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why your tarot business needs a business plan

By July 21, 2019 February 16th, 2021
Why Your Tarot Business Needs a Business Plan

“Business plan”… the very phrase can send shivers of dread down the spine of even the most financially savvy intuitive entrepreneur. It just sounds so tedious, corporate and, well… unspiritual.

As mentor and coach to a variety of intuitive entrepreneurs, from Tarot readers and healers to coaches and educators, I've seen the whole spectrum of resistance when it comes to creating a business plan.

“It's not about the money, Brigit. I just want to help people. I don't need a business plan to help people heal”.

“I don't want to get caught up in that business plan stuff. My accountant can do that. My strength Is in my Tarot reading, so I'll just focus on providing the best possible service to my Tarot clients.”

“Brigit, I'm afraid that if I focus on the ‘business' side of things, I'll lose my way. I don't want to get off track from my spiritual path.”

These are all completely valid concerns. Many spiritual and intuitive entrepreneurs (heck, many all kinds of entrepreneurs!) have these fears.

…The fear that any form of focus on the financial aspect of the business will take them off their spiritual path.

…The fear that they don't know what they're doing and shouldn’t play around in the “business” stuff.

…And the fear that they will somehow be less authentic as a Tarot reader, healer or coach if they care about their business, market share, and strategy detail as much as they care about their clients.

If you're nodding along here, then please know, these fears are completely normal.


They're also not true.

The truth is:

…You deserve to sustain yourself and your family as much as your clients deserve your service.

…Your business is a living entity, made up of all the energies you and your clients create together. Your business deserves focus, love, care and attention.

… You can't serve at your most authentic, highest level if you're stuck in scarcity and fear, and are not deeply connected with the business from which you serve.

So, Why Create a Business Plan?

A business plan is an essential element of growing any successful business (yes, even a spiritual business). The act of creating your business plan, and then reviewing and checking in consistently, focuses your intention. And, as you know, once your intention is focused, your actions are focused. Then guess what? Your focused actions lead to the results that you had intended and help your business.

And because it's your business plan, these results can be anything you genuinely intend.

Number of clients served.

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Your ideal customers.

Making a difference in 100 lives this year.

Bringing in enough profit to re-invest in creating a retreat experience.

Your business. Your goals. Your plan. Your results.

Do You Really Need a Business Plan?

When I first started Biddy Tarot back in 1999, I had no idea that it would turn into the 7-figure company it is today. Heck, I had no idea that it was even a business at that point!

So, I have to be honest with you – I didn't write a business plan for Biddy Tarot. I simply followed the intuitive breadcrumbs and from there, the business began to flow.

For example, as I was learning how to interpret the Tarot cards, I started posting the meanings online simply to help others who may be on a similar learning journey. Over time, more and more people came to my website to learn the meanings, and I started to see a new opportunity – create an eBook so that people could have the card meanings at their fingertips. Later, as more people asked for a paperback version, we self-published on Amazon. Now, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings has sold over 13,000 copies. All by following the intuitive breadcrumbs.

But this only got me so far. I knew there was so much more potential for my business to make an impact in the world. So, when I left my corporate job in 2012 to pursue Biddy Tarot full-time, I thought it would be a good time to create a formal business plan. So, I took the next step.

I searched for “business plan” online, I looked up my old business textbooks from University, and downloaded as many business plan templates as possible in the hope that I would finally create the rock-solid plan that so many people say we need in business.

How the “Traditional” Business Plan Template Limits Your Business Success

But there was just one problem. These business plans felt “old” and out of alignment with the way I wanted to run my business. For example, they talked about “competitive analysis” – but I didn’t believe in focusing on what my so-called competitors were doing, because I wanted to do things in my own unique way. And they talked about “expense forecasting” when I wanted to follow the law of attraction and focus on attracting revenue and money (rather than attracting expenses). And they talked about “risk management” which just felt totally dry and boring.

By the time I had worked through these templates, I felt like I wanted to stab myself in the eye!

A New Way of Business Planning for the Intuitive Entrepreneur

You can create your own Tarot business plan – one that is more in alignment with the way you do business. By blending your intuition with sound business strategy, you can focus in on the vision, goals and actions that will bring you real results . It doesn't need to be a typical business strategy. It’s simply about aligning your intentions, ready to channel into action and manifestation of your desired results.

When preparing your Tarot business plan, focus on the big picture first, and then move into the detail. Consider your soul purpose and how you can bring this into your business, then drill down from there. A great way to get started with your Tarot business plan is by doing this Tarot spread and journaling your insights and actions.

How to Create Your Tarot Business Plan:

  • Set up a sacred space to work through your business plan – light a candle, get your fave crystals, journal and pen, and ensure you won't be disturbed
  • Before you begin, take three deep breaths, and call in your intuition to guide you
  • Work through your business plan (using a template if that feels good for you), allowing yourself to really stand in your highest vision for your business
  • If you get stuck or need some extra guidance, draw a Tarot card for each area of your business plan to spark ideas
  • Treat this as a fluid process. It isn’t a ‘do once and forget’ activity. It will evolve over time and you will get clearer about what you are here to do in this lifetime

No matter where you are in your business journey, creating a business plan can really align you with your soul's purpose and give you deep insights into how to best serve your clients, at the same time as serving yourself. It will also help you to understand how best to market yourself and small steps you can take to manage your operations the way that aligns with who you are.

You get to decide what your business plan means to you, and how you work with it. By blending your intuition with sound business strategy, you'll have a business plan that sustains your business well into the future. No matter what services you provide or customers you want to attract, once you intuitively know you're in the right place, you'll feel better.

Imagine how many souls you can serve then…

For even more powerful business planning, I love to work with the phases of the moon. Tuning into the lunar cycles is a fantastic way to make decisions and plan different activities in your business. This has worked so well in my business, that I've put together a free guide for you to experience it for yourself.

Discover how to create more financial (and spiritual) success in your intuitive business with my FREE guide – Making Money with the Moon. Download your copy today.


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