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BTP34: 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Answer Yes / No Tarot Readings

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Love it or hate it, you’re going to get asked a yes/no question or two at some point in your Tarot reading career.
Will I move house? Am I going to get the job? Is my relationship going to end? You name it. Those kinds of yes/no questions are coming your way ā€“ trust me!
So how do you respond? Do you say, “No way, Jose, my Tarot cards can never give a yes/no answer?” Or do you jump at the challenge and whip out your deck and answer straight away?

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BTP14: How to Nail the Celtic Cross Every Time

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Learn how to read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread with confidence

It might be the most popular Tarot spread, but the Celtic Cross is also one of the most difficult spreads to master.

Many Tarot beginners find themselves reading the Celtic Cross card-by-card, rather than discovering the meaningful connections between the Tarot cards.

And many Tarot readers get overwhelmed by the sheer number of, losing sight of the bigger picture and the deeper message contained within a Celtic Cross Tarot reading.

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