeking.


We’ll explore the pros & cons of choices you may make regarding relationships, emotional healing, family, finances, business, & life values.



I use Tarot as a guide to help people with their goals and challenges enabling them to create their own reality. I trust my intuition to give clear and insightful readings.

Billie-Jean Logan

Here to assist in the raising of vibrations through sincere, intuitive guidance, I use multiple modalities for my sessions and specialize in Tarot & Astrology Readings.


Using Spirit Guides and pendulums, along with Tarot, Lenormand & Oracle cards, I strive to provide readings that resonate.

Vera von Rhein

It's important to me that you can make your own decisions with the support of the tarot cards. If you want to ask a specific question, I am the right person for you.

Colin Miller

A down to earth reader who started Tarot in the early 1980’s. Colin has developed an uplifting, intuitive style that will empower you to make the right decisions in your life.

Navjyoti  Brillant

Are you interested in resolving life issues with the help of divine guidance? When I had no answers, Tarot showed me the light. I am waiting to bring this light to you.

Sharon Struga

Sharon is an experienced Tarot & Akashic Record reader who combines these modalities to channel insight and guidance for you from a Higher dimension.


I help people navigate the path/obstacles ahead, develop a healthy lifestyle, find balance, and recognize their own greatness by revealing life's best possibilities.

The Spirit’s Path

Tarot Readings, Spiritual Guidance and Quantum Life Coach

Cosmic Flame

A light to gently guide you home to yourself. I provide insight through astrology & tarot to help you understand who you are and to learn how to live an amazing life.

The Velvet Chair


Using empathic and clairsentience skills, I provide a unique style of Tarot reading where my clients leave the session feeling empowered with the tools of self-actualisation.

Teta Yaga

If you want to get to the next level you can't keep doing the things you've always done. Tarot can help you break out of old habits and live your best life.

Jess Carlson

I'm a spiritual life coach that approaches tarot as a tool for clarity and direction through life's challenges. I use tarot to help my clients create inspired actions/change.

Sigita Sato

I as a Tarot reader want to help and guide my clients without taking their willpower away. I do strive to help clients to live their best life possible.

Kim Toppin

I am clairaudient & empathic & have 20+years experience. I am a warm and nurturing reader, empowering you to make decisions and be more optimistic about your future.

Micki Moss

I use Tarot and coaching techniques to help you connect to your inner creative. My Tarot spreads are customized to each specific individual's situation.


Evolve Tarot provides empowered intuitive tarot and oracle cards readings on love, career, life path, relationships, soul purpose and more.

Grete Rappe Anai

My readings are to help you clearly see the situation at hand and find ways to deal with it. I can help you find what you need to see and do to MAKE your own future.

Amy Lucas

As a Tarot Reader and Priestess, I offer clarity coaching and magic making. If you’re looking for alchemical transformation and spiritual empowerment, then we’ve got this.

Marlo Willis

Allow me to use my gifts of claircognizance & clairvoyance to bring some clarity. I'm a trained Reiki Master and hope to bring peace & contentment into your life.

Lisa Jémus

Tarot Reader + Life Alchemist, helping you to live the truest expression of yourself in your life. I am the catalyst that merges your inner/outer worlds, and helps you align.

Andrew Barker

Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Mediumship, and Past Life Healings (Readings and Regressions)

Goddess Ptah Hotep

I provide intuitive tarot readings to clients seeking guidance about their personal situations.

Jeff F

Providing more than a predictive reading, you will get insight as to choices you can make and the possibilities of going down certain paths. Your future is fluid and dynamic.

Lefki Kamenou

I'm a highly intuitive, predictive reader who uses the Tarot in different ways to cover a wide ranger of needs. I use Tarot to help you create the life you desire.

Christina “Tina” Bott

Providing Tarot readings to help people deal with grief or loss, and personal growth.

Lady Rhian

My reading gives you the ability to empower yourself in decision making. You ultimately choose which path your will take, but you will have the tools to make the right choice.

Waroengtarot by Bataviamist

Find the wood through the trees. In times of big changes, a snapshot of your situation can be a powerful step towards resolution. I can help you - all you have to do is ask.

Jane Murrell

I work from the heart and allow intuitive insight to help you uncover your own inner knowing.

K.C. Gott

Holistic coaching & insight for women who want to reconnect with their intuitive, magical, spiritual selves. Providing guidance for all areas of life.

Tea & Tombstones

United States

My goal is to help each person tap into the inner well of the savory and the shadows. My approach focuses on actions to help take to encourage power and promise.

