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BTP63: A Tarotpreneur’s Guide to Social Media with Kelley Knight

By February 28, 2017 January 5th, 2021
Tarotpreneurs Social Media

Tarotpreneurs, if you’re hoping to learn more about social media, this podcast episode is for you.

Kelley Knight of Modern Mystic Tarot joins the podcast to talk about how Tarot readers can use social media to grow their businesses. And Kelley knows what she’s talking about, considering that she has over 15,000 Instagram followers.

You’re going to love this interview because Kelley talks about not just how you get business out of social media, but also how to build a community and engage with your audience.

She also talks about – How do you start to discover what it is that your audience wants from you, both personally and professionally?

You’ll hear in this interview how she’s used those principles to develop not just a great social media presence, but also a really strong business.

In this podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your social media following
  • How to convert social media followers into paying customers
  • How to offer something of value/solve a problem for your audience
  • How to engage with your audience to build a community

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Podcast Transcript

Brigit: You’re listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, and this is Episode 63: A Tarotpreneur’s Guide to Social Media with Kelley Knight.


Welcome to the Biddy Tarot podcast, where you will learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide.

Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence.

And now, here is your host Brigit Esselmont.


Topic Overview & teaser

Brigit: Hello, and welcome to the Biddy Tarot Podcast.

I am so thrilled to have you here, and today we’re talking about two of my favorite topics which is Tarot and business.

Now, I’ve welcomed a very special guest, Kelley Knight, of Modern Mystic Tarot.

And Kelley has done an amazing job to build her Instagram profile so that she now has 15 000 followers on Instagram. If you go and have a look at her Instagram profile, it is so beautiful.  It is so consistent.  It’s clean and it’s modern.  And then you jump over to her website and the look and feel totally matches.  It’s absolutely divine.

I was checking out her Instagram profile and I thought I’ve got to have this lady on our podcast to share her best insights about how you can build a social media profile.

You’re going to love today’s interview because Kelley talks about not just how you get business out of social media, but how do you build a community?  How do you start to engage with your audience?

How do you start to discover what it is that your audience wants from you, both personally and professionally?

And you’ll hear in this interview how she’s used those principles to really start developing not just a great social media presence, but also a really strong business.

So, without further ado, I want to welcome the founder of Modern Mystic Tarot, Kelley Knight.

Interview with Kelley Knight

Brigit: So, welcome Kelley.  I am so excited to have you here on the Biddy Tarot Podcast Tarot; and also talking about two of my favourite things – Tarot and business.

So, welcome!

Kelley Knight:  Thank you so much.

Those are two of my favourite topics too, so this will be so fun to share with you.

Brigit:  Wonderful.

Let’s kind of start at the beginning.  I want to know, how did you find Tarot, or how did Tarot find you?

Kelley Knight:  I think Tarot kind of found me.

It started for me about seven or eight years ago.  I was in my 20s, and on paper I had everything together – a great job; I owned my home; I had a car.  And I was so profoundly sad.

There was just something missing. So that kind of took me on this path of self-discovery to unlock what life is about for me, and to learn about some of my patterns and unconscious beliefs. And through that process, I actually stumbled into the Tarot cards as a form or method of self-discovery.  And to sort of show me what was going on that I had blind-spots to or that I was unsure about.

That’s where I was introduced.

But I would have to say that it was a more intellectual process for me at that time.  I would pull some cards and then I would use the Gnostic Tarot book which is still my Tarot Bible, and sort of read and learn.

But it wasn’t super integrated or intuitive.  It was more of a study.

And then, about two years ago, my husband gifted me the Wild Unknown.  And it was such a game changer.  That’s really when the intuitive reading clicked in, and when I just developed such a passion, and really an understanding of all Tarot could offer.

That’s sort of the abbreviated version.

Brigit:  It’s like – it’s almost like just doors opening.

When you connect with Tarot, and particularly at a time when you need just a little bit more divine insight, and soul maybe, in your life.

Kelley Knight:  Yeah, and that’s what I learnt.

For me, the Wild Unknown for whatever reason, at that time, sort of spoke my language. And the other deck that I was using – I was using a Native American Tarot deck – that was okay.  It’s almost like it spoke Spanish, and I can kind of pass with Spanish, but I’ve got to read a book – the guide book, or have a translator. And then I just found this deck that just spoke to me.

