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Top 10 Goal-Setting and Planning Tarot Cards

By January 25, 2012Top 10 Tarot Cards


With the New Year there is usually a flurry of activity in setting New Year’s resolutions. So, what Tarot cards indicate long-term planning, goals and vision?

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Here are my Top 10 Tarot cards for goal-setting and planning… 

Two of Wandstwo of wands – This card sees you planning for the long-term and making decisions about your future path based on where you will get the most personal growth and development.


King of Wands Tarot Card MeaningsKing of Wands– The King of Wands is the ultimate visionary. He knows exactly where he’s heading and how he’s going to get there, and you can bet it includes a bunch of other people who can’t wait to follow him. He sets goals not only for himself but for others who want a piece of his success.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

Seven of Pentacles – With the Seven of Pentacles, you are putting in the hard work now to reap the rewards later. You know that to profit and benefit in the long-term, you must lay the foundations through careful planning and foresight.


Three of Wands Tarot Card MeaningsThree of Wands – Your goals are likely to include expansion of some sort, from business expansion to travelling to new countries, to learning new skills.



Magician Tarot Card MeaningsMagician – The Magician is talented at not only planning but also manifesting his plans. He draws on all the tools and resources available to him to manifest his heart’s desires and make them real.


Page of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsPage of Pentacles – This youthful guy has one thing right – he knows the value of planning ahead to pursue his goals. You can be sure that he has a project plan or a to do list for every area of his life and he has already starting ticking the boxes as he progresses forward.


Chariot Tarot Card MeaningsChariot – The Chariot is a determined figure who will not let anyone or anything stand in the way of being able to achieve his goals. He stands up to his opposition and drives forward with strength and attitude.


Seven of CuSeven of Cups Tarot card meaningsps – You are certainly not short of ideas for what you can pursue next, but you may have some difficulty choosing which idea to take action on. Goal-setting and idea creation is one thing, but action is another and will be what defines your success.


Ace of Swords Tarot Card MeaningsAce of Swords – A breakthrough moment has occurred and the light switch has turned on. You are 100% clear on what you need to do to achieve your goals and you have all the information you need to start your journey.


Nine of Cups Tarot Card MeaningsNine of Cups – “Your wish is my command!” With the Nine of Cups, it is a likely sign that whatever you wish for will come your way.



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Over to you… What Tarot cards do you associate with goal-setting and planning? Leave your comments below.

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