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The Holiday Tarot Spread

By December 25, 2013 October 24th, 2018

holiday tarot spreadHappy Holidays to you!

Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, the Solstice, Festivus or just enjoying the cheeriness that comes this time of year, we wish you health and happiness.

Whatever your beliefs or traditions, the end of the year is often a time for connecting with loved ones, sharing giftsm and spreading the love. In honour of this special holiday period, I'm sharing with you my Holiday Tarot Spread, made just for you.

However you're planning to celebrate the end of the year, this spread will give you guidance on how to share your gifts with others as well as yourself.

The Holiday Tarot Spread

holiday tarot spread

  • What is your ‘star' (your blessing) that shines brightly?
  • What gift does the Universe have for you?
  • What gift can you share with the world?
  • What gift can you share with yourself?
  • What new life is being born in your world?
  • What gives you renewed hope and faith as you enter the new year?
  • How can you spread the love with your loved ones?
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