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The Spiritual Compass Tarot Spread

By September 26, 2012Tarot Spreads

This Tarot spread was inspired by a meditation from the book “Awakening the Buddhist Heart” by Lama Surya Das. I am totally in love with his books and am always inspired to think differently about my life after reading them.

In this meditation, we are asked to reflect deeply on our lives and, in the process, to seek out our direction. This is a very powerful meditation and is perfect for when you need direction in your life. It is also in preparation for leading a more mindful life, by being aware of where you are now and where you want to be.

As I read through the meditation, I got such a buzz, knowing that this would make an incredibly powerful Tarot reading. So, I have turned it into a Tarot spread – “The Spiritual Compass”.

The Spiritual Compass Tarot Spread

Before you start this reading, take a moment to centre yourself. Find a quiet place and, holding your Tarot cards, gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and let go of the troubles of the day, replacing any tension with relaxation. Turn your attention inward. Give yourself permission to spend time with yourself. Right here, right now.

Open your eyes and you are now ready for your Tarot reading.

  • Where are you in your life right now
  • Where do you want to be in the next month
  • Where do you want to be in the next year
  • Where do you want to be in the next five years
  • Who have you become
  • Who do you want to be
  • What do you really want from your relationships
  • What do you really want from your career
  • What do you really want from your spirituality
  • What can you do to unlock your creativity
  • What can you do to contribute to the community
  • How can you live in tune with your own interests, principles and beliefs
  • How can you connect with your sacred path
  • What is your greatest talent or potential
  • How can you get from here to where you want to be
  • What is your first step

You can lay out the cards in any pattern you choose.

Look out for where any Major Arcana cards fall. Majors typically identify life lessons and in a spread like this, they will be particularly powerful in their message. If the Major is reversed, remember that you are missing something and you’re not getting the full potential of your life lesson. Remove the blockage and pay attention to what it is you need to understand to move forward.

Also look out for any patterns across the Tarot reading. Is there a prevalence of Cups cards or Twos? What does this tell you about the patterns in your own life? What groups of cards are missing? Are there any Swords? What does this tell you?

Record your Tarot reading in your Tarot journal. You will no doubt come back to this reading time and time again as a way of checking in with yourself. It might be a Tarot reading that you do on an annual basis or when you are in need of some spiritual direction and insight.

To end the reading, close your eyes and give thanks to your inner self and the Universe for offering you guidance through this very deep, spiritual reading.

As a Major Arcana Only Reading

If you want this to be a super powerful and insightful reading, you might want to take out all of the Major Arcana cards from your deck and only use these cards for the reading.

Simply shuffled and select the cards from the 22 Majors, just as you would if you had a full deck.

You’ll find that you are drawn now to the powerful life lessons that are unfolding in your life now and in the future.

Over to You

Try the Spiritual Compass Tarot reading, and if you’re willing, share your insights and experience in the comments section below. I’d love to hear how it has worked for you.

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  • Xaka says:

    I love this! Drawing as many cards as I want…highly appealing! I’m going to do this right now with only Major Arcana cards and see what happens. Thanks for this idea!

  • Joanna says:

    Hi Brigit,

    I just tried this spread and it was very accurate for me! I laid out the cards in 4 groups of 4 and in the shape of a circle (compass). I don’t know if you wanted to know exactly what we discovered or just the highlights but the biggest thing I took away from it was that I am on the right path and although I’m anxious about where I “should” be, it will come if I am patient and trust myself. I used only Major Arcana cards and had 3 reversals which were dead-on in terms of areas of change that I am fighting. Great way to finish off a stress day, thanks!

    • Brigit says:

      I love the idea for the layout… in the shape of a compass. Beautiful! And I am so glad to hear that the reading helped you to focus on your spiritual path.

  • Elizabeth says:

    King of Cups, The Hierophant,6 of swords ,4 of swords, x of wands 4 of cups. I feel that I have a thirst of knowledge a passion to search in depth of my soul for the beauty of spiritual perfection. Sometimes it is very difficult under circumstances via my job; and the fact that that I feel burden with so much work but, I continue forward pressing on seeing the whole pictures of how my life unfolds to the astrological Sun six of swords which is beauty where all great spiritual masters evolved from. I know presently, to said the least I feel bored at my job; and it is time to travel in aspiring to accomplish my goals in life. Like the King of Cups, I have learned to look beneath the surface in order to ascertain a clear view of that person, but at the same time detached but retained your emotions in check. When water is disturbed one becomes blinded to a given situation and we clearly cannot see. I think that the spiritual compass is an asset in assessing within the realm of one’s spirit reaching the highest and the best that life has to offers and what we do with the gifts given us.

  • Daisa P. says:

    Hi Biddy,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful and insightful spread. It helped me get clear on some aspects of my life.
    I would like to ask you, though, how would you personally interpret the 10 of Swords as an answer to the question “Which is your greatest talent and potential” and the 9 of Swords for “What do you really want from spirituality”?
    Thanks a lot.
    I also want you to know that I really enjoy your site and your blog. Keep up the great work!

  • Marianne Quintinio says:

    Hello Daisa,

    I hope you don’t mind if I’m the first one to answer your questions. From a subjective point of view, I think that your greatest talent and potential is rising up to the challenges that life can give you. Consider the man who’s been stabbed by ten swords from head to toe and ask yourself, “Is this man still breathing? Will he die momentarily or will he still survive?” When I thought about it, the Ten of Swords is a card that that gave readers the feeling of hopelessness, frustration, and sometimes, depression. Despite all this doom and gloom theory, the horizon still shows the early sunrise. There’s that slight hope that will soon flutter from that golden ray, and before you know it, the sun will have risen in the bright morning sky.