So I think that’s also something that’s important as people are learning:  It’s like if you are stuck, maybe the deck doesn’t speak your language.  Maybe it’s not you that isn’t good at Tarot. Find the one that speaks to you.

Brigit: Yeah, absolutely.

It’s funny, because I look at the Wild Unknown deck, and I think it’s total eye-candy and I can’t help look at it, but when I go to read with it – I don’t know – I’m not getting the same vibe off it.

Kelley Knight:  Yeah, and that’s how I am with some other decks.

I’m like:  I kind of get it, but I’m not sure.

For whatever reason, it was a match made in heaven.  It was a pretty pivotal turning point for me, even professionally, to be connected with that style of deck.  And it all kind of turned around from there.

Brigit:  How are you working with Tarot now, both personally and professionally?

Kelley Knight:  Professionally I do Tarot readings in person, and then also through video conference.

Then, personally, I use it on a regular basis.  If I’m really good with my daily practice, I’ll pull a few cards in the morning.

Then for business, I use it for silly things sometimes where I’m like trying to price a crystal in my shop and I’m like: Should it be $10 or should it be $11?  Show me the energy of both.

And I kind of use it sometimes as a weird tie-breaker kind of thing.  That might seem too granular, but it makes me feel good about the choices I’m making sometimes.

Brigit:  I think it’s great using cards for those kinds of things, because it checks in with what’s divinely right for you.

Do you know what I mean?

Kelley Knight:  Yeah, totally.

Brigit:  Because, say from a financial perspective, you could be like: Yeah, I’m going to charge $20 because everyone else is.

But for whatever reason, it might be more in your Divine Alignment to sell it at $10, because maybe that opens up doors to something else.

But having the cards to check in with you around that, I think that’s great.

Kelley Knight:  I mean the deck’s never too, too far.  I can always pick it up when I need it.

But I don’t think that there’s any question too big or too small that you can’t consult the cards with if you want.  It just depends on how you want to use it in your practice.

Brigit:  Absolutely.

So you mentioned that you’re reading Tarot professionally. When did you start working on your business, or when did you start working professionally?

Kelley Knight:  I started reading professionally about a year and a half ago.

But I didn’t actually mean to start a business.  I just started an Instagram account that turned into a business.

So I would say about a year and a half ago I started reading here and there, and then you know Facebook gives you those reminders:  One year ago today……

I saw that on 11-11 this year, my last years’ post was me sort of coming out to the world saying:  I’m a Woo-woo person, don’t judge me.

Because it took me a while to get comfortable claiming that.

So I would say, full-time has been the last six months, but I really started picking up speed about a year ago.

Brigit: Wow, it’s such a short journey, and for what you’ve achieved on Instagram with 15 000 followers, it’s absolutely amazing.

So hats off to you for that, that’s great.

Kelley Knight:  Thank you.

I just kept on saying yes to things, and then it turned into a business basically.  It’s like, “Do you do Tarot readings,” and it felt like it was in alignment to say yes.

Or, “Do you have a website?”

I’m like, “Oh, I should get one of those.  Okay.”

“Do you have a scheduler?”

Oh, yeah.

So I just kind of kept saying yes to these opportunities and it went pretty smoothly.

So, so far, so good.

Brigit:  Yeah, you know what?

I think that’s a really good insight of just saying yes to things and that’s how a business can evolve and grow, because if I reflect on my own business journey it’s being very similar.

I didn’t wake up one day and go, “I’m going to start a business in Tarot.”

It was more like just kind of organically evolved and grew with whatever felt good at the time.

It sounds like you’ve had a similar journey, which is cool.

Kelley Knight:  It sounds like it.

Brigit: Where do you see your business heading over the next year or two?

Kelley Knight:  This month I opened a brick and mortar and online shop – so where I do my readings and offer meta-physical items. It’s called Modern Mystic Shops.

So I’m really pouring a lot of my energy into building that; building the Tarot and the meta-physical community in my home city of Atlanta, Georgia, while continuing to do my readings.

And then I do teach Tarot workshops, so I travel a little bit to different cities doing that. So that’s sort of where I’m focussed now.

But who knows?

