How to Read The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

By September 24, 2010Tarot Spreads


The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is one of the most commonly used spreads by Tarot readers. But did you know it’s also one of the hardest Tarot spreads to interpret correctly?

And even though the Celtic Cross spread is in nearly every Tarot book and is used by Tarot beginners, many Tarot readers miss the deeper insights that are available in this complex spread.

Sure, you can read each Tarot card, one-by-one, in the Celtic Cross spread, but if you want to be the Tarot reader everyone raves about, you’ll need to master the dynamics between the cards and tell the story in your Tarot reading.

So today, I’m going to show you not just the layout and positions of the Celtic Cross, but I’m also going to show you exactly how to read the Celtic Cross by deep-diving into the most critical relationships between the cards in the Celtic Cross spread.

The Celtic Cross Layout

OK, let’s get to the basics. Here’s your standard Celtic Cross layout:

Celtic Cross Layout

Card 1: The present. This card represents what is happening to the querent at the present time. It also reflects the querent’s state of mind and how they may be perceiving the situation.

Card 2: The challenge. This card represents the immediate challenge or problem facing the querent. This is the one thing that, if resolved, would make life a lot easier. Even if you draw a ‘positive’ card in this position, consider it carefully as it will still represent a challenge.

Card 3: The past. This card represents the events that have lead up to the present situation and may provide some indication of how the challenge came about.

Card 4: The future. This card represents what is likely to occur within the next few weeks or even months. This is not the final outcome, simply the next step on the journey.

Card 5: Above. This card reflects the querent’s goal, aspiration or best outcome with regards to the situation. It is what the querent is working towards consciously as they attempt to resolve the issue.

Card 6: Below. This card reflects that which is within the subconscious realm of the querent and delves much deeper into the core foundation of the situation. It symbolises the underlying feelings and trends associated with the situation and can indicate what is truly driving the querent. This card may bring a surprise message to the querent, particularly if they are not deeply connected to their inner being (watch out for reversed cards here which are likely to indicate that this is an ‘unknown’ to the querent).

Card 7: Advice. The advice card takes into account all that is happening within the querent’s life and presents a recommendation for what approach can be taken to address the current challenges.

Card 8: External influences.  This card highlights the people, energies or events which will affect the outcome of the question and are beyond the querent’s control.

Card 9: Hopes and/or fears. This is perhaps one of the most difficult positions to interpret. Keep in mind that hopes and fears are closely intertwined, therefore that which we hope for may also be that which we fear, and so may fail to happen. Sometimes it is useful to draw a second card for clarification after the reading has been laid and to read the two together.

Card 10: Outcome. This card is representative of where the situation is headed and if/how the issue will be resolved. It assumes the outcome based on the querent continuing their current course of action. Of course, if the outcome card is not a desirable outcome, it is within the free will of the querent to make the necessary changes to their situation.

*Note: There are many different versions of the Celtic Cross, including differences in the order of the cards. The version above is the version that I work with and have the best results with. Nonetheless, experiment and choose what works best for you.

Mastering the Celtic Cross: Exploring the Dynamics Between the Tarot Cards

This is where things get interesting! Many Tarot readers first learn to read Tarot by interpreting each card. But it’s when we look at the dynamics between the Tarot cards and get into the story of the Tarot reading that the magic happens!

First, let’s imagine the Celtic Cross split into two main sections – the Circle/Cross section on the left (Cards 1 to 6) and the Staff section on the right (Cards 7 to 10).

The Circle/Cross shows what is going on in the querent’s life at the time of the reading. This section is made up of two crosses – a central one (Cards 1 and 2) nested within a larger cross (Cards 3 to 6). The smaller cross represents the heart of the matter – what is most central to the querent at the time of the reading.

The larger cross consists of two lines that overlay the smaller cross. The horizontal line (Cards 1, 3 and 4) shows time moving from the past on the left into the future on the right. The vertical line (Cards 1, 5 and 6) is the querent’s consciousness moving from unconscious on the bottom to conscious mind on the top.

Together these six cards give a snapshot of the inner and outer environment at the time of a reading.

The Staff section shows the relationship between the querent and the environment in which they operate, and can provide a better indication of what is happening in the broader context.

