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8 Ways to Use Tarot in Your Self Love Practice

By February 4, 2022 February 7th, 2022

What Does ‘Self Love’ Really Mean… And Why Should You Care?

If the phrase ‘self love’ conjures up visions of bubble baths, reciting affirmations, and taking yourself on the occasional fancy dinner date…

It might be time to think about self care in a new way!

It’s true that doing any of the above activities would be a generous act of self love, but there’s a lot more to the practice than that!

When you love yourself, you become a magnet for the things — and people — you want to attract into your life. Self love is like an act of powerful, personal magic — and that’s where Tarot comes in!

True self love helps you find and feel more acceptance, love, nourishment, and gratitude for who you really are. When you make a habit of loving yourself daily, you’ll begin to see all kinds of wonderful changes in your life — and there are many different ways to use Tarot to help guide your self-love practice.

How Tarot Can Help You Find And Foster Self Love Every Day

Tarot is a tool we can use to generate all kinds of energy in our lives. And one of my favorite ways to use Tarot is to promote self love — which in turn powers healing, helps us find our place in the world, and paves the way for healthy, harmonious relationships with others.

Here are eight ideas to get you started practicing self love with Tarot!!

1. Draw A Daily Card To Guide Your Self-Love Practice

This may seem simple, but don’t discount the power of this simple daily card draw! Ask yourself, “What action can I take today to love myself more?” and see what comes up. Remember to look at the imagery in the card for prompts, as well as lean into your intuitive understanding.

2. Try The Daily Self-Love Ritual

While it’s similar to the above, you can also try the Daily Self-Love Ritual!

I created this ritual as I was writing Everyday Tarot and had around 100 Tarot readers take it for a test-drive prior to publishing the book. The response for the ritual was amazing — almost every person who tried it experienced a huge self-love transformation.

3. Reflect On The Self-Love Cards And Write Your Own Affirmations

Create a list of your favorite cards for self love, and connect them with short affirmations you can say out loud each morning. Start with the list below and then get creative! Choose the cards you resonate with most and write your own personal affirmations.

  • The Star (“I believe in myself.”)
  • The Nine of Pentacles (“I deserve love and abundance.”)
  • The Empress (“I love my body.”)
  • Four of Swords (“I give myself permission to rest.”)
  • Queen of Cups (“I love and nurture myself.”)

4. Dedicate A Tarot Deck To Your Self-Love Practice

Find yourself a beautiful new deck that speaks of love to you (or choose one of the decks you already own!) and dedicate it as your personal, self-love Tarot deck. Store it with a piece of Rose Quartz and allow the energy of love to permeate each and every card.

Set the intention that this deck will be the only one you use for your personal self-love practice. Allow it to remind you of the deep, loving connection you have with yourself every time it’s in your hands.

5. Do A Self-Love Tarot Meditation

From your list of personal self-love Tarot cards (or from my list above), choose one and find a quiet space. Study the card closely. Look at the scene — take note of the colors, the imagery, the figures, and the overall energy of the card. Now, get nice and comfortable, close your eyes, and take three deep, slow breaths.

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Picture yourself in the scene. How does it feel to be inside this card? What do you notice as you look around you? How does being in the card make you feel loved? How do you honor yourself and your needs within this scene? How might you carry this energy with you throughout the rest of your day? Journal your thoughts and come back to them any time you need a self-love pick-me-up.

6. Use Tarot To Build Tiny, Self-Love Habits

Write down a list of small, manageable self-love habits you’d like to form. They might be things like drinking three big glasses of water each day, taking your vitamins, or doing a 5-minute meditation at lunch time. Ask your Tarot cards: What can I do to best support the creation and staying power of this new habit?

The Two of Pentacles might suggest prioritizing this task over anything else you need to do for the day. The Three of Cups might suggest the best way to form this habit is to be accountable to a group of friends who are trying to achieve the same goal. The Seven of Cups might even suggest that it may not be the most important habit for you to focus on forming right now, and to choose something else that feels more aligned in this moment.

Once you’re clear on the action you can take to form your self-love habit, set a reminder for yourself every day for the next 21 days to take action. All that’s left to do is watch your habit become part of your daily self-love routine!

7. Create A Self-Love Tarot Altar

Find a space in your home — even a few square inches of bench space will work! — and make sure it’s clean. Wipe it down, remove any clutter, and clear the energy using an herb bundle, a selenite wand, or simply by clapping your hands over the space.

Next, add a photo of yourself from a time when you were radiating love and happiness. Add a piece of Rose Quartz or Tiger Eye, your favorite candle, and your most precious trinkets — anything that speaks self love, radiance, and joy to you. After drawing your daily self-love Tarot card, place it in the center of the altar. Allow your self-love altar to power you with love throughout the day.

8. Choose A Self-Love All-Star

I believe that we all have each of the 16 Court Card personality types within us. Depending on the situation you’re in or the people you’re with, some of those personalities can shine a little brighter, or present themselves a little more easily than others — and that’s okay!

A huge part of self love is accepting your shadow self and learning to shine light on them. Only when we do this can we start to truly heal — which is the greatest act of self love there is.

Which Court Card would you choose to be your Self-Love All-Star? Perhaps it’s a character whose traits you know you embody very well. Perhaps it’s one you’d love to receive a little “tough love” or encouragement from. Whoever you choose — invite them into your life. Picture them standing behind you, offering advice and encouragement as you grow. Let your Self-Love All-Star show you how to love and accept yourself — all parts of yourself — more and more each day.

A Heartfelt Connection With Tarot Can Create A Heartfelt Connection With Yourself

The more you begin to practice and prioritize self love with Tarot, the easier it becomes to attract new friends and people into your life who honor you and respect your boundaries.

You’ll look in the mirror every morning and find that you can’t wait to dress that beautiful body of yours, rather than pick apart your least favorite features.

You might even begin to see the love reflected in your bank balance and flowing to you in other forms of abundance.

Every powerful and positive change you make in your life begins with an act of self love — and Tarot is a simple and effective way to start your self-love journey today!

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