    There’s a famous line from the song called “Tomorrow” on the musical Annie (1999) and it goes like this: The sun’ll come out/Tomorrow/So ya gotta hang on/’Til tomorrow. This line reminds me that your greatest strength is to “hang on” to your belief system and retain your core values. The worst had happened and amazingly, you still survive the hardest test of your life. Consider yourself blessed because you persevered until the very end and hold on to your Faith.

    As for your next question, the Nine of Swords tells me that you’re in a spiritual distress and that you constantly contain yourself in a negative frame of mind. I am sorry for mentioning any similar event because this has caused you an ultimate grief that lead you to rock bottom (again, the Ten of Swords). Going back to your question, the card tells me that you want relinquishment from spiritual obligation. Your emotionally and mentally exhausted and that certain event has certainly caused you a number of sleepless nights (I assumed). Perhaps the reason why you cannot be free from your personal spiritual problems is that your “caged” from them. You want to be spiritually free, however, someone or something is keeping you intact with that spiritual manifestation. Whatever it is, your devotion is stronger than you think, and I would advise to take any extra cautionary precautions against its influences.

    Well, there they are, my subjective interpretation on two of your questions. I hope that clarified somethings in your mind. Hope that you have a better day!


    Marianne Q.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Biddy! This couldn’t have come at a better time for me — the spread AND the book! I just started reading the book on my kindle and it’s absolutely fabulous… it’s exactly what I need at the moment. I’ll be sure to try this reading out as well in the next few days along with the meditation. It’ll be really interesting to see what comes up. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  • Maureen says:


    I believe that your ‘Greatest talent and potential’ as signified by the Ten of Swords is that you have the ability to recognize when a situation has no further life (has been done to death, so to speak,) and there is no point laboring with the situation. You are able to look with confidence to the future and move forward knowing you will find happiness and joy.

    And my take on ‘What do you really want from Spirituality’, Nine of Swords, is that you want your spirituality to free you of the thoughts that cause you anguish, so that you know what is right and true for you. I see in this card, that worries or doubts seem worse during the night but if the hands are taken away from the eyes to allow the light of day in, it is easier to sort out what is true and how to move forward. I think this is what you want from Spirituality, to know you are on the right path and how to move forward.

    I actually had the 9 of Swords come up in my Spiritual Compass Spread as ‘Where am I right now?’ I also had to ponder on what it meant in that context.

    I offer my thoughts about your cards, in the hope that they may be helpful to you finding the meaning that seems right for you.


    • Louise says:

      Yes, I agree with Maureen and find her interpretations very insightful. I’d just add a couple of extra thoughts …

      Daisa, the 10 of Swords may be indicating your greatest talent and potential may be your ability to learn from difficult situations, to rise again and renew after difficulty. I believe the 10 of S shows us a necessary (albeit painful) experience that brings renewal and greater insight. The new dawn brings with it greater awareness and insight, as often an important “epiphany” can come from painful situations and betrayals. It seems to be indicating you have the ability to rise from difficulties and learn to be wiser, more alert, more aware of what is going on behind your back, so to speak.

      I agree with Maureen again re: 9 of Swords; but I would add this: if the character in the card were to remove his hands from his face he’d be looking directly at the blanket covering his bed which is covered with both astrological symbols and red roses (a mystical symbol for the opening and unfolding of our spiritual heart). It is accurate when blankets or doona’s are referred to as “comforters”, as the blanket is a warm comfort to us on dark nights. This card would indicate that what you want from spirituality is twofold: you want comfort in your darkest coldest hour, and you want meaning. The signs and symbol son the bed cover suggest you want it all to mean something; all the anxiety-provoking, painful situations in life should mean something. Astrology says they do. The mysticism of the rose also says they do. They are all here to teach us there is meaning and coherence in the universe, and all life experiences help our spiritual heart to unfold.

      All the best,


      • Brigit says:

        Daisa, I think Louise, Maureen and Marianne have done EXCELLENT jobs at interpreting those two cards… I really don’t have much more to add.
        Thank-you ladies… I just love that you are so willing to share your insights to help others.

  • Sigrun Helene Konstad says:


    I would be grateful if anyone could interpret the 8 of swords as an answer to the third Q, “Where do you want to be in the next year”. I also found it a bit dramatic when The Tower showed up at Q5: “Who have you become”. Q10: “What can you do to unlock your creativity” came up with 5 of Swords. Lookong forward reading your thoughts about this spread. Thank you!

    A wonderful spread, thank you so much, Biddy. A very inspiring book as well. I study every week-end.

    Michaelmas 2012

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Sigrun,
      Perhaps the Eight of Swords is a sign to look outside your current perspective, particularly if you are finding it limiting or restrictive. Perhaps this is encouragement to adopt a new perspective. With the Tower, you may be quite the drama queen – does this fit your personality? Or perhaps it is a sign that you are using major shake-ups to change your own perspectives and to adopt a new view of life. To unlock your creativity, move on from any disagreements or arguments that you’ve had in the past and acknowledge where you have said something really dumb or hurtful to others. Even if you are looking for an apology yourself, you can only free yourself by accepting responsibility for your part in it.
      Hope this helps,

  • Sigrun Helene says:

    Thank you for your response, very insightful. The 8 of swords and The Tower was very accurate according to your interpretation. I am not a drama queen, but I have made changes in my life that give me a new perspective – and the 8 of swords fit into it as well. The 5 of Swords is a bit unclear still, I have to think more about it.