Second, start to look at the following Tarot card combinations to build the ‘story’:

  • Compare the Above and Below cards (Cards 5 and 6). Is there a synergy between the conscious and the subconscious levels? Is there alignment between what is driving the querent and what the querent aspires to? If there is alignment, great – it will be a lot easier to resolve the issue. If not, then assist the querent in understanding what is happening at the subconscious level and how this may be impacting their response to the issue.
  • Compare the Above and Outcome cards (Cards 5 and 10). Again, is there alignment between what the querent wants to happen and what will happen? Is the querent helping or hindering the situation? If you find that Cards 5 and 10 are opposing, then the querent will need to think carefully about how to create the outcomes they want. Look to the Advice card (Card 7) for more guidance.
  • Compare the Future and Outcomes cards (Cards 4 and 10). How are the events of the near future contributing or influencing the overall outcome? Will the querent need to manage these events in a particular way to create the right outcomes? Again, refer to the Advice card (Card 7) for more detail.
  • Compare the Below and Hopes/Fears cards (Cards 6 and 9). If you are finding it difficult to interpret the Hopes/Fears, have a look at what is happening at the subconscious level within the querent (Card 6). Is there something in their subconscious realm that is creating fear or hope? If you see reversed cards in these positions, then it is likely the querent is not yet aware of their subconscious drivers and how this is impacting them in the ‘real world’.
  • Compare the Advice and Outcome cards (Cards 7 and 10). The querent doesn’t like the outcome? Well, take a look at the Advice card to see what actions the querent can take to create a more positive outcome. Also take into consideration what events are likely to occur in the near future (Card 4) so that the querent can manage these effectively.

Then, bring it all together for deep and profound insight into the situation at hand.

Over to you… What other combinations do you look for in your Celtic Cross readings? What helps you most to interpret the Celtic Cross spread?

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  • mandi says:

    hi bridget
    my question is ,is it better to ask a question when doing a celtic cross spread or just see which cards come up
    thanks mandi

    • Brigit says:

      I personally prefer to have a question in mind to help focus the reading. Otherwise it’s like turning up to the doctor and asking, “What’s wrong with me?” and wondering why he’s having to test and diagnose every part of you!

  • Lynn says:

    I was just reading the Celtic Cross Spread which I usually use. I panicked for a moment because I read that you, Brigit, use your cards in a spread that I don’t exactly use when doing mine! Cards 3, 4, and 6 are in different positions from that of which you place your cards. You mentioned to use whatever works best for one’s self. My question is, how will I know that I have them in a correct spread or what gives the reader to know that it is in the right order? Does this question make any sense?? LOL

  • Sean says:

    I absolutely love this spread. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if there’s other cards we can make reference to Card no. 8.

  • ScottP says:

    This was so helpful. I’d been doing the Celtic Cross for some time but was using the instruction guide included with my cards which wasnt very informative lol. Now I’ve gotten so much more insight on my problem!!!

  • Tina says:

    Hello there – I really don’t know much at all about tarot reading, but I’m going through a hard time right now and figured I would try out a Celtic Cross reading that I found on a random website. Not certain if these readings work if you are asking about someone else’s relationship, so – that is part one of my question. I recently broke up with someone and I asked about what would happen between my ex and his new gf. The three outcome cards were as follow: Death, 10 of pentacles and the High Priestess Card. I know the 10 of pents represents (or can represent) unions, fulfillment and marriage etc… so, I can’t figure out if the death card means their relationship with change into – 10 of pents or if it will end? Thoughts? Thank you in advance for any direction you can provide.

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Tina,
      I understand you’re probably very keen to know what’s happening for your ex and his new girlfriend, particularly as it might tell you whether you will reconcile or not. However, I would encourage you to bring the focus of your reading back to you. 1. You’re reading on two people without their permission, which can be unethical. 2. You’ll be bringing your energy to the reading and may not be getting the ‘full’ picture of what’s happening in this other relationship. Best to focus on what you can change and influence – perhaps what you can do to reconcile, or to move on.

  • Tina says:

    Also, I should mention the card that is labeled “root of the matter” is the three of swords. There are some good cards in the spread and oddly enough – the reading shows that they are going on a trip, which they are! Interesting.

