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Biddy Tarot Reviews

"With the Biddy Tarot community platform, I have been able to do readings and receive feedback so that I know what areas can still use work and it has been building my confidence by actually having the hands on practice readings."
I have taken Tarot courses and have been told that I am ready and it is time for me to embark on my journey as a reader but I had... Read More

Biddy Tarot Reviews

"Last minute, I decided to join the free cleared my mind, gave me focus, and eased my overwhelming doubt"
I will admit as I am VERY VERY NEW to this I was very overwhelmed when I received my first Tarot Deck as a gift. I was buried in books... Read More
Emma McQuillan

Biddy Tarot Reviews

"I suffered from terrible stage fright and had no confidence in my abilities — and Biddy Tarot has changed all that."
I was never encouraged to be confident or to put myself “out there”. Consequently, I suffered from terrible stage fright, and had no confidence in my abilities — and Biddy... Read More
Ann Skilling

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