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10 Tarot Instagram Accounts You Definitely Should be Following

By June 21, 2018

top 10 tarot instagram accountsTop 10 Tarot Card Instagram Accounts in 2018

Let's be honest: Tarot cards are the perfect muse for Instagram: visual, moody, mysterious (to most) and with such a variety of Instagram-worthy Tarot and oracle decks around – the perfect ingredient for a viral post! But we believe it's deeper than that.

Here at Biddy Tarot, we see the huge rise in Tarot Instagram Accounts as an indication that the New Tarot Revolution has definitely begun! You only have to pop into your local Urban Outfitters, pick up a copy of Teen Vogue, visit or subscribe to Gwyneth's infamous gift guide to see that Tarot is well and truly becoming a part of the mainstream.

No longer hiding in the shadows and back rooms, Tarot readers are out loud and proud with their readings, more and more people are creating their own decks, and Tarot is coming up in everyday conversation. Which is all music to our ears!

So, even though there are hundreds (if not thousands) of fabulous Tarot Instagram accounts online today – and even more popping up by the minute – we wanted to share 10 Tarot Instagram Accounts we definitely think you should be following (including a few you may have never heard of!)

1. Leila + Olive

@leila_olive aka Nicole Rallis, the creator of the Pythia Botanica Oracle and the Ophidia Rosa Tarot, posts some of the most visually appealing images on the internet. Her Tarot spreads are gorgeous and always include an abundance of flowers too, which is why we had to add her Tarot Instagram Account to our list!

2. Jess Carlson

@jessjcarlson is a Tarot and oracle reader, witch, blogger and now, a Tarot deck creator! Jess is also a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader (which yes, means we're a little biased), but in addition to that, her Tarot Instagram account is fun and witty. Plus, her purple hair is to die for.

3. Soulful Owl

@soulfulowltarot is a truly delightful account. Not only are the Tarot spreads beautifully presented with crystals and candles, but the readings themselves are both vulnerable and often, poetic. Featuring a variety of different decks, there's a lot to love about this Tarot Instagram account.

4. Fables Den

@fablesden aka Kimberly M. Tsan is a talented illustrator, Tarot reader, and rapper with a great sense of humour and passion for Tarot. Definitely not your usual Tarot account on Instagram, but if you're anything like us, you'll love seeing Kim's Tarot based comics pop up in your feed.

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5. Kelly-Ann Maddox

@kellyann_maddox is an award winning Tarot reader from the UK, self-proclaimed magical maverick, and one of our favourite guests on the Biddy Tarot Podcast. Documenting not just her Tarot journeys, but her life too, we love Kelly-Ann's raw honesty. Oh and, PS her collages are mindblowingly beautiful too!

6. Lionharts

A post shared by Lionharts (@lionharts) on

@lionharts monthly Tarot challenges are EPIC. Deep, thought-provoking prompts often resulting in thousands of gorgeous photos taken by Tarot readers across Instagram. Be sure to check out Mr Lionhart's own daily draws (and shares) too!

7. Starchild Tarot

@starchildtarot by Danielle Noel is pure delight which is no wonder why the deck itself is one of the most Instagrammed Tarot decks around. Featuring some of the most stunning images on the internet, it's truly a pleasure to see any of Danielle's collage based images show up in our Instagram feed. While you’re at it, check out her sister deck, and Tarot account @moonchildtarot too! We. Can. Not. Get. Enough.

8. Bakara Wintner

A post shared by Bakara Wintner (@bakaraw) on

Author of WTF is Tarot?, owner of @everyday__magic and co-creator of The Wayhome Tarot Deck, @bakaraw is a millennial mystic on a mission. We love Bakara’s no BS attitude towards both Tarot and intuition, as well as her commitment to living a life on her own terms. You’ll love following her Instagram account to see sneak peaks of her newest creations, everyday life, and her pup, Zadie. Bonus: make sure you check out Bakara’s interview on the Biddy Tarot Podcast!

9. Madeleine Illustration

@madeleineillustration is the home of the Considerate Cat Tarot by Madeleine Belanger. Which is without a doubt, one of the cutest Tarot decks you're ever going to find (no wonder it was fully funded on Kickstarter in under a week!) This Instagram account features not only images of the hand-illustrated deck itself, but also photos of Madeleine's rescue kitties, which basically means that every cat (and Tarot) lover is guaranteed to feel warm and fuzzy with every post she makes.

10. Biddy Tarot

And ok, this should come as no surprise to you, but of course we need to feature our own Tarot Instagram account on this list! With monthly Tarot forecasts, blog posts, advice, a thriving and engaged community, plus the home of the #biddytarotplanner, we think that @biddytarot is definitely worth a follow!

So there you have it! Our first ever list of Tarot Instagram Accounts to follow (probably won't be our last, either).  But before we leave you to get lost in the world of Instagram Tarot, a special message to all the Tarot readers, dabblers, collectors and deck creators: thank you for sharing your love of Tarot online and with the world. Even if we didn't feature you in this list (you have no idea how hard it was to pick just 10) please know that you are making a big difference and in sharing your love of Tarot. You're helping to keep it safe and fun for all.

Keep up the amazing work and we’ll see you all over at @biddytarot!


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Wish You Had A Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet?

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