  • sonia sharma says:

    Hi Brigit,
    can you please tell me what if I get’Five of Cups’ as card no. 5 called above in celistic cross,I am not able to understand its sense,as this no. card is a card of my goal or best outcome of the current situation,I pulled the cards for my emotional/love life…trying to see the situation n its future…in the card no. 10 I got ‘wheel of Fortune’ as outcome…can you please put some light over this ? Thanks..regards,sonia

    • Brigit says:

      It’s hard to interpret without the full context of your question and your full reading. That said, 5 of Cups in the Above position – dealing with loss and regret quite publicly, perhaps sharing your feelings with others, looking for support, telling new partners what troubles you’ve been through in the past. Wheel of Fortune in the Outcome – I often interpret this as ‘undecided’ on behalf of the Universe. Also, expect the unexpected – spinning the wheel of fortune and not knowing where you might land.

  • Shanna Spurlock says:

    I am in a transitional period, which is also being combined with an emotional roller-coaster. I’ve never really had a permanent place to call home and right now. I’m staying with friends. I am afraid I will never get on my feet and I’m not sure how to go about it (air force, army or college). To add to the stress, my ex is harassing me. I am having trust issues with everyone I know because of what happened with my ex and I just really need some guidance, and perhaps some reassurance of direction so that I may be able to get on my feet, be on my own and not have to depend on or take help from anyone else ever again. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Robert says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial on the celtic cross! I am familiar with tarot and usually ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ but I see the usefulness of spreads for getting a comprehensive outlook on something. This post was very helpful and the other interpretations I found were less true to my readings. As a fledgling to spreads it is exciting to see the link between cards; in my current reading the card in the conscious (5) position was about letting go and clearing while the card regarding my immediate environment is about mourning, interesting how we create our realities! In your experience have you found that position 9 can relate to one’s higher self?

    Thanks again,

  • Jean says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help with a reading I’ve done using the Celtic cross spread. the cards are as follows:

    1. 2 of swords
    2. page of cups
    3. the sun
    4. 9 of pentacles
    5. the empress
    6. 3 of wands
    7. the lovers
    8. the devil
    9.the moon
    10. 10 of cups

    I asked about my relationship and how its going to progress. Things are going very well, but its the devil I’m worried about. I don’t think it represents my boyfriend as he’s a good person and I know he cares for me very much. Could it be that there are influences around us we need to be careful of?

    I drew a couple more cards to try and expand on the outcome and they were both positive..the star and the ace of wands! any insights would be most welcome as I’m not sure how to interpret this one.

  • vijaya says:

    There is a saying the often the devil is in ‘the detail’ of something such as a contract and is an external influence.

  • La Blue Eyes says:

    I did the spread, and my ‘External influences’ card was the 5 of swords. It was such a complex card that I had much trouble in deciphering it’s meaning. The card below it, ‘advice’ was the high priestess. Above the 5 of swords was the 8 of pentacles, my ‘hopes and fears’. Lastly the ‘outcome’ was the 10 of swords, which also confused me. I read that the cards surrounding the 5 of swords would help me determine it’s meaning, but I am still fairly new to this. If you could help in any way clarify this for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Brigit says:

      It depends on what the original question was, but with the Five of Swords as the external influences, I would say that there is someone around you who feels bad for what has been said and done and may be ready to apologise (or sheepishly move on).

    • Angel Smile says:

      I have found the 5 of swords to be indicative of gossip or negative outside influences.

  • Deborah says:

    Why is it that I have looked in 3 books and 2 websites and all present a different Celtic layout pattern?

  • malachite says:

    Hi Brigit,

    I’ve been going through a downhill ride since August and decided to do a Celtic Cross Spread today but for some reason I cannot make heads nor tails of my spread. I think I’ve lost the ability to understand most things in my life at the moment. This is what I got –

    1. 7 of wands
    2. 4 of cups
    3. 6 of swords
    4. 4 of wands
    5. Page of swords
    6. Knight of wands
    7. 8 of wands
    8. 3 of wands
    9. The Empress

    I would appreciate anyone’s insight into this reading please.


  • malachite says:

    Thank you for your reply and I apologise for any inconvenience.


  • Raychel says:


    I am having trouble understanding my Celtic cross spread. I have tried many different approaches in trying to interpret the spread and the cards but I am at a total loss.