  • Daisa P. says:

    Thank you so much Louise, Maureen and Marianne for sharing your wonderful interpretations with me! Indeed, this gives me a new perspective on things and how I can make best use of my talents and potential.
    May you have a wonderful week!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hello Sigrun Helene Because of what you have gone through the 5 of swords is an indication of the grueling pain of lessons learned, you are a fighter, winners takes all you have the ability to disarmed your foes; as well as verbally skilled to construct and deconstruct; one must learn to contain that power as well as measuring the amount needed without harm to no one. Perhaps with the surrounding card 8s/tower, you had possibly problems communicating via job, careers, or with a love one that had restrict you from being creative as you would like to be. I believe what you have gone through is preparing you to be at the ready, but at the same time contain, control, discipline your mind, spirit, and body. Filter out the negative surrounding that may have imprison your state of mind. To be at peace with oneself is to still the mind, If you feel that your space is to fill up, a moment alone and silence to oneself is a breath of fresh air; That one moment can find you with creative endless possibilities as to resolve conflicting issues. So embrace the 5 of swords u are a winner.

  • Maureen says:

    Hi Sigrun Helene,

    I too often have difficulty in trying to find advice in cards that appear on first glance to be negative! So I try ‘creative thinking’ so to speak and try to get something that seems plausible in the context. (I’m not sure of the validity of this from a traditional tarotist’s perspective! )

    If you feel you cannot yet relate to Brigit’s suggestion about the 5 Swords regarding ‘What can you do to unlock your creativity?’, I wonder if the 5Swords could mean that you will need to take the ideas of other people and evaluate them, improve on them, build upon them, change them in some way therefore becoming ‘creative’. Some ideas you will be able to accept and use and others you’ll discard. ( I have just realized that is what I have done here!!!!! Amazing !)

    This is probably not the traditional meaning associated to the 5 Swords tarot card but I thought it fitted with the context of your question and the image on the Rider Waite Tarot card and also with the accepted numeralogical meanings associated with the number 5.

    The person in the Rider Waite Tarot 5 Swords, has taken something/ swords from other people some he is holding on to and others are left discarded.
    The number 5 can mean conflict, argument, debate, change, expansion, recreation, challenge.
    Swords /Air can represent the intellect, thinking, communication and power and free flowing thoughts.


  • Sigrun Helene says:

    Hello Elizabeth and Maureen!

    How wonderful when the cards and the meanings suddenly fit together and say “click”!
    Thanks a lot to both of you, thanks for chearing your interesting and deepseeing thoughts. Yes, its challenging times, I am gahering experience from new surroundings which in turn are very fruitful for me in various ways. You are so to the point in your interpretation. Amazing! I could have told youmuch more, but I think that is of no big interest 🙂

    All the best

  • Sigrun Helene says:

    Hello Elizabeth and Maureen!

    How wonderful when the cards and the meanings suddenly fit together and say “click”!
    Thanks a lot to both of you, thanks for sharing your interesting and deepseeing thoughts. Yes, its challenging times, I am gahering experience from new surroundings which in turn are very fruitful for me in various ways. You are so to the point in your interpretation. Amazing! I could have told youmuch more, but I think that is of no big interest 🙂

    All the best

  • Sigrun Helene says:

    This is the spread i did for for my daughter (17) yesterday. I would love to get a few comments.
    (I use the above order)

    1: The Tower
    2: The Emperor
    3: The Queen of swords
    4: 10 swords

    5: The World
    6: 8swords
    7: 9swords
    8: The Lovers

    9: The chariot
    10: The Knight of Wands
    11: The Priestess
    12: Death

    13: The magican
    14: 9cups
    15: 5 swords
    16: The Star


  • Maureen says:

    Sigrun, I offer some suggestions, tentatively, regarding your daughter’s tarot spread, being aware of her impressional age and of me still learning to read the Tarot.

    My first impression upon looking at the cards drawn without regard to designated positions, was ‘Wow’ starting at the Tower and ending with the Star, that’s great news! These set of cards commence with enlightenment and end with serenity, assurance, hope, peace and knowing that all is well, where there is an abundant supply of love and the cycles of life run smoothly.

    Of course this path will be dotted with lessons to be learned but your daughter has ‘The Star’ as her guide.

    To me it seems that the Spiritual Compass Spread is divided into four quadrants. I have categorized them as follows – cards 1-4 ‘Setting the Scene’, followed by cards 5-8 ‘The Outer Self’, and then cards 9-12 ‘Spiritual Development’ and finally cards 13-16 show ‘The Path to Spiritual Fulfillment’ whereby the outer and inner aspirations are aligned and synced.

    In your daughter’s Spread, Major Arcana cards mark the beginning of each of these quadrants.

    I make comments here regarding the cards from the second quadrant’ I designated as ‘The Outer Self’

    Who have you become…The World – your daughter is completing a particular phase of her life. She is leaving part of her previous life i.e. maybe due to relocation or leaving her childhood or leaving school etc, to embark on the next phase of her life’s journey.

    Who do you want to be… 8 of Swords. Your daughter wants to become someone who can trust her own instinct, her thoughts, her intuition, her intellect and be brave enough to find her way through situations that seem to block her path, times when she maybe fearful of moving forward to the future to something new or when encountering something that she thinks might be too painful.

