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Biddy Tarot Reviews

Discover what others have to say about Biddy Tarot books and programs

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Erica R.
"What do I think of the Community so far? I LOVE IT!!"
I am learning so much from the Free Tarot Readings and am planning to continue focusing on my checklist! People are very authentic and open! Joining the Community is a...Read More
Helen A.
"I've always been interested in Tarot, but only really dabbled and had the odd reading done."
Then about five years ago I was suddenly drawn to study the cards more seriously. I bought a pack, and then another, and began searching the internet to learn their...Read More
Kathleena O.
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Biddy Tarot and the Community!"
Brigit has very high standards for herself and her website, and she works very hard to make sure that her intentions are carried out in all aspects of her website....Read More