    Usually I would just keep at it and just brush up on the different cards and their own individual meanings and go from there but that seems to have caused me more confusion this times around. Probably because of the card ratio in my spread, to me is very unsettling….

    1-Knight of Swords (Reversed)
    2- Judgement
    3- Three of Swords
    4- Knight of Pentacles
    5- The Lovers (Reversed)
    6- The Moon
    7- The Empress (Reversed)
    8- Five of Swords
    9- The Hanged Man
    10- Four of Swords

    So, as you can see from the cards in my spread why at a gala cd
    Someone who is still fairly new to Tarot, might be a little unnerved and upset. Anyone have any idea what I need to do to understand the true and fu message or any help I can get as to what I can even do at this point would be so immensely appreciated. I unfortunately don’t have the resources to get my spread interpreted from here but any guidance on how to even figure it out on my own if need be would be helpful.

    Thank you to anyone in advance who responds to this inquiry.

    • Raychel says:


      I am having trouble understanding my Celtic cross spread. I have tried many different approaches in trying to interpret the spread and the cards but I am at a total loss.

      Usually I would just keep at it and just brush up on the different cards and their own individual meanings and go from there but that seems to have caused me more confusion this time around. Probably because of the card ratio in my spread, to me is very unsettling….

      1-Knight of Swords (Reversed)
      2- Judgement
      3- Three of Swords
      4- Knight of Pentacles
      5- The Lovers (Reversed)
      6- The Moon
      7- The Empress (Reversed)
      8- Five of Swords
      9- The Hanged Man
      10- Four of Swords

      So, as you can see from the cards in my spread why at a glance, to
      Someone who is still fairly new to Tarot, might be a little unnerved and upset. Anyone have any idea what I need to do to understand the true message or any help I can get as to what I can even do at this point would be so immensely appreciated. I unfortunately don’t have the resources to get my spread interpreted from here but any guidance on how to even figure it out on my own if need be would be helpful.

      Thank you to anyone in advance who responds to this inquiry.

  • Remy says:

    Hey Brigit, I just wanted to give you some positive feedback, I am just a beginner really, my grandmother taught me when I was young but I have totally forgotten everything. I found the spread easy to follow and understand, and my reading made perfect sense towards the question that I asked, so thank you for putting in the effort for those of us that have much to learn.

  • Brandon says:


    I’ve been using this site for a lot of Tarot-Interps, and I’ve beginning to really enjoy it as a whole. Although, I’m close to done with reading tarot cards for myself, my friends have been interested in Tarot as well. Anyways, I’ll get to the point. I was wondering if you could send me a pack of Tarot Cards. I’ve become really well at interpreting them, correctly, and I’m interested in reading for my friends/family.

    The reasons why I won’t go out and just buy a pack, is because I heard they were supposed to be given to you. I mean no harm, or wrong doing with interpreting them for others. Anyways, let me know when you can! I’d really appreciate it.

  • Samantha says:

    I am very new to tarot reading, as a matter of fact I took my first in person class today. In practicing, I did a celtic cross reading (10) cards for my daughter. She ended up with the King of Pentacles in the 8th position, death in the 9th and the devil in the 10 position. The indication from my book that came with my cards suggests a physical death of a male figure in the sign of the 9th position which is Aries. Is this a correct interpretation of the cards in these positions? The 7th card was the 2 of swords.
    Any guidance is appreciated.

  • Lorraine Hughes says:

    Hi all.
    I did my first celtic cross reading for myself one day and the next day it changed. I wrote it down as I did this and when I went back the next day the numbers of the cross were different. I had been referring to your celtic cross, so I changed the numbers around to get a different reading???
    1. Moon
    2. 9 pentacles
    3. 10 pentacles
    4. Knight of Pentacles
    5. 5 Swords
    6. 6 Swords
    7. 7 Swords
    8. Page of Wands
    9. Justice
    10. 4 Swords
    This is the end reading.

  • Lorraine Hughes says:

    Sorry my question was when will we sell our business?
    Love your site. Lorraine

  • Lorraine Hughes says:

    Also probably mention the first reading as well ie:
    1. Moon
    2. 9 Pentacles
    3. 5 swords
    4. 10 Pentacles
    5. 6 swords
    6. Knight of Pentacles
    7. 7 swords
    8. Page of Wands
    9. Justice
    10. 4 Swords.
    Probably was referring to two different layouts of celtic cross now looking at it further again. This one was the first and I manged to get a good reading. Hope you can see how I went for my first reading. Confused my self along the way. Sorry.