    What do you really want from your relationships… 9 Swords. Through positive relationships your daughter wants to be freed from her worries, past hurts, the negativity etc she may have accumulated in the previous phase of her life. She wants her relationships to help her see that life needs to be lived in the present, in what is real, the reality, and it is pointless worrying about what cannot be changed or what may or may not happen. She wants her relationships to show her signs of The Sun, joy, happiness and care freeness.

    What do you really want from your career….The Lovers. Your daughter really wants A career where she is valued, respected, appreciated and accepted for who she is; to work in partnership with someone who shares the passion, interest and integrity she holds dear. Her career could be along the lines of helping people to make right/good choices where motives, feelings, values and options are examined and in partnership arrive at decisions made for what is best for greatest good. (A thought just came to me that her career may have something to do with sharing her love of food.) But what ever she chooses as a career it will be something connected to a real love or passion she holds.

    Sigrun, I hope you find some of my comments useful and appropriate for your daughter and her situation. At 17 she has the whole world ahead of her, what an exciting time for her….and you!

    I wish her great success, wisdom and blessings.


  • Louise says:


    Just took ten minutes to do a very quick analysis of your daughter’s reading. It’s quick and if a card didn’t ‘speak’ to me I left it blank. I didn’t look at the cards Maureen has interpreted above, so this is very brief. It’s a deep reading, but I felt a strong message came through from a quick analysis. here it is…

    • Where are you in your life right now
    The Tower: coming down from a height, getting more realistic, experiencing a bit of a shake-down, realising your limitations, accepting that that you may have to come down from the ivy tower. Maybe she’s experienced something that has taken her down a peg or two, that has made her adjust her ambitions or realise she’s not invincible???
    • Where do you want to be in the next month
    The Emperor: moving into a space where you have more control over yourself and your life direction. Taking hold of the reigns and steering your way forward. This is really about taking charge of yourself and your life, and wanting to tackle things using the qualities of discipline, effort, goal-setting and will power. She wants to make her own decisions, to be the director of her own life.

    • Where do you want to be in the next year
    The Queen of Swords: given her age, I would say she wants to be able to seek out and accept wise advice from her elders. If it relates to her though, then I’d say she wants to be wiser, more able to make clear decisions, more able to think clearly for herself and see the truth. She wants to develop wisdom and street-smarts from her own experiences.
    • Where do you want to be in the next five years
    10 of Swords: she wants to be able to toughen up, develop more backbone, learn from difficult situations and grow from them. On a deeper level this card is about regenerating after a painful ending, and points to the ability to renew and rejuvenate after break-ups or betrayals.

    • What do you really want from your spirituality
    The Chariot: I suspect she wants to be in the drivers seat; she wants control over her life, over her direction forward, over her thoughts and mind. She needs to be given the tools to make wise decisions and see things clearly. I would advocate giving her the tools to work things out for herself, rather than making decisions for her. I get a strong sense from this reading that she DEFINITELY needs to make her own decisions; but with guidance and support on hand if things go pear-shaped.
    • What can you do to unlock your creativity
    Knight of Wands: get fired up. What is she passionate about? Where is her passion/ what really fires her up?
    • What can you do to contribute to the community
    The priestess – very interesting. Does she have spiritual inclinations? Does she read the cards herself? I’m getting the strongest sense she might find it beneifical to study Tarot herself. Tarot is a powerful tool to help guide you through life and help you assess your decisions.
    • How can you live in tune with your own interests, principles and beliefs
    Death: well, this card needs to be read carefully here. Obviously it is not about literal death, although it could be pointing to how she understands death and endings. Perhaps there is a need for her to develop a spiritual understanding of death? The prospect or experience of someone’s death is often something that shakes people down to the point where they go on a spiritual quest for answers. In the Tarot, and in spiritual understanding, death is not an end, it is just another level of experience or being. This card can also point to experiences of deep meditation – when you “die to the world” and enter into a state of absolute stillness and sensory shut-down.

    • How can you connect with your sacred path
    The magician: again, a few signs coming through here that she needs to go on a spiritual quest to find answers, to find tools, to develop skills. The Magician points to the great desire within us to believe in magic. What is it? How does it work/ how can I live my life in-tune with it? I would ask: does she believe in magic and what are her spiritual leanings?
    • What is your greatest talent or potential
    9 of Cups: she believes in herself. She knows how her to nurture her own self-belief and feels content with who she is and is proud of her achievements so far. very good!
    • How can you get from here to where you want to be

    • What is your first step
    The Star: connecting with her inner source. Again, meditation practice might appeal to this young lady. She needs to connect with herself, be true to herself, to feel her way into her centre and then move out from there. This card is about being inwardly centred. I get the strongest sense that it is VERYB IMPORTANT that she connects inwardly and follows her own path. She really NEEDS to make her own decisions, and not follow a path anyway else has laid out for her.

    All the best, Louise.

  • Sigrun Helene says:


    I was just about to give an answer to Biddy`s quest when I found your amazing interpretations left on theses sides, Louise and Maureen. The spread seemed a bit too heavy and mighty, i you see what I mean, in the first place, so I left it uninterpretated and told my daughter I had to think about it a bit further. And I have done that. The cards reflect her very precisely. She has just left the “ground school” and attended “the gymnas”, do you call it High School? She had a tough start related to a sudden allergic reaction that kept her out of school work for abpout a week. She is very strong willed and landed her project with the best remarks. She lives in town with her dad and step mother and three kids on her own age. She is longing to get out of there and start a life on her own. That may happen next summer. She is also very very lazy and really needs a kick sometimes to get out of the rest mood y the warmth of the fire. When started she absolutely takes full control and produces the energy to reach all her goals. Fortunately she is more inspired by her mom than by her dad. All her life she has demanded angel cards and now the tarot spreads on a regular bases.She listens always very carefully and also loves reading her astro charts and listening to “spiritual talk”. It is a very good idea to encourage her to develop her own spiritual work.
    Again thanks lots and lots for your very insightful interpretation both of you. I look forward to go this through with Herdis in the week end.

