At the end of the day, many of us are after the same thing

To love and be loved, to live and create without holding back, and to make a difference.

And as you walk this path, there are critical moments when you know you’re called to be and to do more… only you can’t quite get clear about what you need to do to rise to the challenge.

This is where I come in.

At any given time, I work privately with a handful of what I call “intuitively-led” business owners. It’s less about what your business is, and more about how you relate to it. You know this is you if you “feel into” your business decisions, even as you review the numbers and data.

Is this right for you?

You’re grounded, proactive, and smart. You have a keen business sense and are already making money, but maybe…

  • You’re working like crazy offering your gifts to the world, but you’re not seeing the return, or
  • You have the vision for what’s next but aren’t clear about the steps you need to take to make it happen, or
  • You’re having trouble prioritising – you see so many opportunities!, or
  • You’ve got a successful bricks & mortar business or retail shop, and you want to build an audience and customer base online

In key moments like these, having a clear-eyed, experienced mentor makes all the difference.


What sets me apart as a business advisor is that my teaching blends the best of my 15 years as a highly paid corporate consultant and 20 years as a professional Tarot reader and founder of Biddy Tarot. Not all business coaches and experts understand the nuances of the spiritual growth and personal development industry – but I do.

In an industry that’s filled with good people undercharging and shying away from strong business foundations, Biddy Tarot stands out from the crowd as a 7-figure company with 17 employees, and over 4.5 million annual visitors to the website. It’s results like these that give you the confidence you’re learning spiritual business with the best.

In my work advising a range of businesses, there seems to be two main issues that I help them all address: working strategically, and making things happen.

There are two ways we can work together:

Rapid Fire Session

90 minutes of rapid fire clarity, strategy, and truth-telling for your soul-powered business.

I’ll answer your burning questions about business, strategy and soul, and give you laser-focused insight into how you can navigate the challenges and maximise the opportunities in your business.

You’ll walk away with a clear, actionable step-by-step plan for how to move ahead in your business with confidence and grace.

Soul-Powered Business Coaching

Looking for strategic and tailored business advice that’s connected to your soul’s purpose?

I can help you take your soul-powered business to the next level, by working with you to create 30- and 90-day goals, develop your marketing or social media strategy, launch a service or product, refine your business model, price a new line of services, or raise your rates. All while connecting to your Higher Self and your intuition for the most elevated results.

I am selective about who I work with, so please apply for an interview to be considered.

Jennifer Wade

Lifescape Visionary Personal Coaching

When I first started working with Brigit, I wasn’t entirely confident that I could make my coaching business work, but Brigit blew me away from day one! She gave me such rich information that even after having finished our last session, I knew her suggestions, ideas, and wisdom would keep me busy for a long time to come.

With Brigit’s help, I am now living the life I had imagined for myself – running my own soul-powered business and connecting with people in a deep and real way. I am now more committed and confident than ever, love working on growing my business and am incredibly excited to say that in less than a year after opening my shop, I am leading a transformational retreat all on my own – something I had dreamed about for years!

Want to learn the foundations of making money in your Tarot business?

Then I invite you to read more about the Grow Your Tarot Business Online program. It’s a self-paced course in how to weave your lifestyle, business, values and passions together into a thriving, profitable business you love. With each lesson, the goal is to implement what you learn, so you grow your Tarot business in real time.

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