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Lorraine. Thanks for sharing your reading. I don’t provide personalised Tarot reading interpretations here as it takes almost as much time and energy as a full Tarot reading. But I recommend posting it on to get some more comments and feedback.

  • Carter says:

    Hello. I have never been a believer in these things, but I decided to get my cards read anyway… but, somehow I got some cards more than once. I was as shocked as the reader. She did it several times getting the same thing. I’m not sure if this was normal, but by the readers reaction I’m going to say no… what does this mean?

    • Brigit says:

      Carter, when certain Tarot cards continue to appear in your readings, they have a very significant message for you. Perhaps it’s a message that is trying to come through for you but you’re not ready to hear it yet. Listen carefully and pay attention to your intuition.

  • preeti jhalani says:

    Super info,I always had problems with Celtic cross spread, but this page helped me to go about the comparisons of different cards n reach conclusion

  • Gayle says:

    THANK YOU ! This has given me amazing insight & shone a beautiful light on my reading !
    Love , G

  • Emily says:

    Hi Brigit,

    I was doing a reading for myself about a custody case I am fighting and in position 7 I got the king of wands which represents my ex. I’m having trouble understanding why he would be in the position that represents me any suggestions?

    • Brigit says:

      It might suggest he’s in a leadership position, calling the shots. Look at the other cards in the reading to see if this is a positive thing for you or not.

  • Kathleen says:


    I’m struggling with how to deal with several cards and their relationship to each other; do some positions have more pull over the interpretation of a reading than others?

    Here is the reading that generated this question:

    The High Power card was The Lovers. My Near Future was the Two of Cups. Lovely, so far right? These two seem to be flowing in a similar direction and support each other. Yet, suddenly – I get the Nine of Swords in the outcome. This seems divergent. I understand that there may be a difference between my anticipated HP position and the outcome position indicating that I best pay attention to the advice card (which was the 7 of cups – I take as echoing the lovers importance of the choices we make) – What I don’t know how to process is what to do in a situation where the HP and Near Future seem to align in a positive supportive way – but the the outcome card is opposite in the negative.
    The cards are mostly pents and cups, including both aces. I take this as being supportive of the two cards in the HP and Near Future positions alignment. The only other sword card in the reading is the 10 of Swords which happens to be in the present situation position. I can see that there can be a direct tie between these two cards – but what then do you do with those cards in-between which appear so opposite?

    There were two very different conclusion drawn from the reading. One interpretation of the reading was after a reunion the happy was short lived before the re-occurrence of past self-destructive (self-doubt) pattern. The other was that the reunion was nothing more that a projection of desires and the grief that comes with that realization.
    One seems to have the outcome card as the filter for all the prior card; suggesting projecting hoped-for positive aspects of prior cards as HP being a hope and the 2 being projection, versus building along the story of the cards from card 1 onward as an ark of the 10oS.

    Does one look at those cards and start at the outcome and ask “how did we get here?” (which I think puts so much weight on the outcome card that is shifts the interpretation of all the other cards in order to justify the build up to it’s place in the story.) Or do you look at the building flow before that and ask “Where did things diverge?”

    Can there be cards that come out of nowhere as a surprise and don’t really fit into the rest of the reading?

    Any input?

  • Robin says:

    I used to read the cards all the time…for people that were acquaintances only….One day I read a very good friend of mine…..I didn’t like what I saw in her reading…so I kind of brushed over it…..but that very night her mother passed suddenly……I put the cards away for about 12 years and just today pulled them out….I would like to start reading again, however, I’m wondering whether I should purchase new cards or just get reacquainted with my deck I have now?

    • Brigit says:

      I know it can be a little scary when you read the cards and suddenly something happens that is shocking or unexpected. But trust me, it’s not the Tarot that made it happen. Many people seem to be so afraid of the cards thinking that they will make ‘bad things’ happen, and truth is, they won’t. Use the cards for personal growth and empowerment, and you’ll be amazed at how (positively) powerful they can be!

      Now, back to your question! Why not bring out your old deck and see if you resonate with those cards. And if not, buy a new one!