    Sun and love to all – this beautiful Autumn day!

    Again, thanks a lot for the wonderful reading

    In a way sh

  • Autumn says:

    I did this spread today… and it interesting though I’m extremely new to the cards and interpreting certainly doesn’t come easy yet. I notice that are and abundance of court cards, not sure what significance that might have. I did not use any reversals. Any thoughts on my interpretations are welcome:

    Where are you in your life right now (King of Swords)
    I definitely lean toward the logical and rational, and have strong personal ethics.

    Where do you want to be in the next month (4 of Wands)
    I’ve been actively searching out new communities and friendships and I think this card reflects that.

    Where do you want to be in the next year (4 of Cups)
    to be able to see the opportunities that come into my life

    Where do you want to be in the next five years (Ace of Wands)
    To be that all I can be- with enthusiasm… to be “me” in all my glory 🙂

    Who have you become (6 of Pentacles)
    Able to give and receive with ease, with time and money. Am neither rich nor poor so not sure how else to take this.

    Who do you want to be (Two of Wands)
    To be an adventurer of the world… to hold the world in my hands (my world anyways)

    What do you really want from your relationships (Page of Swords)
    fellow learners and students to exchange ideas and study mutually interesting ideas

    What do you really want from your career (9 of Wands)
    ??? This I don’t understand. At my current job I am very much not where I want to be… so perhaps this just encouragement that the struggle that is my career path is soon over???

    What do you really want from your spirituality (Hermit)
    Knowledge, counsel, mentoring and retreat ( in the actual sense of going to spiritual based retreats)

    What can you do to unlock your creativity (Devil)
    break free from the bondage of my own fears and negativity and feelings of hopelessness

    What can you do to contribute to the community (3 of Cups)
    Connect with others?

    How can you live in tune with your own interests, principles and beliefs (Queen of Swords)
    Speak my truths

    How can you connect with your sacred path (Sun)
    Say yes to life and have childlike wonder, be open and honest

    What is your greatest talent or potential (King of Wands)
    I love a good challenge and problem solving, and I don’t give up. Courage to start, strength to endure and resolve to finish.

    How can you get from here to where you want to be (8 of Pentacles)
    Success through hard work and perseverance

    What is your first step (knight of Wands)
    Jump in and go for it!

    Interesting over all, it feels to me that I am doing the things that I need to do to go the directions that I want to go. The career part is rather vague, but then my career ambitions are rather vague in that I have yet to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Currently my goals and desired of who I want to be revolve around friendships, adventure and spiritual growth and these cards show that.

    • Louise says:

      Hi Autumn,

      For someone new to the cards and interpreting readings you’ve done an exceptionally clear job of it; well done!

      9 of wands: This is a very muscular character. He is very strong and he knows how to defend himself and what he has built up. He’s learnt this the hard way, through battles fought and won. I think this suggests you may need to fight for what you want, for your career achievements, and be able to defend yourself and your position; to be able to say “I’ve achieved this through my effort and hard work and I feel proud of it, worthy of it.” The problem with this character, is that he’s a little overly defensive and can’t lay down his guard, almost like he is ready to be attacked at any moment, have what he has earned taken off him. But he has EARNED his right to be standing where he is, to have that lovely row of upright wands lined up behind him; he’s earned it through his own efforts. I suspect the cards are saying you need to feel that you have fought for and earned your career achievements through you’re own blood, sweat and tears! And that this will feel good to you! Perhaps there is something that requires “heroic effort” that you would like to do, to forge a career out of? If so, this would be encouragement to start working hard and fighting to be where you want to be.

      And yes, 3 of Cups is about finding a group that can offer you mutual support and encouragement. A very social card, about being part of a strong support network. Usually peers and friends, but sometimes family. This indicates that you need to be supportive and involved in social support groups, to offer encouragement to others.

      Well done with the reading though, you did great,

      Regards, Louise.

      • Autumn says:

        Louise, thanks for your thoughts on the 9 of Wands, you are right on. I do need to work hard & fight for what I want, I’ve become a bit complacent hoping that the right career path will just come to me. When in reality I know that if I just begin and work hard something will come from my efforts and I can create (rather than wait) for a career path.

        • Louise says:

          Hi again Autumn,

          You’ve said here that you’ve been hoping the right career path will just come to you, and instantly the Four of Cups jumped into my mind. I came back to see that you pulled it for the position of where you want to be next year. This card suggests to me that something is being offered to you, a new idea or a new opportunity is floating right in front of you, probably something creative and intangible, but you haven’t acknowledged it yet. Sometimes the Four of Cups doesn’t see what’s floating right in front of his face because at this stage what is being offered is only the seed of an idea. It is completely unmanifest and you will have to take it up and work hard to make it happen. There are never any promises with this kind of idea either, you’ve going to have to back yourself and believe in it if it’s going to “become” something. But I get the strongest intuitive sense that “what you want to be when you grow up” is something you already know, it’s obvious, it’s right in front of you, but you haven’t acknowledged it yet….perhaps because you know it’s going to take a lot of hard work to make it happen??

