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17 Courses of Tasty Tarot

By October 6, 2016 December 30th, 2020


You had me at Tarot …

… Now add in food, and you’ve got my 100% – undivided, concentrated attention!

In the Blog Hop, “Foodies Guide to the Tarot” [hosted by Jay Cassels and Arwen Lynch Poe], your taste-buds [and brain cells] will be delighted by 17 tasty posts submitted by a group of bloggers from all around the world. Just like a 17 course meal, each post is as tantalizing as the next … and at the end, your left feeling full and satisfied!

Bon Appétit my friends!

2e1ax_beez_20wp1_entry_CrystalVisions_13Pentacles003#1: If the Queens of the Tarot (plus The Empress, of course!) were to have a pot-luck style gathering, what would they bring? Arwen Lynch’s article, What Queens Eat is up first on the Blog Hop master list, and not only does she paint us a incredible picture of what these lovely ladies [spanning 5 different decks] would bring their sisters to nosh upon, Arwen shares with us a soul-warming recipe, Plenty of Pintos.

#2: In Chloe MczCracken’sA Tale of Two Cakes, Chloe bestows upon us two decadently delicious recipes that are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth – Devilishly Simple Triple Choc Muffins inspired by The Devil in The Housewives’ Tarot (Quirk Books, 2004), and Temperance’s Balanced Date and Walnut Cake from The Gay Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2004).

#3: Dessert First! Seems “Foolish”, doesn’t it? Not if you are The Fool! Stella Passer shares with us a recipe from the BBC Food’s website – Gooseberry Fool Spread.

Halloween2 (2)
#4: Boglarka Kiss tantalizes our senses with crisp words that make the mind tingle, and introduces us to the 3 applicants in The Halloween Cooking Competition – Boglarka even shares with us her tricky Auntie’s Magic Pumpkin Soup recipe.

#5: Join The Emperor and The Empress in Aisling the Bard’s, Lunch with Mabon and Madron where Aisling gives us a peek into what would be served at a picnic with the God and Goddess of the harvest!

#6: Some of Chistiana Gaudet’s favourite memories involve food and the Tarot – and she joyfully shares her thoughts with us on the ways she has seen the two cross paths- in her post, At the Intersection of Tarot and Food.

#7: Ania M tickles our taste buds with a take on The Ace of Cups relation to foodstuffs – particularly, with roses. That’s right, roses! In the post, Fo
r the Love of…
Ania highlights some amazing recipes from the BBC Food website that utilize – you guessed it – roses in cooking!

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bows_6_wildwood-182x300#8: It’s Mabon! Time to gather with family and friends, and eat! Using the Wildwood Tarot, by Mark Ryan, John Matthews, and Will Worthington – Joanne Sprott takes us on a delicious journey in her post, A Wildwood Harvest Dinner. Her take on the ever-popular Shake ‘n’ Bake Chicken, sounds absolutely delightful!

#9: Morgan Eckstein has us giggling, while on the edge of our seats, to find out which Tarot card is most like one of his least favourite childhood delicacies, Hot Dog Surprise!

#10: Olivia Destrades walks us down memory lane with a bit of a family history lesson, and a journey thru Norse customs in her post, Winter Finding. The New England Clam Chowder recipe she shares most reminds her of a card from the Oracle deck, Das Germanische Götterorakel (The Germanic Gods Oracle) by Voenix and Thomas Vömel.

#11:  In her post, Pick a card to represent an Apple, Joy Vernon walks us through an exercise that is a part of a tarot class that she teaches. Who knew an apple could be represented by so many different cards??

#12: Allison Coals has never been able to successfully recreate her late Father’s Piccalilli recipe, so she decided to consult the Tarot for some help! Join her as she pulls a card for each step of the process, and receives some excellent guidance!

51evkpzaAWL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_#13: In Vivianne Kacal‘s submission, she reviews for us The Cook's Tarot, created by Judith Mackay Stirt. Looks like a tasty deck!

#14: Ania M was gracious enough to give us ‘The Foodies Guide to the Major Arcana’ in her post, Everyday Magic.  It is quite incredible how each of the cards can correlate to food, in one way or another!

#15: Who would of thought that you could ask the cards to give you a recipe?? Katalin Patnaik did just that … see what the cards gave her when she asked, “Show me a sweet recipe!”

#16: Benebell Wen leaves us speechless when she uses the First Septenary to prepare a 7 course brunch for her and her hubby, in her post Tarot and a Seven Course Brunch.  From The Magician’s Breakfast Quiche, to The Chariot’s Almond and Salted Caramel Blondie with Fresh Kiwi, and everything in between …  I.Just.Cant.Even!

#17: “Head Chef” Jay Cassels, tells how the recipe for this BlogHop has changed, just like his recipe for how he approaches readings, in his post Can I show you to your table?

My Compliments to the Chefs!


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