I’m just sort of again in that yes space – if something else opens up, or if it’s not in alignment anymore for me to be a professional Reader and to pivot to something else, I’m just sort of seeing where this adventure leads really.

Brigit: I would love to talk about how you’ve built yourself up on social media, because, again, 15 000 followers on Instagram, I think that is awesome.

So, tell me a little bit:  How did you go about it?

And how would you advise maybe a newly professional Tarot Reader to present themselves on social media?

Kelley Knight:  I would love to share.

At first it was a happy accident, if I’m being truthful.  I started my Instagram account because I fell in love with the Wild Unknown deck, and I didn’t know any local Tarot readers, or anyone else who’s into this stuff.  I also was still in this phase where I wanted to stay anonymous.  So for me, stepping out into Instagram and having a screen-name, and being a little bit anonymous in the search of community is really where it started for me.

So first of all, I guess I would say, for new Tarot Readers, would be to find – maybe approach it more like a community building, as opposed to just business building. Because that’s what really worked for me as far as getting a lot of fulfilment out of the journey, and also having a fast, rapid growth.

Brigit:  Tell me a little bit more about that.

What’s the difference of community build versus business build?

How do you see that?

Kelley Knight:  Well I think it was, first of all, the intention behind it. I just wanted to know that there are other people out there somewhere that was into the same sort of things that I was into.

So I guess it made me a little bit more bold to message people directly, or to comment on their Instagram photos and to start those conversations, because I was just so curious about people and who else was out there sort of doing what I love to do.

And so I think when you approach it from a business perspective at first, sometimes you might feel like you have to be a little bit more professional, or maybe less personality driven, but, for me, because I was really just trying to make friends or meet like-minded people, it was more like me being social.  Like if you’re in a party, and just saying, “Hey Brigit, how are you? I love what you’re up to. Tell me about yourself.”

So I guess it made me a little more bold than maybe I would be if I was just trying to have a professional sort of persona, and I guess demeanour, on social media.

Does that make sense?

Brigit:  Yes, absolutely.

And really interesting how you say it’s just about being social versus professional, because it is called social media, isn’t it?

Kelley Knight:  Right.

Brigit:  There is a reason.

Kelley Knight:  Yeah, totally.

And we forget that there are actual people behind these accounts. They’re not like robots, right?

It’s people running these Instagram accounts, or these Facebook pages, and so you really can connect with real people, you know.

Brigit:  So I’m curious, as you’ve been growing your business then, are you maintaining that strategy of staying social, or are you starting to align social with a bit more business strategy?

Kelley Knight:  Yeah – once I realised that it was turning into a business, I think that I did click into more of a business strategy, and understanding that I really want to have valuable content for people.  I started to feel a little bit more of a responsibility to deliver content that was going to land in a positive way, or that would offer tit-bits of information, or that would serve people; whereas when it was more of a social focus, I wasn’t really thinking of that so much – of how I could deliver value to potential clients. It was more like:  Here’s my journey, and here’s what I’m doing.

Brigit:  Yeah, I think it’s quite a big shift from one to the other.

But then, I guess it’s important to retain that social element as you’re becoming more strategic in how you use social media, if that makes sense?

Kelley Knight: Yes, it does because there’s the engagement factor which is really crucial.

It’s not just posting something up there, and then checking back in two days to see who has liked it or commented.

It’s really staying engaged.  I think that’s pretty crucial to – on both sides – but especially the business side, and then keeping it a little bit more personable is, I think, the engagement piece.

Brigit: Yes.

So what kinds of things have you been doing on your social media to get the engagement – particularly as a Tarot Reader?

Kelley Knight:  First of all, I always try my best to answer questions, and direct messages, and comments, when people are on my feed.

When I was starting out I will say that a lot times people think engagement just means engaging with people that are following you.   But I was also engaging with other people.  So anyone that was following me, I was checking out what they were doing; and I was making comments or trying to engage, or asking them questions.

It was more of a – I feel it’s more of a generous position when you’re really trying to build community and get to know people, and engage with them as well.  And not just expecting like:  Oh, I’m a business.  People should be engaging with me.

Does that make sense?

Brigit:  Yeah, absolutely.

And for you, as far as I can tell, your strongest presence is on Instagram. How did you choose Instagram out of all the different platforms?

Kelley Knight:  I think for a lot of reasons Instagram served me.