          I get the strongest feeling that a strong sense of direction or an opportunity is hovering around you, right under your nose, and you need to have the courage to grab it and make it happen. With all the wands in your reading I would suspect it is a creative or entrepreneurial idea. As much as this may sound boot-campy, I think you really need to take on the hard work necessary to make something happen. There is a good idea somewhere right beside you, but you’re going to have to take it up and work really hard to make it a reality. But the cards indicate that it would be really satisfying to you to do this.

          I also see you pulled the Eight of Pentacles for “how to get from here to where you want to be”…. practice your skills, drill yourself. Again, the application of hard work in the pursuit of practical skills.

          With all those wands I’d also say: have courage, be brave, believe in yourself. Couple this will the ability to work hard for what you want and you’ve got something.

          Anyway, this is possibly more than you bargained for, but I found these intuitive ideas jumping into my head when I was busy at work on something else. I thought it was worth popping over and offering them to you, if only to get them out of my own head. Ha ha. Hopefully they might be of some use to you in delving deeper into your reading.

          best wishes, Louise.

          • Autumn says:

            Your insights are truly astonishing! Thank you for taking the time to unload your ideas. I feel a lot of truth in your words, and wish I could say more than just “Thank You”. ..

          • Brigit says:

            Louise, thank-you so much for responding to Autumn’s reading. I appreciate it so much! Unfortunately I don’t always have the time to respond in length to reading interpretations, but I am so thankful that you are happy to freely share your perspectives.

    • Brigit says:

      Autumn, thanks so much for sharing – your own interpretations are wonderful! And I am glad to see Louise has added to the picture.

  • Sami says:

    Wow, this was a great spread! In a reading a proffessional reader did, I came as the Magician, so it’s eerie it popped up as what I want to be.

    Where are you in your life right now–
    Queen of swords
    I’m learning a lot about about how to deal with people, especially being sharper about social connections. I’m a bit jaded because of recent dealings too, so this explains my current self perfectly

    Where do you want to be in the next month–

    Where do you want to be in the next year–
    From my tough situation/rough year which is why I became jaded, I want to be healed by next year.

    Where do you want to be in the next five years–
    I am currently a teacher but I am probably more suited to being a mentor.

    Who have you become–
    7 of pentacles
    Ah…..maybe I’m someone who has learned that I must work hard to achieve what I want?

    Who do you want to be–

    I want to be someone who is in a position that is traditional and looked up to?

    What do you really want from your relationships–
    4 of wands
    I want celebrations, weddings, all around happiness.

    What do you really want from your career–
    King of Swords
    I am a very fair, honest person. So ideally I want a position that allows me to be able to do this.

    What do you really want from your spirituality–
    10 of pentacles
    To be full and secure.

    What can you do to unlock your creativity–
    6 of Pentacles
    Giving and taking. I’ve been doing that lately.

    What can you do to contribute to the community–
    Knight of Swords
    I know knights are messages usually, but here’s I’m a bit stumped…

    How can you live in tune with your own interests, principles and beliefs–
    Keeping things in order…?? Following a strict structure??

    How can you connect with your sacred path–
    2 of cups

    What is your greatest talent or potential–
    Page of Pentacles–
    Admiring the pentacle, being someone who is fascinated by “things”. being in tune and sometimes overwhelmed by my own senses.

    How can you get from here to where you want to be–
    5 of Pentacles/10 of cups
    The 5 of pentacles has come up often in different spread, being it about my spirtitual self, a current relationship, what I need to realize in a situation. So different positions in different questions but it pops up quite a bit. I suppose if I move away from feeling abandoned I can be happy/content in the 10 of cups.

    What is your first step–

    The Justice I didn’t understand so I pulled a clarifier and the Empress I believe is letting things grow as their own pace, nuturing situations and myself. Justice may be telling me to have faith that “justice” will be done and to “let things/situations/people” go/grow.

    I just started reading tarot so I’m quite an amateur. I’ve only got basics down.
    Any help would be great!!!!

    Would it be bad to do a reading with the Major Arcana too?
    It’s technically the same reading.

    • Brigit says:

      Thanks so much for giving the spread a go and sharing it with the Biddy Tarot readers. You’ve done a great job interpreting the cards and should always trust your initial intuitive response – it is usually the most accurate.

      The Justice card often indicates making firm and committed decisions. Your first step, therefore, is to make an important decision weighing up the pros and cons, and then to commit to it and move forward. Be kind to yourself in the process (Empress).

      Knight of Swords as contribution to the community – do something active! You might literally take fitness classes with older people or take them out for walks, or you might be active in the community, doing door-knocks or actively campaigning for important issues.

      Hope this helps,

      • Sami says:

        Thanks so much! My life has been pretty active lately and the the cards have been wonderfully insightful. Thanks for all your help!


  • Sami says:

    Aha! That reminds me I’m currently considering going overseas to volunteer as a teacher! Knight of swords right there! Whew, didn’t realize that would pop up!

  • Amy says:

    Hi there,
    I have completed the Spiritual Compass spread, and I find it to be extremely insightful – maybe too insightful, possibly because it was a Major Arcana-only spread 🙂 There is something I am stumped on, and I was wondering what your perspective is – to answer the question “What is your greatest talent or potential?” I drew No. 15, The Devil, upright. Addiction, sexuality, and materialism are some of the traits associated with this card in the upright position. So, how exactly can this be a talent or great potential for anyone? Should I be worried about this? I have written down the other cards in the spread, and how I aligned them in the reading, so if you need clarification about nearby cards or patterns in the spread, please let me know. Thanks so much!

