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Letting Other People Touch Your Tarot Cards

By August 12, 2010 July 25th, 2017

You’ve just bought a new deck of Tarot cards and now you’re watching your client attempt to shuffle them, dropping the cards everywhere on the floor and bending the card edges as they roughly try to get all the cards back in the pack. You’re horrified! “Why on earth did I hand over a deck of new Tarot cards to this person?!”

Different people have different views on whether it is ok to let other people touch your Tarot cards. Some people are happy to hand over their cards to the client when doing a Tarot reading, asking the client to channel their energy into the cards ready for a clear and connected reading. Sometimes, both the reader and the client will shuffle the cards so that both become more present in the reading.

Other readers prefer the client to simply articulate their question while the reader shuffles the Tarot cards on their behalf (much like online Tarot readers do). These readers often keep their Tarot cards well protected and ensure that no-one else but them touches their cards. In this way, the Tarot cards are kept sacred to the owner (i.e. the Tarot reader) alone. It can also prevent any negative energy from the client being transferred to the cards.

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For me personally, I don’t mind if others touch my Tarot cards. As an online Tarot reader, I naturally handle the Tarot cards for my virtual clients simply because there is no other way when my client is halfway around the world! However, when I do face-to-face readings, I ask my clients to shuffle and cut the cards so that they are able to ‘program’ the cards with their energy and begin to draw their attention to the messages of the cards. At times, however, I do wonder whether or not I should have them shuffle – sometimes the larger Tarot cards can be very hard to shuffle, unless you’re used to them, often resulting in the client losing focus or losing the cards!

So what type are you? Are you happy for anyone to handle your Tarot cards, or do you keep them closely guarded to ensure they remain pure and sacred? You might even be somewhere in the middle, having one Tarot deck that you happily share with others, and another that you keep just for yourself.


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