Number 1, it was easy for me to find a group of people, or a niche, or people who are interested in what I was interested in there.

The time when I started, it helped me to remain a little bit anonymous, whereas on Facebook sometimes it’s your name.

And then I love, love, love photos, and making beautiful pictures.  And that’s just part of something that’s fun for me, and so that’s really where I was drawn to Instagram – was that being able to create sort of like artistic expressions, as well as – I kind of treated it like a micro-blog.

I don’t like, necessarily, long blog posts and writing for me, but I do like sharing content in not as short as a tweet, but not as long as a blog. So, for me, it was a great happy medium where you can kind of share a good amount of words without having to commit to the full-time blogger status.

Brigit:  Yeah, that’s good because I find blog posts can be pretty hefty.

Kelley Knight:  Yeah, and there’s also a different level I guess of professionalism expected with the blog post, in a way where it felt a little less pressure if it’s just an Instagram post.  If there’s a misspelling I can correct it really quickly, but it didn’t feel as weighty – to me.

Now to other people, if they love to write, then I think blogging is a great outlet.

Brigit:  Yes, it really does come down to personal preference and where – like you as an individual feel really good about expressing yourself, and then also where your audience might be as well.

Kelley Knight:  Yes, 100 per cent.

If you don’t enjoy it, it’s going to become a chore, it’s not going to be fun. You might stop doing it.

I believe in energy, so it’s sort of like the energy behind what you’re doing, I think, translates beyond just the images and the words.

Brigit:  Absolutely.

And do you think that aspiring Tarot professionals should try and be on all social platforms at the one time?

Kelley Knight:  No, I don’t!

I don’t think so at all.

I think that they should find that one.  So, like I said, if you’re a writer and you really enjoy writing, have a blog or an e-Newsletter. If you like curating content – some people love finding different articles and videos to share – then maybe a Facebook page would be a great start.

But it’s really what you can dedicate yourself to, and what you can get behind in a professional and consistent manner – that you’re going to sign up to do it regularly.

Brigit:  Yes, I think that’s good advice.

I think sometimes it’s hard for folks who, when they’re starting out, they might be looking at other people’s business’ profiles and going, “Oh my goodness, they’re on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook. I’ve got to be on all of those!”

And then get completely overwhelmed, and then don’t do a great job at any of them.

So it’s good to focus.

So how do you know what to post?

How do you make that decision:  Is this worth putting up? Or should I change my strategy?

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How do you know what to post?

Kelley Knight:  I try to put a filter through, as much as I can:  Does this add value?

Is this adding value, or is this self-promotion?

Because some people get stuck in that sort of self-promoting spiral, where it’s always about: “Buy this!” or, “Come see me here,” or, “I’m doing this cool thing.”

And I think that there’s a balance where of course you want to promote what you’re working on, but first and foremost: Is this quality content?

Is this helping someone?

Is this teaching someone, something that they don’t already know?

And so when, especially when I was starting out, I would offer little tit-bits – like I used to do this thing called Sunday School. For 10 weeks I focussed on one number of the Minors. So we would do the energy of the One across all suits. And then the Two. And I tried to make beautiful pictures to accompany it.  But I was hoping that would be giving aspiring Tarot Readers an extra layer of insight, and something that’s valuable to them

Does that make sense?

Brigit:  Yeah, absolutely.

And how did that go?

Did you find that that engaged your community?

Kelley Knight:  Yeah.

Actually, one Sunday I was ill and someone was like, “Where’s the Sunday School post?!”

They were following the series and I’m like, “Sorry, I’m a one-woman show here.”

I think so.  And that’s just sort of how I started from the beginning is sharing spreads that I had created, or discovered. I would go through sometimes the funny archetypes of the Court, and just give people a different slant or perspective so they can integrate it into their own Tarot practice.

Brigit:  Yes, absolutely.

I’m curious:  Are you planning your content ahead of time, or are you going more kind of what you are inspired to post on the day?

Kelley Knight:  I think it depends on what phase of my life I’m in.

There are some phases of life where it’s very hectic, and then I am sort of a little bit behind the ball and go with what inspires me; but there have been definite times, especially in the building phase.

I was a lot – to be honest with you, I was a lot more committed to the building phase several months ago, and then I was planning and trying to create beautiful images, and make sure I was even more consistent and more engaging.