  • Justine says:

    Hi. Can you please elaborate on number 9. Hopes/fears I’m so confused I don’t really know what or how to interpret this part. In my reading I got the lovers. Hopes and fears can be similar but are also usually very different. Thanks.

    • Brigit says:

      Sometimes it’s more a sign of what you really want from the situation, which can translate to either a hope or a fear or even both. With the Lovers, I would see hope that you create a harmonious situation, but perhaps a fear that you may be tempted by an ‘easy’ path (think Garden of Eden).

  • Sally says:

    Ok, thank you, I have been laying down the cards and wanted a concise guide – your work is that. Well explained positioning of the cards is appreciated and a great help in interpreting the cards as a whole.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Brigit,
    I did a Celtic Cross spread asking about whether I should take a job where I know a lot of the people and have had issues with some of them. I got Death (1) crossed with 3 Swords (2)the first time I did it and Ace cups (1) crossed by Death (2) the second time.
    I am concerned to see Death and worried of health consequences in this job. Does it mean no don’t take it? Thanks Helen

    • Brigit says:

      Helen, I know the Death card is kinda scary, but trust me, 99.99% of the time it is about change and transformation. It sounds like you are fearful of the upcoming change and you’re worried about how it might impact your mental and emotional health (rather than physical healthy). So that’s what is going on within you. Look at Card 7 for Advice to see what the best course of action is. Or, tune in to your intuition – the answer is already there.

  • wildekatze says:

    i’m having trouble interpreting a reading I did for myself, the moon appeared in the ‘below’ position which is the subconscious position so it doesn’t really tell me anything … also on the hopes/fears position (which u mentioned cud be compared with the below position) i got the high priestess, so maybe i want/fear accessing my subconscious mind ?

    • Brigit says:

      It may be reaffirming that there is indeed something deep within your subconscious that you need to understand better. It’s like a sign saying, “Look here!” In which case, pay attention to your dreams – you may get some clues there. Or use guided visualisation, deep meditation or even hypnosis to connect with what your subconscious wants to tell you. You can also use your Tarot cards – ask, “What message does my subconscious mind have for me right now?”

  • Sara says:

    Hello there!
    I just did a Celtic spread for myself asking if my ex bf will return back to me. I am not a psychic but I have a set of tarot cards and normally I just draw one card if am looking for an answer. But today I decided to try this spread and am it’s very hard for me to get what my cards are actually trying to tell me. Can you please help me what you think of my situation ? Here’s my spread :
    Card 1) nine of cups upright
    Card 2) five of cups (the bottom of the card facing my right side)
    Card 3) ace of pentacle reversed
    Card 4) nine of swords upright
    Card 5) six of swords upright
    Card 6) the tower reversed
    Card 7) knight of pentacle reverse
    Card 8) strength upright
    Card 9) temperance upright
    Card 10) four of pentacles reversed

    I have a negative feeling about the outcome. I thought that was a positive card. Please help ? I will be very thankful to you. Xxx

  • Athimar says:

    Dear Brigit,
    Some insight please…
    I just did the spread for myself regarding my past relationship, and if he will come back. I have had indications for this, but not recently. Anyways, he is an Aries, he likes social status etc. and when we broke it up we were discussing about having children. (We were in a serious relationship)
    So for the outcome i am getting the emperor! I am having trouble with people cards especially the major arcana ones. What do you think? A positive spread otherwise with lots of cups! I would be grateful if I got an insight! Thank you in advance!

    • Brigit says:

      The Emperor could go either way… stubborn and refusing to budge, or becoming more sturdy and reliable in relationship to you. It really depends on what other cards you see in the reading.

  • Regina Kelly says:

    Dear Brigit,
    You have a very bright, informative and lively site!
    I am a beginner, though I have always loved the cards.
    Here is what happened tonight, a Celtic Cross reading…
    1. 10 of Cups
    2. Empress
    3. Page of Wands
    4. Ace of Cups, reversed
    5. Ace of Wands
    6. King of Pentacles
    7. 4 of Swords, reversed
    8. 7 of Cups
    9. 4 of Pentacles, reversed
    10. 7 of Swords, reversed

    I am having an awful time finding full time work (laid off librarian working as part-timer), marital woes and feel quite disheartened.
    I have 2 great sons and they were both challenging to rise because of medical stuff. But they are fine now and I just turned 60 and will probably be single.
    Big reassessment time. I am in good shape, look good, smart. i value kindness and harmony.
    Not finding a job is alarming!

