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Setting Daily Intentions with Tarot

By January 27, 2020 January 5th, 2022

There are many ways that Tarot can help you along your journey in life.

I prefer to look at Tarot as a guide to help me manifest the life I desire, rather than using it to predict my future. There is something so empowering about tuning into my inner wisdom and bringing that into my daily life.

I’ve shared my planning process on how I use Tarot to plan the month ahead.  Now I’d like to show you how you can set your daily intentions with Tarot.

At the start of my day, I begin by taking a moment to clear my mind and focus on my breath. 

On the mornings when I have a bit more time, I sit in meditation to help me prepare for my day. Most mornings, I start by taking three deep breaths in and out to really clear my mind and center myself.

With my trusty Tarot cards in hand and my Biddy Tarot Planner, I focus on my goals and intentions for the year. This is what I want to manifest and create. While I focus, I’m shuffling my deck and pull a card. This helps me to set a daily intention that’s aligned with my goals for the year. 

The card I draw helps me to tune in and determine how best to use that energy to support my goals for the day. So, if I pull the Queen of Cups, perhaps it’s important that I am nurturing myself and taking breaks while working in order to stay in alignment with my goals and intentions. I’ll set a reminder to take a break and go for a quick stroll or spend more time meditating. Maybe at the end of my day, I’ll have a nice bath.

If it helps, you can create a specific question to ask each day, something like “what can I do today to manifest my desires” or “how can I stay aligned with my highest self”. Then you shuffle and draw a Tarot card, allowing the energy and message of that card to help you set your intention for the day. Perhaps you drew the Five of Pentacles, that might mean I need to reach out and ask for support so I am not going at it alone.

Another way you can use Tarot to help you set an intention, is to start with an intention. Perhaps your intention is to be more open. Shuffle your deck and draw a card, allow the energy and meaning of the card to help you determine what steps to take to achieve your intention. If the card pulled is the Three of Cups, you may want to set an intention to make time to connect with a friend, plan a night out on the town, or plan a dinner date.

To make it even more powerful, have your intentions or the questions you’re asking related to the goals you set for yourself this year. If you want to focus on one goal each month or quarter that’s fine too. This is a great way to really dial into your intuition and highest self for support in reaching your dreams.

Finally, you can simply use the Tarot to set your intention without having a specific question or intention in mind. Just shuffle and draw a card. And use the card to set your intention. So if you were to pull the Seven of Pentacles, you may use that to set an intention to spend time on what you value or to practice patience as you work towards your goals.

A great way to make Tarot part of your daily life is with the Biddy Tarot Planner. It’s the ultimate guide to creating your most powerful year and helps you to take aligned action towards your goals. When you’re in a space of aligned action, making decisions and taking action becomes easy. You know exactly what you need to do to manifest your highest goals and dreams. 

And best of all, you are inspired and motivated to make it happen.

If you are ready to infuse your intentions with Tarot, order your Biddy Tarot Planner today!


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