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By September 3, 2020 February 17th, 2021

I remember how racked with nerves I was when I first started reading for others. My heart beating fast, sweaty palms, and that nervous anticipation. 

What if I get it wrong? What if the client doesn’t connect with the reading? What if my intuition is off? 

I felt anxious up until I pulled the cards and started putting together the story. Immersing myself in the reading.

Then, BOOM. All of that went away, and I could settle into the cards and trust them to guide me.

Rachelle Booth, the owner of Magickaliving and Rachelle Trahan Coaching, felt the same way.

Tarot had served as a powerful tool to help her connect with her intuition and serve her clients in new ways. But when it came to reading the cards for others, she was nervous, unsure where to start and questioning her talent.

Discovering the Free Tarot Reading platform in the Biddy Tarot Community changed everything for her. 

She was instantly connected with people excited about getting a free reading and helping readers grow their practice. The feedback helped her understand what clients are looking for and where she could add more value. 

With over 100 readings behind her, she’s confident and excited about starting her own Tarot business and using Tarot as part of her coaching method. 

Hear more about her incredible story in the video above!


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