Online Tarot Courses, Guides and Masterclasses to Build Your Confidence in Reading the Tarot…

I am passionate about teaching Tarot and making Tarot easy and simple to learn, so that we can all access this powerful tool to transform our lives for the better. My goal is to make Tarot accessible and simple to understand, while also honouring the deeply spiritual connection in the cards.

Online Tarot Courses

Online Tarot CoursesMaster the Tarot card meanings and build an intuitive and personal connection with the Tarot cards. Learn to read the Tarot with confidence and be the Tarot reader everyone raves about! My online Tarot Foundations courses will elevate your Tarot skills and give you the confidence to be an amazing Tarot reader.

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Tarot Guides

learn-tarot-foundationsIf you want to learn to read the Tarot cards, then you’re in the right place. Drawing on my experience as a self-taught, professional Tarot reader, I have prepared the following Tarot Guides to help you learn to read the Tarot cards like an expert.

Tarot Masterclasses

Reading-tarot-for-yourself-masterclassReady to take your Tarot reading skills to the next level? Join me in the Tarot Masterclass series and we’ll dive deep into the hottest Tarot topics. I’ll be sharing my insights and secrets that I have learned over the past 15 years of being a professional Tarot reader to help you read the Tarot with confidence and ease.

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Tarot Card Meanings

learn-tarot-card-meaningsDetailed Tarot card meanings for all 78 Tarot cards online and completely free. The Biddy Tarot Card Meanings are the most popular on the internet and provide comprehensive interpretations of upright and reversed Tarot cards.

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Biddy Tarot Network

Practice your Tarot reading skills and get ‘real life’ experience reading Tarot for strangers. Sign up to become a Biddy Tarot Network and you will rapidly increase your confidence and become a talented Tarot reader.

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10 of the Best Tarot Resources

tarot-resourcesFind out my top recommendations for Tarot books, decks, blogs, online resources and communities.

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