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Ask Brigit: What Does it Mean When Tarot Cards Appear in Your Dreams

By October 14, 2015 May 2nd, 2018

Ever had a dream where a Tarot card appears? Dreaming about Tarot cards and Tarot readings can be very significant – a way for your subconscious mind to speak to you through the imagery and symbolism of the cards.

Today's Ask Brigit question is from Dave who asks:

“What does it mean when certain Tarot cards repeatedly appear in dreams? Could this be showing aspects of Tarot via the subconscious?”

Watch this video to find out my answer.

I'll give you my tips on how to discover the deeper meaning behind the Tarot cards that may appear in your dreams and how to integrate these messages in your waking life.

After you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear about your own ideas on how you can overcome your fear of reading Tarot for strangers. Leave your comments below.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Brigit, Founder of Biddy Tarot – the place to be if you're an aspiring Tarot reader and you want to transform your life and others' with Tarot.

And this is a special Ask Brigit video post where I answer your questions about the Tarot.

Today's question comes from Dave.   Dave asks:

“What does it mean when certain Tarot cards repeatedly appear in dreams? Could this be showing aspects of the Tarot via the subconscious?”

I am so glad you asked. This is such a fascinating question Dave.

I think that when we dream of Tarot cards it is a way of our sub-conscious communicating with us, but this time through Tarot. So ordinarily in a dream you might see something as if it was a movie, but in this case we are seeing Tarot cards as a way to convey a special message.

So first and foremost, pay attention to what you are seeing in your dreams, and what Tarot card you are seeing, because it is a way of your sub-conscious communicating with you.

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So when you know what Tarot card you saw in the dream, make sure that in your conscience waking life that you actually do some work with that Tarot card. You might like to take it out of your deck, and just gaze at that Tarot card for a couple of minutes, and ask yourself: What is the message in this card? What is my sub-conscious mind, or my intuition, trying to tell me here?

And you might like to take it one step further by meditating with that card. And, in fact, by meditating with the card you bring out the imagery in your minds’ eye. So you close your eyes, bring out the imagery in your minds’ eye, and you almost step into that card and really experience the energy of it. See again what intuitive messages are sitting within that card for you.

You might also like to do a Tarot reading to understand: Why did I see this card in my dream?

And, in fact, that is all you need to do. Just ask the Tarot:   What is the significance of this Tarot card in my dream?

And draw a card.

It would be amazing if it was the same card that you see in your dream, because that means you had better pay attention big time!   Or, it might be a different card that gives you a slightly different angle on the card that you are seeing in your dream.

The most important thing, Dave, is to really do pay attention to those cards, because it is probably something you are missing in your conscious life that is being communicated to you through your sub-conscious. So don’t just go, “Oh well, wasn’t that funny? I dreamt about Tarot cards.” Really do pay attention to it because I think you will find some very important and unique messages in there.

And just on that – don’t necessarily think about the traditional meanings of that particular, because I think that when you dream about a Tarot card it has a very unique and personal message for you. So, again, really tune into your intuition and ask yourself: What is the personal and unique message for me – not just what do I read in a book?

So Dave, I hope that helps. I can’t wait to hear more about your dreams and Tarot cards they sound so fascinating.

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Thank you so much for watching, and just remember that you CAN transform your life and others' with Tarot, so please, keep your passion alive.

I will see you next time.



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