    • Brigit says:

      The upside of the Devil is that you ‘stick’. You may be fiercely loyal, incredibly committed. You ‘stick’ yourself to people and situations and you don’t leave until it is well over. Obviously, you need to take into account whether you’re ‘sticking’ too much, to the detriment of yourself and others, but know that there is a lot of good in this too.

      I would also recommend meditating with the Devil card and seeing what personal messages come up for you. What do you connect with? To start meditating, head to where you can take a profound and deep journey through the Major Arcana.

  • Amy says:

    Hi Brigit,
    Thanks so much for the insight!

  • Michelle says:

    Found this spread a rewarding experience and wanted to share:

    1. 5 wands (R)

    2. Temperance
    3. The Sun
    4. Wheel of Fortune

    5. Strength (R)
    6. Hermit (R)

    7. 10 cups (R)
    8. 7 cups (R)
    9. Lovers

    10. The World
    11. Moon

    12. 8 wands
    13. Tower (R)
    14. 6 wands
    15. King wands
    16. 2 cups (R)

    I’ve just come through an extended period of many losses and hardships and particularly through tarot readings and improving my patience, I have grown in character and am hopeful and ready for new positive experiences ahead.(1)

    My desires for the future are grand and positive with balance and joy and a desire to actively maintain my new good fortunes and accept future adversity with the grace that comes from experience. (2-4)

    I’m worn out from my experiences currently, but need to focus on my inner strength which has gotten me through so much and can encourage my self-confidence. Need to focus on discipline.(5)

    I want to spend more time in self-reflection and trust my inner wisdom; not seek out others for grounding, nor fear that I’m disconnected from the Universe. (6-7)

    Still not clear on what I want from my career future. (Am at a major crossroads) Am fearful of being honest with myself and experiencing more disappointment from wanting what I cannot have. Need to address fears and pursue the small steps of satisfaction rather than a vision too large. (8)

    Want to live authentically, following my strong personal values and want to feel connected to higher self and higher spirituality. Need to appreciate how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown. (9-10)

    Need to keep clearing my emotional baggage to be more clear and authentic with others. Otherwise unsure of how to contribute to community. (11)

    Need to keep my energy high and focused to keep me moving forward with living by my principles and interests (12)

    To connect to my sacred path, I need to be willing to experience the discomforts of letting go of old behaviors and doing things differently. (13)

    It seems that there is potential that I may realize my goals and gain confidence from surviving and thriving through my difficult experiences of these last years. I must be prepared to work through more challenges, but I am a strong visionary and goal-oriented. I can be a leader and bring out the best in others (particularly if I continue to do the emotional work of clearing my shadow issues). (14-15)

    The first step is to develop my self-love and value and respect myself. I’m hard on myself and tend to focus on all of the work I need to do to be a better person….instead, the more love I enjoy for myself, I can project that patience and compassion for others, which will draw others to me in a positive win-win situation, rather than from a needy point of view, as I have in the past. (16)

    Thank you to others who may read this!
    Many thanks to Brigit, for the gifts I have received from using her wisdom along the path of using Tarot as a source of growth and self-reflection ~

  • bonnie says:

    Hello Biddy!
    STuck in a pretty dead-end situation and look what I read – in a compass format – i.e. 7 cards from the Major Arcana:
    21 – THE WORLD (going to the States in a month!)
    6 – THE LOVERS (yep – an element of that too!)
    11 – JUSTICE
    8 – STRENGTH
    17 – THE STAR

    Now tell me! How positive is all of THAT for a reading!! ;P)
    Thanks so much

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hello Bonnie: Chariot key 7: Stuck in a dead-end situation not with the Chariot. Whatever adversities you may seem to experience via Spiritually, career, relationships with a love one; or wanting to travel seems to alter on your behalf; your receptive will channel into you moving forward with a implementable plan that says, “I’m victorious.” With the Chariot’s element, Cardinal water secures you with inspire new ideas as you implement them into actions. World (21): Reading from the Smith and Waite Deck, there are symbolic and comparative meaning and in this case I notice two powerful ones; 1) The wreath on the figure of Key 7 and how it circle around his head, not to mention the stars surrounding it as though it was given enlighten mind; a victorious of triumph and success. 2). The same wreath in the World card but expanded. Here the shape of the wreath symbolically is the shape of the world which in this case bonnie you will be traveling as you stated. This marks greater achievements in what you want to establish perhaps you are underway as a professional tarot reader or aspiring to become one. With the Lover card (6) Great communication with partnership via business or that someone that wants to settle down in marriage, the Hierophant and lovers is a great combination. Justice(11) Weight the pros and the cons, finding balance is key to you right now; you are not move by obscurity and or deception, this is not among your forte. Since the card is rule by planet Venus; you are attracted to beauty and harmony in the world everything is done with such decorum and beauty that is tastefully around you. Should you embark upon a business please take notes on the legal aspects of your business. Star:(17). Continue to nurture and collects ideas that is relative to your spiritual growth perhaps this path will lead you to becoming an astrologist.

      • Bonnie says:

        oh my word Biddy! Thank you! This has been so inspirational and truly accurate! I stand on the cusp of exactly all you’ve referred to! Part of my trip to the States professional (attending a high brow, academic congress in Boston) and I’m trying to get into a Psychology Master’s in Canada. There is also someone waiting in the wings… Asking for my hand!
        Isn’t life just grand!

  • Sandra says:

    Hi Brigit
    I have just done the spiritual compass tarot spread, the only negative cards were about my spirituality?

