Do you have something fabulous and Tarot-related you want to share with the world?

Perhaps you have a snazzy Tarot reading technique, a unique perspective on the Tarot cards or a super slick Tarot spread that just needs to be seen by 1000s of aspiring Tarot readers.

If that sounds like you, then I invite you to become a guest blogger for the Biddy Tarot blog.

About the Biddy Tarot blog & community

Biddy Tarot represents a thriving community of aspiring Tarot readers who love to read Tarot, learn the Tarot card meanings, and who are ready to blossom into successful Tarotpreneurs.

With over 15 million visitors every year, Biddy Tarot reaches a large audience of uber-committed Tarot readers and enthusiasts.

And I'm giving you the opportunity to present your unique Tarot perspectives to this beautiful community.

It doesn't matter whether you're a Tarot expert or a Tarot beginner – this is an open invitation to people from all walks of life who have something special to share about Tarot.

You simply need to submit a well-written, original (i.e. not previously published anywhere online), non-spammy post along with your bio and any relevant links or images.

What's in it for you?

  1. You'll be seen and heard, loud and clear, by the online Tarot community. The Biddy Tarot blog reaches thousands of Tarot readers through the website, email list, and social media.
  2. Every post includes a bio with links back to your site. Most contributors find that after their guest post is published on Biddy Tarot, traffic and subscribers to their blog increases.

Writing Guidelines

  • Keep your post between 700-1,200 words.
  • Choose a topic that is related to Tarot and that falls into one of the following Categories:
    • Tarot 101 – The basics of learning Tarot
    • Tarot Tutorials – ‘How to' posts on reading Tarot
    • Real Life Tarot – How to use Tarot in everyday life (e.g. Tarot for dream interpretation, Tarot for new relationships, etc.)
    • Top 10 Tarot Cards – Top 10 Tarot cards & meanings for various topics
    • Tarot Spreads – Original and creative Tarot spreads (including a working example)
    • Tarotpreneurs – How to read Tarot professionally and create a thriving Tarot business
  • Offer practical and relevant information that readers can apply in their own Tarot practice.
  • Keep the post conversational but insightful – i.e. enough information that the reader feels they have learned something but not overly formal or complex language
  • Keep short paragraphs (2-3 sentences per paragraph)
  • Include a ‘call to action’ or an invitation to comment at the end of your post (e.g. “Have you tried this spread? Share your insights in the Comments section below.”)
  • Provide original work. Original means your post has never before been published anywhere, including your own blog, and does not include any sections taken from a previously published post.
  • You're welcome to include links in the main body, so long as it is directly related to the content and topic. However, keep any self-promotion to your bio.
  • I reserve the right to edit your final blog post or to ask for you to make changes before the post is published.

I'm NOT looking for…

  • Generic posts about Tarot that can be found everywhere else.
  • Posts on topics that I have already covered on Biddy Tarot. (It's OK if you can put an extra ‘spin' on an existing post or add your unique perspective.)
  • Self-promotion or spammy posts that have been written purely for the purpose of promoting a website, product or service.
  • Review posts about Tarot books, decks or other products, or product-related posts.
  • Posts that are all about you – they must have value for the reader.

How to submit your guest post

UPDATE: We are not currently accepting guest posts as our schedule is full for the next 6+ months.

To submit your guest post, use the form below. You will be asked to submit your original post in Word format along with your bio and headshot.

We will review all submissions and let you know if your post has been accepted or not within 7-10 days. Not all submissions will be published – I am looking for high quality, original pieces of writing that I know will be of value to my community.

If your post is accepted, we will confirm the publishing date with you (it may be up to 6 months from now). We may also ask for additional details, edits or images.

If your post is ‘almost there', we will send some brief feedback and offer another chance to resubmit.

However, if your post is not suited to the Biddy Tarot blog, we will politely decline.

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