I will say that my attention has been diverted to another arm of my business – so I do still keep up the Modern Mystic Tarot Instagram feed, but I guess it’s sort of taken a life of its own.

After you hit a certain tipping point, it starts to grow for you, and it takes a little bit less effort oddly enough, once you hit the – I would say, when I got around seven or 10 thousand followers, then you start coming up in suggested posts, or suggested people to follow.  And it just kind of takes on a life of its own.

Brigit:  That’s good to know.

Kelley Knight:  Yes, you’re not fighting for every single follow at that point. It’s just a little bit – it just kind of picks up steam.

I also think – I hate for it to be popularity contest, but I do think that when someone lands on your page and you have several thousand followers at least on Instagram, it kind of makes people think: Oh, this person might be legitimate.

When you land on someone’s website, you don’t really know how many people have landed there.  I think that’s what also really helped legitimise me in a weird way as a Tarot Reader – was when people were looking me up, and they saw me on Instagram and I had 10 000 followers or more.  They’re like: Oh, I trust her.  She must know what she’s doing if all of these people are following.

Brigit:  Yes, because I think there’s a real difference between, say, a Tarot Reader who has an Instagram profile because they like to take photos of their reading and it’s just a little bit more of a fun side hobby, versus someone who has made a decision to really commit to their business, and deliver value and engage with their community, and so on.

So I think it kind of indicates a different vibe with that person.

Kelley Knight:  Just don’t visit my blog, because it’s pretty empty.

But you can visit my Instagram page.  It’s just what I’ve committed to.  It’s where I decided to put the energy to grow.

Brigit: I think it’s such a good example because, because you’ve made that decision to invest in Instagram you’ve got the results.

You’ve got 15 000 people, and you’ve made a very conscious decision.

I couldn’t find you on Facebook. Is that right?

Kelley Knight:  Yeah, I have like a little, tiny Modern Mystic Facebook page that I just re-engaged with now that I have the shop.

But I just really focussed on Instagram because I love it.  And Facebook feels a little bit like a drag for me.

And it’s nice to have 15 000 followers, but what’s really nice is that they’re engaged enough to hire me to do Tarot readings, or attend my classes, or buy my online products.

So the monetization part of it is I feel like what really makes it feel like a business channel, as opposed to just a hobby.

Brigit:  Yeah, this is a really important topic because I think where a lot of professional Tarot Readers might get stuck is: Okay, I’ve done my Facebook profile, or I’ve done my Instagram file, and I’m putting myself out there but I’m still not getting any clients through the doors.

Do you have any strategies about how you turn your Instagram followers into customers?

Kelley Knight:  I think a lot of what we were talking about first of all finding your niche, and being able to deliver quality content and engagement, is a great start to get the ball rolling.

Then, I think, that all of those pieces together really start to establish you as an expert in the Industry.  You are someone to follow and respect as a Tarot Reader.  Because when people are landing on your page, they are seeing a good number of followers. They’re looking at your pictures and they look really beautiful, and they’re learning things from your content.

And I think all of that sort of flipped it into a business for me, because people started reaching out to me to say, “Hey can you pull some cards for me?”

“Hi, can you do a Tarot reading?”

And it kind of went from there. So I think the consistency, the content, and the engagement – and really focussing on that one channel that you’ve decided is going to be your way to build your professional relationship with future clients, is sort of the recipe that I’ve used to turn these people into clients or students or all of that – all of the above.

Brigit: And I think you’ve done a really great job, in particular, because you’ve still maintained that engagement/community/social side, without getting into the pushy:  Hey I’ve got a reading – come buy it!

I think often people fall into that trap.  They think:  Okay, if I want to convert my social media followers into customers, I’ve got to tell them to buy my stuff.

But it’s often not that direct.

Kelley Knight:  No, they ask for your stuff.

And that’s part of the yes mentality.

You know what I mean?

It’s like: Can you do a Tarot reading?


Can you teach me how to do this?


Do you have some products that you can recommend that I can buy from you?


So if you do it that way – I know some people like to plan, but I have found this responsive method – really make sure that you’re filling a need, and you’re not just creating something, either because you want to, or something that people don’t actually need or want.

