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Lessons from the Major Arcana Tarot Cards

By July 11, 2018 August 2nd, 2018

lessons from the major arcanaThe Major Arcana Tarot cards are a very powerful source of spiritual wisdom and insight.  Representing life lessons, karmic influence and the big archetypal themes influencing within each of our individual journeys, these 22 cards are truly deep and complex. By getting to know them even better, we can unlock new pathways and understand ourselves and our own human consciousness on an entirely new level. (Told you they were deep!) 

 With such strong archetypes at play, it’s natural that most of us tend to gravitate towards a particular two or three of the Major Arcana cards. But it's important to remember that we can learn something from each of them and that they are in fact, all characters in the one story, where The Fool plays the starring role (known as The Fool’s Journey).

By examining each of the 22 Major Arcana cards, we can not only discover new keys for living a life of enlightenment, but also, tips for connecting with the Tarot itself! And of course, we begin with The Fool.  

Lessons from the Major Arcana 

The Fool the fool

Tarot opens us up to new journeys of self-discovery. Sometimes, taking the first step is the hardest part.  But The Fool allows you to reach a place of renewal and embracing new beginnings.  Just like the Fool, the Tarot allows us to tap into our unlimited potential. Whether you're setting goals or kindling a new creativity, the cards are more than ready to start the journey with you. 




The Magician

The Tarot supports us in manifesting our big goals and dreams. The first step is often the hardest, but it's still just the beginning.  Fortunately, like the Magician, the cards can help you to take action and focus your energy.  The Tarot will show you that you already have everything you need to make your dreams come true. 




 High Priestess high priestess

The Tarot connects us to our intuition.  A favorite Major Arcana card for many, the High Priestess represents divine knowledge and wisdom.  Similarly, the Tarot serves as the perfect tool to help you tap into your higher self.  This can be a challenge for everyone and lead to feelings of self-doubt.  However, the cards are always ready for you to connect to and trust your inner voice.

The Empressthe empress

The Tarot creates.  This is often seen with the Empress, who is all about embracing your creative expression.  Many of us are hesitant to let this side of us show, because it may result in criticism or perceived failure.  However, the Tarot is here to help you open your heart to your creativity and follow where it goes.   


The Emperor

the emperor

The Tarot structures our spiritual knowledge within the 78 Tarot cards.  Reading Tarot is an opportunity for you to take what you've already learned and apply it to any obstacles you may face.  With their guidance and your existing know-how, you're ready for anything.  Like the Emperor, the cards can also bring you security and comfort during difficult times. 


The Tarot is our teacher.  Although we often have the answers within us, the cards are always here to help us brush up.  The Hierophant is keen to share his knowledge and encourage the pursuit of knowledge.  The cards remind us that we are always learning, both from ourselves and others.   

The Lovers the lovers

The Tarot aligns us to our best selves and the Universe.   While the Lovers are often associated with partnership in romance, it can also be cause for introspection.  Like this Major Arcana card, the Tarot helps us develop a personal belief system.  Through readings, we can become clearer about our values.  The Lovers help us to stay true to ourselves and be as authentic as possible, which connects us to the world around us. 

The Chariot chariot

The Tarot acts as a roadmap. We all struggle to find the right path to the things we want, whether it's a healthy relationship, job promotion, or new house.  But with a little navigation advice, the Tarot can show you the way. Think of the cards as spiritual GPS.  Once you have the route laid out before you, you'll find it easy to tap into the Chariot's will-power and determination. 



The Tarot gives us strength and courage.  This card represents inner strength and the ability of the human spirit to overcome and difficulty.  With determination, the cards can help you find the strength you need to make the right choices for a happy, healthy, and successful life.  Using the Tarot cards, you'll discover the strength growing within you and learn how to cultivate it. 