Chantele Francis

Hi there, I am Miss T.Arot, living in Canada. You have the power to change any area of your life, and with Tarot, I will guide you. Let's create your greatest life yet.

Lynne McGee

With 30+ years as a Medium, Counsellor and Psychic Tarot Reader, my aim is to empower my clients by 'healing the hurt and finding the joy'.

The Brynth


I use the Tarot to channel energy and messages from the Soul, and to set the scene for complete and holistic healing.

Jan Davies

I use Tarot and Oracle cards to help you gain insight and clarity, advice and guidance. I take the name 'Peaceful Soul Tarot' from my aim to help you find inner peace.

Roma Tarot

Tarot is a powerful tool that provides answers, clarity, and insight. I love to use the cards with my intuition to coach people on how to obtain the future they so desire.

The Elemental Source


Spirituality & life guidance by Bob Molloy, face to face and online. Tarot divination, holistic counselling & meditation techniques.


I emphasize the empowering role a reading has in the life of an individual. I use Tarot as a tool for cognitive coaching rather than divination.


  • Agnete Munck
  • Alice Arndorfer
  • Alise Snyder
  • Alveda Zahn
  • Alyss Thomas
  • Amanda Cause
  • Amy Lucas
  • Andrew Barker
  • Andrew Smith
  • Angelica Mora
  • Ann Penn
  • Anna Lawrence
  • Anna Shirey
  • Anu Kuistiala
  • Ashlie McDiarmid
  • Barbara Lodge
  • Becky Karadin
  • Billie Jean Logan
  • Briana Sofia Leal
  • Carmen Arif
  • Carmen Reyes
  • Chantele Francis
  • Charlotte Pennycuick
  • ChrisAnn Simone
  • Christina Bott
  • Christine Dower
  • Christine Rotelli
  • Christine Thompson
  • Cierra O’Banion
  • Colin Miller
  • Dawn Marrs
  • Deborah Farmer
  • Debra Hindlemann-Webster
  • Drahomira Gasparova
  • Duane Grove
  • Dwayne Byks
  • Elizabeth Pearce
  • Ellyn Bell
  • Emma Fairclough
  • Erin Trujillo
  • Esther Cepeda
  • Evangeline Martiny
  • Evy Wilkins
  • Franca Munoz
  • Goddess Ptah Hotep
  • Heather Stanworth
  • Jackie Brierley
  • Jan Addison
  • Jan Davies
  • Jane Murrell
  • Janette V Smith
  • Jeff Forrester
  • Jena Gaines
  • Jennifer King
  • Jenny Kallen
  • Jess Carlson
  • Jo Robertson
  • Jodi Patti
  • Juliet Hill
  • K.C. Gott
  • Kandi Sirianni
  • Kathryn Kliewer
  • Kathryn Thomas
  • Kayla DeBoth
  • Kelly Tisdale
  • Kesha Dent
  • Kim Betros
  • Kim Buckley
  • Kim Toppin
  • Kinzie Keane
  • Krista Johnson
  • Lana Price
  • LaTanya Hayward
  • Laura Rodriguez
  • Lauri Bolland
  • Leah van Hee
  • Lefki Kamenou
  • Lesley Barr
  • Leslie Reichenbach
  • Lisa Jémus
  • Lucia Schultzova
  • Lynne McGee
  • Magickal Momee
  • Marlo Willis
  • Maureen Thomas
  • Melanie O’Rourke
  • Melanie Oborne
  • Melodie Sarkissian
  • Mercedes Stewart
  • Michelle Sharma
  • Micki Moss
  • Mike Burke
  • Mitch Burke
  • Monique Lower
  • Morgan Simons
  • Mystic Marcella
  • Naoko Luke
  • Natasha Finlay
  • Navjyoti Brillant
  • Nicole Desiree
  • Nusye McComish
  • Pamela Schachter
  • Paula Lee Dowidchuk
  • Rae Douglass
  • Robert Molloy
  • Sabrina Vicente
  • Sage WynterFox
  • Sapphyre Rae
  • Sarah Bardin
  • Sharon Struga
  • Sharon Williams
  • Shawn Bailor
  • Sheila Masson
  • Sigrun Konstad
  • Silvana Perelli
  • Stefania Ceschia
  • Susan Rustomji
  • Susan Wall
  • Susanne Shuch
  • Tanee Johnson
  • Tasha Erker
  • TerriAnne
  • TerriAnne
  • Terry Fehr
  • Thom Pham
  • Trine Myhre Hornsletten
  • Vera von Rhein
  • Victoria Tomlin
  • Yasmin Eaton