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Can You Read Tarot For Yourself?

By November 17, 2017 May 2nd, 2018

One of the most common questions Tarot beginners ask is, “Can I read Tarot for myself?”

While they can't wait to dip in and starting reading the Tarot cards for themselves, they're worried that they might not be objective enough or skilled enough to get the answers they need. And worse, some Tarot beginners believe that you shouldn't read Tarot for yourself (which is a total myth, by the way!).

So, can you read Tarot for yourself?

The short answer is YES! It is totally OK to read Tarot for yourself.

In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that reading Tarot for yourself is even more valuable and more impactful than having your Tarot cards read for you by a professional.

Why? Because you'll create the opportunity to connect deeply with your intuition and be guided by your inner wisdom, no longer having to rely on what people tell you to do, but what you know you can do.

And sure, there are a few mistakes that Tarot beginners make when reading for themselves, but these can be avoided, especially if you follow the 7 Steps to Read Tarot for Yourself with Clarity (download your free PDF here).

Why It is OK Awesome to Read Tarot for Yourself

It breaks my heart when I hear new Tarot beginners say that they don't read Tarot for themselves, because they've been told not or they're too worried they will get it wrong.

Learning to read Tarot for yourself is invaluable, especially if you want to access your inner wisdom, get crystal clear guidance and enrich your life, all with Tarot as a guide.

Here's why it's totally OK – and awesome – to read the Tarot cards for yourself…

Reason #1: Put Your Intuition on Speed Dial

Tarot cards are the mirror to your soul. And every time you consult the Tarot cards, you're holding up this mirror to your Self and seeing exactly what you need to see in the images of the cards. (That's why it's so important to learn to read Tarot intuitively, not just by the book.)

For example, you might look at the Nine of Pentacles. Instead of simply taking the standard interpretation of luxury and wealth, your intuition leads you to the tiny snail on the card and it reminds you of taking the slow path to building wealth. That happens not because you don't know what the card means, but because you're tuning into your intuition.

When you read the Tarot cards yourself, you give yourself a way to connect quickly and easily with your inner guidance so that you can get the answers you need.

It's just like having your intuition on speed dial.

So if you only rely on someone else reading your cards for you, you're missing out on this priceless opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom.

Reason #2: Create a Sacred Practice for ‘Tuning In'

I'll let you in on a little secret…

Tarot isn't just about consulting the cards and being told what to do or what's going to happen in the future.

Tarot is a sacred practice that helps to connect you with your intuition, on a regular basis.

There's something magical that happens when you sit down to consider what's important to you right now, phrase it into a question, and consult the cards – and your intuition – about the answers to that question.

On the surface, it appears that you're reading the Tarot cards. But really, you're creating the space to go within, listen to your intuition and trust your inner guidance system.

And that can only happen when you read Tarot for yourself.

Reason #3: Learn to Trust Yourself

Hey, guess what? You don't need someone else to give you the answers you're seeking. You've already got all the answers within you.

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You just need to learn how to trust yourself!

Here's the thing – when you go to a Tarot reader to have your cards read, you often discover things you already knew. Why? It's not because the reader wasn't any good at their job. It's because the answers to your questions are already within you. It's just a matter of becoming conscious of those answers.

And reading Tarot for yourself will help you do just that.

You see, you might think you need someone else to tell you what's going on and what to do about it. And you might think you're not ‘intuitive enough' or that someone else will have all the answers.

But here's the truth – you are intuitive enough and you do have all the answers inside of you. Just trust yourself.

Reason #4: Learn to Read Tarot

If you're just starting to learn to read Tarot, then reading for yourself is the absolute best way to practice your newfound skills.

You can practice different spreads, learn the Tarot card meanings and experiment with different Tarot reading techniques. All from the comfort of your own bedroom!

On the flipside, if you banned yourself from reading your own Tarot cards, who would you practice on in those early days? I don't know about you but I was pretty nervous when I first asked my friend if I could read for her. So starting out ‘safe' with reading for yourself is the best way to go.

The Mistakes of Reading Tarot for Yourself… And How to Avoid Them

Now, just because it's OK to read Tarot for yourself, doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will do a good job of it.

In fact, there are a number of mistakes people make when reading Tarot for themselves.

Here are just three:

Mistake #1: You're Not Objective Enough

You go to read your Tarot cards with the hope that they will tell you something ‘good'. So even when the Ten of Swords shows up in a love reading, you hold hope that everything will be ‘unicorns and rainbows', even though the cards are giving you a clear sign that this relationship is on the rocks.

You see many beginner Tarot readers are simply not objective enough when they read the cards. They see what they want to see. They hear what they want to hear. And they get totally confused about the difference between intuition and ego.

The trick here is to create the sacred space before you consult the Tarot cards, so you have an open mind and an open heart as you interpret the cards. That way, you'll allow your intuition to shine through and give you a crystal clear message.

Mistake #2: You Search Endlessly Until You Find the Meaning You Want

You draw the Five of Pentacles for the future of your career. Book 1 talks about financial poverty. Book 2 talks about job loss. Book 3 hints towards conflict and tension around money. So you keep on searching until finally, in the 17th book you find a tiny sentence that says, “There's still hope!”.

Many Tarot beginners make the mistake of searching for the interpretation that suits what they most want to hear… even if that means looking through every book until they find it!

Avoid this trap by putting the book down to begin with and learning to trust your intuition when interpreting the cards. Remember, your intuition always has the right answer (even if it's not what you want to hear).

Mistake #3: You Do Multiple Readings on the Same Topic

You ask if you'll finally buy your dream home this year, but your Tarot reading gives a disappointing result. So you quickly sweep up those cards and put them back in the deck, hoping to forget about the reading… Except you wake up the next morning, and grab your cards to see what they have to say today. And the next day, and the next, and the next.

Here's the thing. If you give yourself time to ask the right question, intuitively interpret the cards and record the reading afterwards, you'll avoid the need to do the reading over and over until you get the answer you want. So make a commitment now to treat yourself like a client and only read once on a topic.

Discover How to Read Tarot for Yourself with Clarity

Don't let these mistakes of reading Tarot for yourself derail you!

It IS totally possible to read Tarot for yourself AND to do it with clarity and insight. Let me show you how…

Download this free PDF resource to discover the 7 steps to creating accurate and insightful Tarot readings every time you consult the Tarot cards!




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