    Without having to pay a fortune, any celestial advice?
    Pax, Regina
    born 11.28.55, New York City, 8:33am

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Regina. I’m sorry but I don’t provide interpretations of full Tarot readings here as it takes a significant investment of time and energy to do it justice. If you want to learn to read the Tarot cards, I highly recommend my online course, Read Tarot with Confidence at

  • ramesh says:

    I need an interpretation on this celtic spread,
    1st card queeen of cups
    2nd card ten of wands
    3rd card lovers
    4th card five of swords
    5th card stalemate
    6th card temperance
    7th card queen of wands
    8th card chariot
    9th card Death card
    10th card Tower

    does these cards mean one is dying

  • Hope says:

    It was very helpful to have the note about reversed cards for position 6 above.

    I was wondering if you had any other tips or suggestions regarding reversed cards within this particular layout or any of its other positions?

    • Brigit says:

      A reversal in Position 6 may be an indication of something you are not consciously aware of but that is having an impact on the situation. Something that is within your unconscious awareness.

  • eve says:

    I keep trying new spreads, including variations on the celtic cross but i keep coming back to this same spread you use too. After looking at the spread as whole to get a sense of the big picture, I then zoom in and always start with 1 and 2. Over the years I have naturally come to read 2 and 6 together next and relate back to 1 immediately. Then do I go to 3, again relating back to 6 and 2. I also make the other connections you list too, though noting the previous links – usually all the way back to 6! I also find that sometimes the cards that turn up will also make their own connections – it’s no wonder the spread is so powerful!

  • eve says:

    I meant to ask – do you use the tree of life spread?

  • chch says:

    3 4 5 and 6 are placed in the wrong positions

  • QueenOfCups0219 says:

    I stumbled upon your site this morning, seeing if Google could give me any tips. I am not asking for an interpretation. 🙂 I am very aware of your standing in that predicament (giggles) & I see you have much patience. My search today involves, specifically, the relevance of reversed cards. My reading has 6 of them, not including cards 1 & 2 which I take at “face value.” 6 cards out of 8. Let me add that your insight on this page was no accident for me to seek & find my answers. As for reversed cards, you mentioned the subconscious/below as being more meaningful if reversed. In this reading of mine, oddly, the Hanged Fae. As you advised, when comparing to the 9th card for insight, I see a reversed 4 of swords. A clear connection, however, strange that the 9th card (I mean, one to guide me) would be reversed along with my Hanged subconscious. I drew an 11th card to bring clarity to my 9th and I drew the Sun. Without asking too much energy of you, what do you feel of this reverse in the 9th card? Is it still advice, or an illusion? If it’s out of my control why is it reversed? I find reversed cards tricky & my intuition is normally a steady guide in these situations. At the moment, hearing a lot about my subconscious and my dreams constantly, I’m unsure if these two cards, (particularly 9, a reversed 4 of swords), are showing me a hope, fear, something to allow to flow naturally or something of caution? The reverses are hard to understand, especially now. My subconscious, which you specifically mentioned, leads me to reversed advice. As another connected woman, I am grateful for your coming input. You have incredible strengths & whatever intuition you draw from me, I hold firm faith that it will be most beneficial. Thank you dearly for creating this site & I wish you the most wonderful & abundant things. I feel a beautiful & strong energy that flows from you. Thank you for assisting others! Love & peace.

  • Eliana says:

    I just found your website; I’m very impressed/intrigued. I’m curious about the 2nd card. I’m so confused about how to differentiate between an upright and a reversed position for that particular card. For example, if the head of ‘The Magician’ is facing to the right, does that mean that the card is upright or reversed? I’ve googled about this, but ended up even more confused lol. Can you explain that card’s position? Thank you!

    • Brigit says:

      For the second card, just tilt it slightly to the side (rather than laying it completely on its side). That way, you’ll know if it’s upright or reversed. Hope that helps!

