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10 Reasons Why Your Tarot Business Isn’t Thriving… Yet!

By May 14, 2014 December 31st, 2019


In the last 12 months, I have spoken with over 70 aspiring Tarot business owners about how to grow their businesses. Some are doing amazingly and are well on their way to building a business they love and that rewards them on many levels. But others are really struggling and having a hard time creating a business that is truly serving their inner and outer needs.

So it got me thinking. What is it that stops some Tarot businesses from thriving and fulfilling their greatest potential?

Here are my 10 reasons why your Tarot business isn't thriving… yet! That's right – if you can address these issues, you'll be well on your way to creating your dream business that is filled with abundance.

1. You don't know your WHY

Are you clear on WHY you do what you do? I mean it – why are you doing this? Why are you in business? Why do you want this?

If you go into business without knowing your ‘big why', you'll find those obstacles and challenges along the way so much more difficult to overcome. You'll wonder why you're staying up to 2am tweaking your website, or why you've just turned down a social invite so you can write a blog post that's scheduled for tomorrow. You'll also find it more difficult to receive, especially around money. And you'll find it hard to know when to say ‘no' – and when to say ‘yes'.

For me, my ‘big why' has always been about inspiring my community to connect with the Tarot , honouring my unique talents of spirituality and business, and supporting my whole family in a way that we can travel and truly experience life together.

So what’s your ‘big why'?

2. You're selling, selling, selling

So, you're a Tarot reader. You create your website with your home page, your about page, and your services page. Done!

Uh, no.

Do you see the trouble with this picture? You're just selling, selling, selling. “Buy a Tarot reading with me!” “Buy my eBook!” “Buy!!”

A visitor will come into your site, look around, decide they don't want a Tarot reading, and will then leave. And you know what? There's not really any reason to come back. So, “Buy-Bye” potential customer.

So what can you do instead? Give. That's right – you need to give before you receive.

Perhaps you give away a free mini guide on how to attract love using the Tarot cards. Perhaps you share your unique Tarot card meanings. Or perhaps you write a compelling blog or newsletter about how your clients are working with the Tarot in unique and wonderful ways.

What can you give to your potential customers?

3. You're trying to help ‘everyone'

A question I often ask Tarot business owners is, “Who do you serve?”

And the typical response? “Oh, anyone who wants a Tarot reading!”

I know we are all very capable people and we CAN serve many different people with our talents and skills. But the more you can define your ideal client, the better.

Think about it. If I'm nursing a broken heart, I could visit a Tarot reader who just does “3-Card Tarot Readings” or I could visit a Tarot reader who dedicates her whole practice to love readings and has the perfect spread for break-ups. Which one am I going to choose?

An engaging way to identify your ideal client is to think about your top 10 clients. What is common about them? Was it the question(s) they asked? Was it their demographics (e.g. young women)? Was it their core issues (e.g. self-esteem)? Or something else?

Start to build a picture of the type of client you serve the best. Then, create your offerings to serve that client.

Who do you want to serve and how?

4. You're not charging what you're worth

Oh boy. This is a BIG one!

If your business is struggling financially, or you're not attracting the right type of client, then you have to ask yourself – am I charging what I'm worth?

Pricing your offers has to be one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Why? Because it brings up so many of your insecurities and feelings around self-worth.

But if you want to run a thriving business, you have to charge what you are truly worth and honour the value you deliver to your clients.

Do your prices reflect your value?

5. You don't have a loyal community

By our very nature, humans are ‘communal' beings. We like to gather in groups, particularly with like-minded people. We like to feel like we ‘belong' and we're part of something bigger than ourselves.

So, as a Tarot business owner, you have a huge opportunity to create your very own community and build personal relationships and networks of trust with those in your circle. This also has benefits for your business, as people are more likely to make a purchase with you when they know, like and trust you.

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However, many struggling businesses don't seem to understand the value of having a loyal community. Visitors come and go and there's no way of bringing people into your space through community.

So here's what you can do. Create a Facebook page for your business. Offer a weekly newsletter to stay connected. Hold free teleseminars or webinars to bring your community together. And remember, you have to give to receive, so consider what you can truly give to your community in the process.

How will you create a loyal community?

6. You're scared of marketing

Marketing is for sleazebags, right?! Wrong!

For the soul-centred business owner, marketing is simply a way to share your gifts and talents with the world.

You want to help people, right? Well you need to get yourself out there and make it know that you're here to help! That's all that marketing is.

What's more, if you're going to run your own business, you need to be prepared to invest in building your marketing knowledge. I often say that running a successful Tarot business is 50% Tarot and 50% business and marketing.

How will you get your message out to the world? Here are 78 marketing ideas… and hey, here's another 87 on top of that. No excuses!

7. You don't know what you really want

Many struggling Tarot business owners are struggling because they don't know what they really want! How much income do you want to make? How many clients do you want each month? How many new Facebook Likes do you need?

I know it myself. When I set an intention of what I really want, it happens. And when I don't set that intention? Guess what – it doesn't happen because it never had the energy around it to manifest.

Ask yourself – what do I really want from my business? What are your financial, spiritual and personal goals?

8. You're trading time for money

It is so easy to get stuck in the trap of charging by the hour when you're reading Tarot. “A 30 minute reading costs $X. A 60 minute reading costs $Y.” But if you're pricing your readings like this, you've got it all wrong.

Think about the value that you offer your clients. Perhaps you help a client to map out a completely new career path that now serves their Higher good, thanks to your Tarot reading. How much is that worth? Or perhaps you help a client to reconnect with her son on a deeper level. Could you even put a price on the value of a significantly improved relationship?

Avoid the temptation to price your readings based on the time invested. Position your Tarot readings on the value (or the transformation) created and price them accordingly.

What's more, when you think in terms of value not time, you'll probably find new ways of working with your clients. For example, you may offer a 6 month transformation package with multiple readings and ‘homework' in between.

What value do you add to your clients' lives?

9. You're treating your business as a hobby

I've seen it over and over – you say you're running a business, but in actual fact you're running a hobby.

What's the difference? Well, people running a hobby don't really care how much money they're making (in fact, they may even be running at a loss), don't have set working schedules, don't invest in building their business know-how and don't find ways to improve how they operate.

Now, there's nothing wrong with having a hobby instead of business. Just make sure you are consciously choosing one or the other.

If you're ready to run a business and not a hobby, then start treating your business like a real business. Get financial and legal advice. Set up clear processes to manage customers and profit. Brush up on your business skills. Be professional. Invest in your professional and personal development.

Choose now – are you a business or a hobby?

10. You're waiting for someone else to give you permission to succeed

Sadly, I see this a lot. Instead of grabbing the bull by the horns and going for it, many struggling business owners are waiting for someone to give them permission to move forward and succeed. They want someone to tell them what to do or give them the nod of approval before taking the next step.

But running your own business isn't like that.

In fact, you've got to be prepared to do nearly everything off your own bat. No-one is going to tell you what to do next. Sure, you might have a business coach or a supportive peer as a sounding board, but at the end of the day, it's YOUR business and YOUR decisions that will power it forward.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you're serious about building a thriving Tarot business, then get cracking. Make sure you know your ‘why' and who you want to serve, you're charging based on the value you deliver (not just the time you invest), you're building a loyal community with high value content, and you're investing in your business.

And if you're super fired up, book a complimentary Discovery Session with me today. We’ll talk about your business vision and strategy, what’s getting in the way of you being successful, and assess the next steps in your journey.

What 1 action will you take today to create a thriving business?


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