    4 coins 6 coins King of coins Emperor (I don’t feel like a control freak with money, I give it)
    2 coins Knight cups 6 swords the Sun
    9 swords (keep getting this at the moment) The Empress 10 wands 10 coins
    5 cups ace wands 4 coins 8 coins
    advice gratefully received

  • Kerina says:


    Thank you for this spread, I needed it just now!

    For the “What do you really want from your career” question, I got the Sun reversed, which was the same card that came up after I found out I didn’t get a job I applied for. What does this mean, anyone?

    I also got a reversed trump card for “What is your greatest talent or potential?” It was Judgment Reversed. What does that mean?

    Thoughts anyone,

    • Brigit says:

      The Sun reversed might be a sign that you prefer to be out of the limelight and in a more introverted role in your career. You might also be looking for something that is a little more serious than it is fun and casual.

  • wendy says:

    Thank you Biddy Tarot for this spread! I´m sure it´s one I will use again. Here is what i got. Some I´m really not sure about. I would love to hear some feedback from anyone out there 🙂

    Where am I right now? 10 of pentacles
    This one confuses me! I am not in a solid situation regarding work, money or my house. I am not in a committed stable relationship and I am not surrounded by my family. Maybe it shows that I now realize that I need to invest more in my future and stop living just for today?

    Where do you want to be next month? King of cups
    In control of my emotions. I want to feel balanced and able to share my love with those around me.

    Where do you want to be in the next year? 4 of wands
    I want to be happy and stable. I want to be satisfied with what I have and know that what I have cannot be pulled out from me.

    Where do you want to be in five years? The emperor
    In a leadership role. I want to be confident and sure of myself. I want to have stability because I have built a life for myself based on strong foundations.

    Who have you become? 7 of pentacles
    Someone who is generous and giving. I´m willing to share what I have with those around me on the good faith that my generosity will be returned.

    Who do you want to be? 3 of swords reversed
    Someone who finds it easy to let go of pain and suffering.

    What do you want from your relationships? Hanged man
    This one also really confuses me. Could it be that I don’t really know what I want from a relationship? Or maybe my relationships need to be put on the back burner until I fix other areas of my life?

    What do you want from your career? The sun
    I want my work to be fun and fulfilling. I want to be happy with what I do.

    What do you want from your spirituality? Two of wands
    I have ideas about belief systems and want to connect with someone who I can discuss these with and spark off them.

    How can I unlock my creativity? 10 of swords
    Use the times I have felt hurt or betrayed and channel those negative feelings into something positive. Learn from my mistakes and use them to move forward.

    What can I do to contribute to my community? The magician
    Focus on results. Have a clear idea of what I want and use everything I have at my disposal to make it happen. I have the power. I need to use it!

    How can I live in tune with my own interest, beliefs and principles? 6 of cups
    Look to the past. What made me happy then? What did I enjoy and how can I bring these things into the present?

    How can I connect with my sacred path? Knight of cups
    Be open and loving. Share my warmth with others and take action on my creative ideas in the real word. Don’t leave everything to daydreams!

    What is my greatest talent or potential? 5 of swords
    I´ll fight to the end to win at all costs. I have the determination to succeed but I need to be careful on who I step on on the way up because you never know who you will need on the way back down!

    How can I get from here to where I want to be? 3 of pentacles
    Team work! I have made a start and need to keep going. I shouldn’t be scared of what is to come. I need to work with the people I have around me to help me get to where I want to be.

    What is my first step? The lovers
    Follow my heart. Make decisions based on my personal beliefs. There is a big decision to be made and I will only get a positive outcome if I am truly comfortable with the decision I make.

  • Jackinmad says:

    Wow. This was a very interesting idea. I did a 16 card spread, and all my Major Arcana (hermit, chariot, hanged man, devil, lovers) are reversed. I guess I am not learning my life lessons! It will take many hours of reading and meditating on the meanings of these cards. What a great project for the winter season! Thank you, Brigit, for this idea, as it will give a lot of direction to my studies.

    • Brigit says:

      The reversals of the Major Arcana cards may also be a sign that you are learning some very big life lessons internally. It’s a private, individual process for you and perhaps not something you’re ready to share with the world, especially as you’re still trying to make sense of it all. Hope this resonates!

  • Anita Sinha. says:

    Dear Brigit,
    This is a very comprehensive, a very insightful spread. You are truly gifted. I have benefited immensely from your Soul Meditations. God bless you and your loved ones. You are doing a lot of good and you are one of the most genuine and spiritually gifted readers I have come across. Bless you.

  • Joana says:

    Hello. I want to start by saying thank you Brigit. This is really a special spread. 🙂 I did it and I have been interpreting it for the last few days. I’m learning a lot with it about myself.
    I was wondering, may I have your help to understand one card? The Ace of pentacles for “What you can do to contribute to the community?”. These one is really confusing for me :-/ Does it mean my contribution is to help others with new ideas?
    Thank you!

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Joana! Im glad you are enjoying the spread! If you pulled the Ace of Pents in that position, I would think that maybe you should look making a monetary donation to your Community in some fashion – or, if funds are a little tight, you can donate your time! Volunteer in a Community based organisation or nearby hospital! Hope this helps 🙂

      • Joana says:

        Oh! It’s the volunteer theme again! I had no swords in this spread which told me I need to be more social, be with other people, not to be so close up. Plus, I sense this need to help others without rewards. So the idea to be a volunteer didn’t leave my mind when I was reading the cards. 🙂 Thank you Brigit for your time to answer me.

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