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The Top 10 Best Tarot Books

By June 1, 2017 August 26th, 2020


Reading Tarot often means reading anything and everything we can get our hands on! From books and guidebooks to worksheets and blogs – as Tarot readers, we like to have a lot of information available.

But while we love to learn, sometimes it can lead to overwhelm. With so many options available, how do you know what to choose? Where should you spend your energy, time, and money?

A few years ago, I shared my take on the Best Tarot Books for Beginners. With so many new resources on the market now (including my own!), it's time to update the list.

Before you spend hours searching for your next guidebook, read this list of the top 10 best Tarot books.

The Top 10 Best Tarot Books

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, by Brigit Esselmont

My beloved eBook is now more comprehensive than ever and available in paperback! If you've ever wanted instant access to all the Tarot card meanings for nearly every type of reading, this is the book for you.

Inside this fresh, modern, practical guide, you'll find:

  • Comprehensive upright and reversed Tarot card meanings
  • Images and detailed descriptions of the 78 Rider-Waite Tarot cards
  • Quick reference keyword charts for each Tarot card (including upright and reversed)
  • Tarot card meanings for everyday situations including detailed interpretations for relationships, career, finances, spirituality, personality, health, and well-being
  • Suggested Tarot card combinations and what they mean in a reading
  • Inspiring quotes to increase your conceptual understanding of each card

The Ultimate Guide is your comprehensive guide to Tarot Card Meanings – it has everything you need to read the cards like a pro.

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Intuitive Tarot: 31 Days to Learn to Read Tarot Cards and Develop Your Intuition, by Brigit Esselmont

My latest book Intuitive Tarot  is your fun, practical guide on the Tarot journey. In just 31 days, you’ll be able to read Tarot with confidence and trust your inner wisdom.

I wrote it so you could stop second guessing yourself – and know that you CAN learn to read the Tarot cards.

In This Hands-On Tarot Guide, You Will:

  • Learn to confidently read Tarot for yourself and others
  • Discover a simple way to interpret any card quickly and accurately
  • End the frustration of trying to memorize all 78 card meanings
  • Get clarity on any situation at any time
  • Unlock the secret to impactful and insightful readings
  • Practice what you learn every day to ultimately become a better Tarot reader
  • Trust your intuition and lead the life you’re meant to live – your way

Unlock the wisdom of the Tarot and become an intuitive reader with Intuitive Tarot as your guide.

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Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth, by Benebell Wen

The Tarot has been used as a form of divination for more than two centuries. Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen showcases an easy-to-follow approach to using the Tarot to tap into subconscious knowledge and creativity.

Holistic Tarot is a guide for using Tarot for personal development. With a little something for everyone, the book is designed for use by new and advanced Tarot readers.

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everyday tarot, by Brigit Esselmont

Everyday Tarot is a guide to unlocking your inner wisdom and manifesting your future with the Tarot.

Everyday Tarot is a practical guide, filled with actionable tips, soulful activities and loads of Tarot spreads to help you access your intuition and manifest your goals and dreams in your everyday life.

You’ll discover how to use the Tarot to manifest your wildest dreams, create love-fueled relationships, set and achieve your goals, fulfill your soul’s purpose in work and life, make important decisions, and bring the Divine into your life through everyday rituals.

Unlock your inner wisdom and manifest your future using Tarot in your everyday life.

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Who are You in the Tarot?: Discover Your Birth and Year Cards and Uncover Your Destiny, by Mary K. Greer

Did you know you have Tarot cards associated with your birthdate and name? They form a pattern and help describe the themes of your life.

In this book, Mary Greer connects astrology and numerology to the Tarot to create an in-depth personality profile. Use this book and the personality profile for self-realization, personal harmony, and to create a deeper understanding of the Tarot.

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Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot, by Rachel Pollack

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom has been called the “bible of Tarot readers”. It was originally two volumes, but now both are available in one book.

In this book, Rachel Pollack draws on mythology and esoteric traditions while diving into the symbolism of each card. But unlike many other guides, this book looks at each card from a modern psychological slant – based on the pictures of the cards, rather than a system of occult symbolism.

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21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, by Mary K. Greer

Another book by Mary K. Greer, 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card details Greer's approach to interpreting the cards. This approach is made up of 21 techniques that can be used in any combination for new insights and perspectives on each card.

The techniques laid out in the book include interpretation methods, storytelling, sketching, symbols, metaphors, dialogues, acting, and other exercises designed to stimulate the imagination and bring about interaction and transformation.

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Psychic Tarot: Using your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards, by Nancy Antenucci and Melanie Howard

The Psychic Tarot guidebook is designed to help you learn to read Tarot while using your innate psychic skills.

Inside the book, you'll find creative exercises you can use with any deck, plus sample readings and spreads, and stories to help you gain inspiration, guidance, and insight. You'll also learn simple techniquest for energy readings, and instructions for keeping a journal to heighten your skills.

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Kitchen Table Tarot: Pull Up a Chair, Shuffle the Cards, and Let's Talk Tarot, by Melissa Cynova

Kitchen Table Tarot is the result of years spent sitting down with friends and neighbors who had questions about the Tarot. Melissa Cynova has heard all of the questions and misconceptions that can confuse people, and she wrote this book as a guide through those questions and experiences.

In this book, you'll find straightforward guidance on decks, spreads, card meanings, and symbolism. Plus, it's filled with Melissa's real-life examples and explanations of the Tarot.

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Listen to the Biddy Tarot Podcast episode featuring Melissa Cynova and learn:

  • All about Melissa’s book Kitchen Table Tarot
  • Melissa’s style of Tarot reading, which is accessible and real, and approaches it from where we are right now
  • How Melissa found her Tarot community

>>Listen to the Podcast here.

Modern Tarot: Connecting with Your Higher Self through the Wisdom of the Cards, by Michelle Tea

In Modern Tarot, Michelle Tea shows how you don't have to believe in the supernatural or use Tarot solely as a divination tool. Her focus is on how Tarot can offer deep, transformative connection to our higher selves.

You'll also find illustrations of all 78 cards and Tea's descriptions of each of the cards, as well as specially-designed card-based rituals that can be used with any deck to guide you on your path.

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