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Intuitive Planning Spread

By January 28, 2022 January 30th, 2022

Let’s be honest: many of us have barely been able to process the last two years, let alone set our sights on the new year ahead of us.

And even in the best of times, we’ll hurriedly make New Year’s goals out of pressure or because we think we’re “supposed” to accomplish certain things over the course of a year… and then never look at them again after the first week of January.

But what if there’s a better way to set goals that actually feels good instead of overwhelming and unsustainable? What might happen when we sit quietly and go inward to create goals that are truly aligned with our Highest Good? And what might happen if we set aside time to do this often, instead of in one sweeping and unsustainable gesture on January 1st?

The Intuitive Planning Tarot Spread

One thing that helps me to stay grounded and focused is my intuitive planning process. It’s really important to set aside time each month for planning and review to make sure you’re on track.

Planning works best for me when I am able to connect with my Higher Self, tapping into my fullest potential, to set goals and take action. 

Here’s my Simple Intuitive Planning Spread to help you plan your month ahead. I do this at the start of every month, which I feel is a much more sustainable way of setting goals and correcting your course as you go along. I think it’s the perfect habit to set in motion for the New Year!

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  1. What worked in the past month?
  2. What didn’t work?
  3. What did I learn?
  4. What is the theme of this month?

Then, set your goals and pull a card for each. See if they align with your intuition. If not, adjust your goals.

For a simpler spread, you can also do this with one card:

  1. Start by reviewing the past month, or even 2021 as a whole picture
  2. Pull a Tarot card to find your focus for the month ahead
  3. Daydream and journal about what you want to experience and tap into the energy of the card
  4. Map out your goals using Tarot to guide you and commit to taking aligned action
  5. Add the actions you need to take in your calendar and be sure to follow through

Don’t forget to tag your spread #biddytarot on Instagram so I can see! 

And if you’d like to dive even deeper into intuitive planning, check out my Goal Setting with Tarot Masterclass HERE.


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Manifest Your Best
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