Brigit:  Yes, that’s really good – that’s really flipped versus like, “I’m going to tell you what I sell,” versus, “I’m going to ask you what you need, and then I can usually match what you’re asking for.”

Kelley Knight:  Totally.

And like even with that – with the engagement piece – every once in a while I put up a post and I’ll say: Ask me your questions. What are some pro-tips that you want?

And then I use that – either I answer it right there, or that can feed your content for several days or several weeks – and that way you’re responding to what your followers are curious about.

So don’t be afraid to ask like, “Hey, you know – what are some gaps that need to be filled when it comes to your Tarot knowledge or your business knowledge?”

I don’t know, I think I have a kind of responsive approach.

Brigit:  Yes, it’s actually making me think with Biddy Tarot.

When someone signs up for our newsletter or our free workbook, we’re asking: Tell us a little bit about you. What are your biggest challenges?

And that question there, it’s short, but it has got so much value for our business in terms of what we’re going to post on our blog, on our podcast; what products we’re going to create; what courses we’re going to build – all sorts of things.

Yes, that connection with your community is so important, because then you’re actually matching what they’re asking for, versus going, “Hey, I’ve got this thing here.  You want it?”

And then everyone is like crickets – nothing.

Kelley Knight:  Yes, that’s been my experience too.

And it helps your self-esteem a little better.  It helps you get some wins under your belt, because it is kind of scary putting yourself out there.

And by engaging too you get an idea of what’s needed, then you can really set yourself up for a better success I think.

Brigit:  Yes, absolutely.

Instagram in particular, it’s a highly visual platform and something that I noticed from looking at different people’s profiles is there’s kind of like the mish-mash of Instagram photos, and then there are some profiles that look so clean and well balanced, and streamlined.

Talk to me a little bit about:  How do you focus on, say, branding with Instagram, or even other social media platforms?

Kelley Knight:  I think that’s a great question.

Building a consistent style or brand, I think is really crucial – especially for Tarot readers, because my approach is that I want every digital impression of me, whether it’s on Instagram or on my website, to communicate:

  • Who I am
  • My energy,
  • My vibe,
  • How I approach Tarot readings

So then your less ideal clients sort of self-eliminate.

And then you get your ideal clients, so by the time they hit Click a Reading or Click to Book, they already have a sense of you.  And it’s so much easier – it’s such a great place to start from, because they already have a sense of who you are, and what you’re about.

And so that’s, I think, the biggest value to having a consistent brand and style is, Number 1, it looks beautiful and people will be more likely to engage and like your images, especially on Instagram.

But, two, people get a feel for who you are as a Reader, and I have the best clients in the world and I think it’s because they really get to know my style and my energy before they even book.

Brigit:  I think that’s such a good point.

Because I think when you have an inconsistent brand, that’s when you start attracting people that may not be the right fit for you, and you might get disgruntled customers, and everything’s all a bit of a mismatch; but once that brand’s in alignment with who you are, and what you stand for, then you’re attracting the absolute – the best clients for you as a Tarot Reader.

So I think that’s great.

How did you get clear on your brand?

What was that process like for you?

Kelley Knight:  I think first of all, I take a lot of pictures of the Wild Unknown Tarot cards which are automatically really beautiful; but for me, my brand at first was an extension of my personality.

So I would have clients come to my house before I had a business to work out of, and they would walk in and they would say, “Oh my gosh, this looks just like your Instagram account or your website.”

So my personal living space is just clean and minimal and white, and lots of natural light.

So I think that’s just sort of my taste, and then I’ve sort of  translated that into my Instagram feed, and into my website and my branding.

So I think that’s a good cue. It’s sort of like how you would pick out an outfit in the morning so to speak. It’s a reflection of who you are.

That’s sort of the path I went down.

When I went to start my website, I actually had a client who built it for me who was a client who had lots of readings with me and then also took one of my classes, and had been in my home. So she was able to take my Instagram feed, and my home, and my personality, and help me brand it on my website.

Brigit:  Wonderful.

I was checking out your website yesterday and it’s just so nice and clean and modern, and absolutely fits with that Modern Mystic name as well. So very well done.

Good job!

Kelley Knight:  Thank you.

Yes, it was cool to find someone that knew me a little bit to take on that project.

