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How to be the Tarot Reader Everyone Raves About

By December 5, 2012 August 3rd, 2020


So, you've been reading the Tarot professionally for a while and you've been getting some good feedback on your accuracy and insight. But how do you take it to the next level? How do you become the Tarot reader everyone raves about?

Assuming you already have the skills to read Tarot professionally, I want to share with you my trade secrets on how you can create a long-lasting connection with your Tarot reading customers and have them coming back for more.

Relationship Marketing 101

It used to be about how many customers you could get through the door. Customers = sales = money in the bank, right?

Well, now it's about building a long-term relationship with your customers and nurturing that relationship so that they are insanely loyal, tell their friends about you and keep returning for Tarot readings. You become the trusted advisor – the person they rely on for deep insight and personal guidance, to help them live the life they want to live. You connect with your customer in a unique way that truly meets their needs and leaves a lasting impression, creates a loyal following.

What I love most about this model is that it comes from a place of authenticity and ‘heart'. The only way you're going to build that long-term relationship is if you treat your customers with true love and compassion. You care about them and you want them to succeed. Everything you do as the Tarot reader is to serve their Higher need. What better way to operate a professional service?!

So how do you actually go about it? Well, I'm about to share a few of my trade secrets on how I personally nurture the relationship with my Tarot reading customers, plus a few other strategies that I have seen done very well elsewhere.

Before the Tarot Reading

This is all about setting up the foundations for the right relationships with the right customers. You want your customer to choose you based on ‘fit' and likewise, you want to attract customers that are a good match for what you have to offer. Here's how:

Stand out. Show how you’re different from other Tarot readers. Be clear about your reading style and what you have to offer. Present yourself in a professional but unique way. Be clear about your personal brand. Create an ‘About' page that is so uniquely YOU.

Identify the ‘perfect' customer. While we can't always select who we work with, we can let our prospective customers know who might be a good fit. You might include the following on your website – “You'll love working with me if you are… empowered, open-minded, ready to transform your life, etc.”

Set clear expectations. How long will the reading take to deliver? What information needs to be provided by the client? What is included in the reading? How long will the reading be? Can the client ask questions later? Cover off all the fundamental aspects of what your customer can expect from getting a Tarot reading with you. Leave no doubt in their mind about what they will get from a reading.

Provide sample readings. Give your customer a taste of what they can expect from a reading. Either create sample Tarot readings from scratch or use past readings (with the client's permission). Provide feedback and testimonials.

Connect. Once your customer has purchased a reading, get in touch immediately. Learn more about their situation and start to understand the client's needs so that you are fully prepared for the actual reading.

During the Tarot Reading

During a Tarot reading, your duty is to make your customer feel comfortable and safe, ready to share and receive the messages from the Tarot. You are here to listen as well as talk, and to connect into what your customer truly needs from you during the Tarot reading.

Create a welcoming environment. If you're working face-to-face, then clear your space, put on some soothing music, and burn aromatic oils. Even if you're working online, you can create this sacred space for yourself and it will resonate through to your client on the other end of the internet. Be kind and friendly, and make your client feel comfortable.

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pot-of-teaOffer sustenance. Offer a cup of tea or a biscuit with your reading. James Wells of Circle Ways does this which just sounds wonderful. By offering sustenance, you are offering nurturing and genuine compassion.

Talk about what to expect. Open your reading by sharing your philosophy on the Tarot and how you see it working. Be clear about what it can and can't do, and show how your customer will get the most value out of the session by being present and focusing on the question at hand.

Listen. That's right. Listen. You might think your customer has come to hear you speak about the cards, but they will also get value from opening up and sharing their insights throughout the reading. Create the space for  a two-way dialogue. Reading online? Acknowledge the client's question and situation and show compassion for what they are going through. Offer the opportunity to discuss the reading via email.

Read intuitively. Forget about what the book says when you're in the midst of a reading. Trust your gut instinct and read what you feel and see.

Offer a gift. Give something to your client to take away from the reading. It might be a personalised affirmation based on the outcomes of the reading, a recording of the reading, a photo of the cards drawn, a copy of one of the Tarot cards or a recommended reading list.

After the Tarot Reading

The relationship with your customer does not end once the Tarot reading is over. Not at all. In fact, this is where much of the magic happens and you have the opportunity to create a lasting impression. Here's how:

Ask for feedback. Directly after the reading, ask your client to provide you with detailed feedback on the reading. I ask my clients to do an online survey that can be anonymous if they wish. Always follow up personally after a client has left feedback, either to say thank-you or to address any issues.

Check in on progress. A few months after the Tarot reading, connect with your client and ask how things are going since the reading. Not only will this add to your understanding of the Tarot cards, your client will feel nurtured and cared for, knowing that you have their back.

gift-boxOffer another gift. You might come across a blog post, a book or a website that you feel would help your client. Send it to them with no obligation.

Provide a loyalty benefit. Reward your customers for sticking with you. You might offer a free reading for every 5 readings, or create a point system as I used to do with Biddy Tarot Loyalty Program.

What do you do in your Tarot reading practice to nurture your relationship with your customers and have them raving about you? Share your comments in the Comments section below.

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