The Tarot reminds us that we already have the answers – we simply need to go within. Sometimes, focusing on ourselves can be quite challenging.  But with the Tarot, you're able to step away from the affairs of others to focus deeply on your own principals, motivations, and values.  As with the Hermit, the cards give us the opportunity to be introspective in order to better understand ourselves and our world. What better way to do that than with meditation? 

wheel of fortuneWheel of Fortune

The future is not set in stone with the Tarot. Contrary to popular belief, the cards cannot determine your future.  However, much like the Wheel of Fortune, they teach us to take action to create the future we want. Any reading you do for yourself will tell you that standing still and accepting what life hands you is not the best course of action when faced with adversity. 

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The Tarot connects us to the source of truth. While answers are almost always within us, sometimes the cards need to make it very clear.  Like the Justice card, the Tarot shows us the truth within ourselves and others.  Through readings, we can better prepare ourselves to see and speak our truths. 

hanged man

Hanged Man

The Tarot offers an alternative perspective we may have been missing. We can be so set in our ways, that we fail to consider that there may be an easier and better choice or action.  The cards illuminate different possibilities and viewpoints that you might not otherwise have considered.  If you're feeling stuck like the Hanged Man, a reading may be just what you need. 



The Tarot supports our transformation.  Change is scary and can feel very uncertain, but the cards are here to support us in each new chapter of our lives.  Like the Death card, the Tarot teaches us how to let go of limiting factors in order to create a happy future.  While we may want to stay stuck in lingering thoughts of the past, Tarot allows us to open the door to the future. 



The Tarot integrates.  Finding balance is without a doubt one of the biggest challenges in life.  We always have so much on our plates between relationships, work, goals, and our emotions.  It can be hard to know how to give everything the attention in deserves.  With the Tarot cards, you're able to find the inner peace that will enable you to find patience and moderation in your day-to-day life.  Find balance through the Major Arcana with my Soul Meditations.



The Tarot highlights our dependencies. Much like the Devil card, the Tarot presents a mirror that shows us the parts of ourselves that we don't want to see.  Our fears, addictions, and bad impulses that we'd rather not acknowledge can come to the foreground in a reading.  But happily, the cards show us how we can break free from the chains that are often self-imposed.  




The Tarot reveals all and shatters limiting beliefs. As with the aftermath of the Tower card, the Tarot helps us to grow stronger and wiser, allowing us to develop a totally new perspective on life.  Although there will always be upheavals in life, the cards are here to help us find an opportunity for growth in even the worst situations. 



the starThe Star 

The Tarot offers hope and faith in the Universe. This favorite Major Arcana card pushes us to love ourselves and believe. Even when things start to look good in life, it can be hard to truly believe that it's all possible.  The Tarot shows us that the Universe is here to protect us and help us materialize the calm energy and mental stability we all need. 





the moonThe Moon 

The Tarot connects us to our subconscious mind through its rich symbolism. As with the Moon card, the Tarot teaches us to release our mental blocks and negative ideas to open up to our inner light and intuition.  To help us, the cards provide us with brilliant imagery and symbols that help us work through the fog of an issue to reveal the solution. 



the sunThe Sun 

The Tarot shines the light of consciousness on our shadow selves.  The cards remind us that things can and will get better.  In fact, the Tarot shows us that things can become great.  Like the Sun, it teaches us embrace our destiny with all of our hearts, which will lead us to wellness, enthusiasm, and positivity. 






The Tarot enlightens.  Sometimes when you least expect it, the cards help you have a break through on something you've been reflecting upon for some time.  Suddenly, the Tarot provides you with a deep understanding of your life.  Just like the Judgement card, the cards are here to awaken us to a new realisation.

The World 

The Tarot is whole.  Just like you, the cards are in it for the long haul.  Throughout your entire journey, the Tarot is here to support you all the way to fulfilment.  Like the World, the cards celebrate all of your achievements and life cycles.  At the same time they are with you during the hard times as well. 





That brings us to the end of our list of what the Major Arcana can teach us about Tarot.  I hope that this has given you a more intimate understanding of how the cards are all connected. 

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