So it really does feel like me, and if you would walk into my home, it would feel very similar – or my shop, or my studio.  It’s just like: Ah, I get it.

And that way clients are really – they’re not disappointed because it’s sort of like delivering what I’m presenting online.

Brigit: So if you were speaking to someone who was just starting their Tarot business online and they’re thinking about their social media, what would be your top three tips to give them?

Kelley Knight:  Number 1 would be, we’ve touched on, is find just one channel at a time that you can master and you can dedicate your time to, instead of trying to do everything and being less effective.  So just own one channel -whether it’s Instagram, or Facebook, or even YouTube.

The next I would say would be:   Quality content.

Make sure that what you’re sharing is of value to people.

And I think the third would be to engage.  Don’t be an absentee social media person.  Be social. Ask questions.  Comment on – be generous with your engagement with other people who are in your industry and people that follow you.

I think if you do those three steps, you’ll set yourself up for a good start.

Brigit: Good advice.

Is there anything else that we haven’t covered today that you think:  I’ve just got to say this one thing about Tarot and social media!?

Kelley Knight:  No, I think we’ve covered it.

Just be brave enough to try things.

It might not always be a home run, but some of this is trial and error, so just put yourself out there and you’ll probably be surprised at the return you’ll get.

Brigit:  Yes, I think that’s really good advice.

I just think of, say, even a few months ago when one of my team said to me, “Why don’t you do Facebook live, Brigit?”

And I was thinking: I don’t want to do Facebook live!  I don’t want to do another thing!

And then I was like, “No! Just do it!” get up there in front of the video and I just did it and now I love it. I can’t stop it.

Kelley Knight: Yeah, see!

Brigit: So, be brave.

Kelley Knight: Yeah, good for you.

Just be brave and put it out there.

One more thing I would say is:  You can use social media to launch your business.

I did it.  If you would have asked me a year ago, I maybe would have though you were crazy. But it worked for me, so I hope that people give it a try.

Brigit: So just tell me briefly, what’s coming up for you over the next few months?

And where can people find out more about you?

Kelley Knight: I have two Instagram accounts that you can find me:  ModernMystic_Tarot; and then ModernMystic_Shop

And my newest venture is a shop. I opened a little brick and mortar shop in Atlanta, Georgia, where I do my Tarot readings and sell lots of Tarot decks, and lots of items from people who I met in real life, or through Instagram. So it’s really kind of like my Instagram come to life, is in this shop.

And it will have a website where you can shop everything that’s in the store launching on Black Friday.

So that’s what’s next for me.

Brigit: Wow, that feels like a big new beginning, and a new evolution of your path so far. So that’s really exciting.

Kelley Knight: Thank you so much.  I’m so pumped.

Brigit: Excellent.

We’ll post those links in the show notes, which you can find over at

Thank you so much Kelley for being part of our podcast, and just sharing not just your tips, but also what’s been working for you.

It’s really great to hear how you’ve built up your Instagram community, and just how you’ve taken a really authentic and organic approach with your social media.

Kelley Knight: Thank you so much.

Brigit: Well have a great day and we shall speak very soon.

Kelley Knight: You too.  Thanks so much you guys.


Brigit: So there you have it.

I hope you enjoyed that interview with the founder of Modern Mystic Tarot, Kelley Knight. I was just so excited to hear about what she’s been doing with her social media presence and particularly Instagram, and just to hear how easy it is, and how authentic it can be to just build up your social media profile.

So I hope it’s inspired you to think about your business.  If you are a professional Tarot Reader, how can you start to expand your reach and connect with people all around the world in that beautiful, authentic way through social media.

Now, if you are thinking about starting your Tarot business, or growing your Tarot business online, then make sure you check out my program Grow Your Tarot Business Online.

This is a really comprehensive program to help you navigate how to set up a business online for Tarot, step-by-step.

I’ve been on this journey, and it’s taken many years to build up Biddy Tarot to what it is now. What I’ve done is I’ve condensed everything I’ve learnt on the way and created this very special online program.

I really want to see you and other Tarot readers succeed, particularly when setting up a business online, because you’ve got amazing skills and talents and I just want you to be able to share that with the world in beautiful ways.

And don’t forget that for today’s podcast, you can get all of the show notes and the transcript at

I hope you have an awesome week, and I look forward to connecting with you again very very soon.



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