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Using Tarot to Tap Into the Energy of the New Moon with Liz Worth

By September 9, 2015 May 4th, 2018

Note from Brigit: I am so proud to introduce you to Liz Worth, Tarot reader and graduate of my Tarot Foundations programs. Recently, Liz shared in our private TF2 Facebook group a blog post she wrote about the upcoming New Moon in Gemini and how she used the Tarot to delve deeper into the cosmic energy. I loved it, so I asked her to share her insights on how we can use the Tarot for all new moons. I'm so excited with what she created, just for you! Take it away, Liz…


Whether you are a seasoned Tarot reader or just starting out, you are likely already familiar with the connections between Tarot and astrology, particularly through the elements of the cards – earth, air, fire, and water, which are shared by the 12 signs of the zodiac.

When we learn to work with the Moon’s cycles, we can start to connect to the flow of life in much deeper, more purposeful ways. The Moon can help us become clearer in how and when we initiate new projects, let go of old habits, or launch ourselves into new personal chapters of our lives.

Sun Signs and the Moon

The Moon waxes and wanes: it begins in darkness as a new moon and grows to full, and from there it wanes, slowly slipping back into darkness. Each Moon cycle lasts about 29.5 days to complete, and as the Moon waxes and wanes throughout the year, it visits the 12 signs of the zodiac – our Sun Signs – along the way.

New Moons are ideal for new beginnings; Full Moons for completion. But the influence of the Moon changes throughout its journey depending on its phase and its zodiacal alignment.
For example, a New Moon in fiery Aries can give us a much stronger sense of enthusiasm, while a waning Moon in watery Cancer might have us craving some downtime at home.

These New Moons can all give us the ideal timing to start a new project, make a fresh start, or set a new intention for the month ahead, and when we learn how to work with their timing proactively, we can tap into the energy of a Moon’s full cycle to help carry our goals.

Using Tarot to make each New Moon work for you

Here are 12 questions – one for each New Moon of the year – that you can ask the cards to help put you in touch with the lunar flow.

New Moon in Aries:

An ideal time for being bold. Don’t just dream big – live big. Take that leap of faith. Aries energy brings us confidence and clarity in where we want to go.

Ask: “What step can I take during this Moon cycle that will help me reach my highest potential?”

New Moon in Taurus:

Taurus’s earthy energy asks us to ground ourselves. This is a time to slow down (even a little bit will do you good) and nurture our minds, bodies, and souls.

Ask: “What I can do to reconnect with myself during the upcoming Moon cycle?”

newmoonNew Moon in Gemini

Gemini rules communication and personal expression, making this a great time to network, make new friends, launch a website or social media campaign, or start writing a book or a blog.

Ask: “How can I best express myself during the upcoming Moon cycle?”

New Moon in Cancer

Cancer is an emotional sign, putting feelings before facts. Prepare for some introspection, but be careful that Cancer’s watery ways don’t make you too moody.

Ask: “What is one step I can take to let go of any old feelings that are no longer serving me?”

New Moon in Leo

Social, playful Leo encourages us to follow our passions and have fun while we’re at it. Leo is all about bravado, so if you’ve been keeping a talent hidden, now might be the time for a big reveal.

Ask: “What can I do to gain more confidence in myself and my goals as I move forward?”

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New Moon in Virgo

After Leo’s fierceness, Virgo helps bring us back down to earth again through simplifying our routines, detoxifying our diets, and taking care of ourselves and each other through random acts of kindness.

Ask: “What step can I take during this Moon cycle to regain balance in my life?”

New Moon in Libra

Libra asks that we take a step back rather than rush ahead. This is a time to take inventory of where you’re at: are you still on track to meet your goals for the year? Is how you’re spending your time and energy aligning with your values?

Ask: “Where should I focus my energy and attention during this Moon cycle?”

New Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio sometimes carries a dark reputation for its shadowy nature. Ruler of the underworld, Scorpio allows us to connect to our intuition.

Ask: “What can I do to enhance my intuition during this Moon cycle?”

New Moon in Sagittarius

Adventurous Sagittarius pushes us to venture out of our comfort zones in search of new horizons and higher wisdom, literally and figuratively. Whether these are attained through a whirlwind trip or a new business venture, Sagittarian energy gives us the burst of energy and optimism we need to push forward.

Ask: “What can I do to attain higher wisdom during this Moon cycle?”

New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn brings a strong sense of ambition and persistence, reminding us not to give up no matter how hard we’ve fallen in the past.

Ask: “What can I do to overcome past failures?”

New Moon in Aquarius:

Aquarius is a social sign that asks us to connect with those around us, both new and old.

Ask: “What can I do to strengthen my relationships during the upcoming Moon cycle?”

New Moon in Pisces

Pisces asks us to appreciate the beauty around us. Its creative, dreamy energy can help us tap into our creative sides and open our minds to new perspectives.

Ask: “What step can I take to connect to my creativity during this Moon cycle?”

What do you do in your own Tarot practice to stay connected to the Moon’s rhythms?

About Liz Worth

Liz-Worth-1-2014 Liz Worth is a Toronto-based poet and novelist. She is also into Tarot, astrology, and Ouija boards. You can reach her at






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