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Ready to create a deeply intuitive and personal connection with the Tarot cards?

Sure, you can memorise Tarot card meanings and read loads of Tarot books to learn Tarot.

But the real magic happens when you discover your own personal meanings for the Tarot cards.

Your Tarot readings will be even more powerful, more insightful and more accurate because you are tapping into your own inner guidance and wisdom about what the cards mean for you.

It was something I’d tried to flow with for ages, now I don’t need books during a reading. I love it. Go ahead and buy. It really helps improve your depth of knowledge and intuitive reading skills.


In the Tarot Card Meanings Workbook, you’ll be guided to create your very own descriptions for the Tarot cards.

This isn’t about simply being told what the Tarot cards mean. This is about discovering what the cards mean to you.

You’ll be drawing on your personal experiences, your Tarot readings, and – most importantly – your intuition to create powerful Tarot card interpretations that actually make sense to you and give you the clarity you desire.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Tarot Card Meanings Workbook?

Advice on how to uncover your personalised meanings of the Tarot cards

Worksheets for each Tarot cards, including space for you to record your personal keywords, Tarot card symbolism, upright and reversed meanings, and interpretations for love, work, career, finance, well-being and spirituality

Black & white images of the 78 Rider-Waite Tarot cards to deepen your understanding of their symbolism and significance

Blank keyword charts so you can create your very own quick-reference guide for the Tarot card meanings

If you’re struggling to memorise all of the Tarot card meanings or you find yourself always relying on the book to tell you what a card means, then the Tarot Card Meanings Workbook was made for you!


This is your opportunity to finally connect with the cards in a powerful – and meaningful – way so that you nail every reading, every time.

Brigit has produced a workbook I can relate to! I know Tarot is a study and her workbook is assisting me in MY personal journey.


Ready to get your copy of Tarot Card Meanings Workbook?

Dial in your intuition and create your own personalised Tarot card meanings for even more powerful Tarot readings!

Choose between the B&W paperback workbook (sold via Amazon) or the digital version (an interactive, fillable PDF in full colour).


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