  • Poli says:

    Hi Brigit
    I did my first Celtic cross reading yesterday and I found the first 6 cards spookily accurate of where I am and the question I asked. I am finding it more difficult to decipher the last 4 cards and unsure about how they relate. I know you can’t give a full answer, but any guidance would be appreciated especially if I’ve got it wrong.
    I’ll set out the full reading because I’m a complete novice and don’t know what is relevant yet.

    My question was “How can I improve my chances of a happy relationship with (NAME)? It is only a potential relationship right now.

    1. Page of Cups: taking this to be the potential relationship and our flirting.
    2. King of Cups: which is either reinforcing the Page or or my challenge is with patience and or my nature to heal/help others.
    (I took following 4 cards out in a different order to above cross, but positions were the same, so I’ll list them in your order).
    3. (Past) 10 of Swords: pain and harm caused by past relationship that I want to leave behind.
    4. (Near future) 2 of Swords: blocking my own way, talking myself out of my feelings and hesitating to act.
    5. (Above: conscious goal) 7 of Cups: hope of everything working out in the best way, unrealistic goal and also reflects my fear of this being fanciful and fleeting.
    6. (Below: subconscious) 8 of Wands: wanting closure on past to move forward, needing to know if there is potential in a new relationship, having things come together, and acting quickly.

    7. King of Wands: We are in a writing group together and this kind of represents how I am feeling at the moment, who I would like to be and be seen as. Creative, charismatic, inspiring, forceful and bold.
    8. Knight of Cups: Not sure about this card. Worried it could be how I am seen/think I could be seen or if this is the person I’m interested in. Could be one or the other, neither or both. Lol.
    9. 6 of Wands: Triumph, acclaim and pride. I both fear and hope for recognition for what I do in any part of my life. I like it from individuals rather than on mass. In the layout I did this was also an advice card and I’m not sure if this means I’ll try to win all the time or I will win overall.
    10. 5 of Wands: Minor conflicts, so I’m thinking either not always seeing eye to eye, which isn’t always a bad thing, or a rival.

    Really wish I’d have known I could draw an 11th card to clarify things at the time. Sorry about the length of this. Hope you will help and thank you for the help you have already given through your site.

  • eve says:

    The future card represents weeks to months, but what about the final outcome card?

  • Ashley says:

    I used to think tarot was complete nonsense. But after a friend gave me a reading several years ago I acknowledge the fact that I was ‘half’ wrong. It’s only nonsense if you believe it’s nonsense. It’s extremely important to reach an optimal state of mind when giving yourself a reading, I think. And if someone else is doing the reading, the right person can work wonders–like my friend. I still find it amazing how much insight one can gain from a single tarot card reading. Every time it reminds me that magic still exists in the world. Inside us.

    Thanks for the post. I’m glad I could track down the spread my friend used for the reading she gave me. I found it very helpful, and I look forward to using it to entertain friends and family. They’ll love it.

  • Holly says:

    Hi Biddy! You are the best. Love your new site! About the Celtic cross, I always have trouble interpreting the challenge card. Should you interpret it as something you should do but are having a hard time doing? Or something you shouldn’t do. For example the 7 of wands. Does it mean you should stand your ground ( and perhaps you find that difficult) or does it mean you are being too defensive….
    Or ace of swords: are you challenged to achieve mental clarity or are you being too harsh…?
    Thank you so much, I appreciate your help!

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Holly – That is a great question! My advice to you in this situation would be to listen to your inner-self during a reading. When you look at the card, what does your gut say? One day it may say “Hey! You are being too defensive!” but another day, it may say “Stand your ground!”. Your inner-you will let you know which is relevant for the current time 😉

  • Susan says:

    Hello Biddy,

    I am having trouble interpreting the outcome card of my cross. It’s a relationship spread and I pulled the King Wands, then King Swords as a clarifier. Does that mean he’ll be logical and only want sex? They’re both kings for I’m unsure what they could mean.



  • Tony says:

    Hi Brigit
    Just a quick question on your celtic cross positioning. I take your point about doing what feels right to you but from all I have read, the general spread after the first 2 cards is to follow the traditional (Chrisitan) sign of the cross ie father son and holy spirit therefore top, bottom, left then right. Following this logic would mean card 6 is the immediate future.
    Just to complicate further, I am spreading these cards as the reader not the significator – from their viewpoint surely they should be viewing their past on the left and future on their right? (sitting opposite one another). Hope you can help clarify for me.

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