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Calling Back Your Power with Tarot: 5 Questions to Bring Clarity to Your Readings with Domenica Papalia

June 24, 2015

Note from Brigit: I am thrilled to introduce you to Domenica Papalia, Endorsed Biddy Tarot Reader. Domenica is a beautiful soul who has so much to give. After going through her own ‘Tower’ moments in the last few years, she is now stronger and more resilient than ever. Her true desire is to help women […]

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How This Haitian Community Transformed the Face of Tarot by Challenging Stereotypes

June 17, 2015

Have you ever wondered what the Ghetto has to do with Tarot? Have you ever felt the force of your own beliefs? Together with the Haitian group of artists AtisRezistans, I invite you to challenge stereotypical ideas to recreate your own reality using the power of tarot. In downtown Port-au-Prince, the capital of a mysterious, […]

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