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What NOT To Ask The Tarot

By May 30, 2012Tarot Tutorials

The Tarot can answer everything, right? You just think of your problem, lay out the cards, and shazzam, you have your answer, yeah?


While the Tarot cards are certainly there to guide you and to provide insight into your troubles and concerns, there are just some questions NOT to ask the Tarot.

Eleven Questions NOT to Ask the Tarot

Here are eleven questions NOT to ask the Tarot.

1. Will my lover leave his wife? Or any other question about another person’s life that is not directly related to you. This brings up issues around privacy and accuracy. Privacy because you are delving into someone else’s private life using the Tarot cards without their permission. And accuracy because you will still be seeing the situation from your/the client’s perspective and not necessarily the situation at hand.

win-lottery2. Will I win the lottery? The lottery is a game of chance and there is very little that you can do to influence you winning (except for buying a lottery ticket!). So, leave this up to chance and those little coloured balls that bounce around in the big glass bubble, rather than consulting the Tarot cards for this type of question.

3. Does my ex hate me? Or any other question that deals with such negative emotion. “Hate” is such a strong word and it often implies that you are blaming someone else for taking out their negativity on you. And, if you got the answer, yes, your ex hates you, then what? What can you do about it? It becomes so disempowering.

Instead, focus on questions such as, “What can I do to improve on my relationship with so-and-so?” or “What do I need to improve within myself to create better relationships with others?”

4. When will I die? Or “How long will I live?” Apart from being incredibly morbid, this is not an appropriate question for the Tarot because the Tarot is intended as a guide and there is really no ‘guiding’ with this type of question. Knowing the answer will not help.

5. What is the name of my soul mate? The Tarot cannot accurately name significant people in your life (at least not that I am aware of!). Sure, it can identify what type of person is best suited to you, but it will not hone in on just one person in a universe of 7 billion people. I also believe that many people have the potential to be your soul mate, so why just focus on one?

am-i-pregnant6. Am I pregnant? I’ll let you in on a secret. The best way to know if you’re pregnant is to do a pregnancy test.

The Tarot cards are not a proxy for a visit to the doctor. Yes, they can highlight if there is a possible issue or concern, but go and see your doctor to get it checked out. Leave any sort of diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment advice to the medical professionals.

7. Will my wife’s cancer go into remission? Or any other question specifically about health and the health of other’s (even loved ones). This is generally an outcome that you cannot influence, so rather than consulting the Tarot cards about what will happen, refocus the question on what you can do to support your loved one through this difficult time and maximise the chances of recovery. Similarly, if you require health advice, consult a doctor.

8. Should I take the job? Or any other “Should I…” type of question. You need to take responsibility and accountability for your own life and your own decisions. It is better to ask the Tarot, “What is the impact/pros and cons if I take this path?” or “What can I expect if I do XYZ?” That way, you are still making the decision, not the Tarot cards.

9. Whatever comes up. Not everyone is going to agree with me on this one, but personally, I find vague inquiries like this are very difficult to read on, particularly when doing an email Tarot reading. Why? Because we spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to focus before we even get to delivering any helpful insight or guidance about the situation at hand.

If your question is vague and general, so too will be the answer. If your question is detailed and specific, then so too will be the answer.

For these types of ‘questions’, I encourage the client to focus in on an area that is important to them or to nominate a specific question for the Tarot.

Face-to-face Tarot readings are a little different. For these types of situations, draw three cards and look at the key themes. Use these cards like a magnifying glass to hone in deeper.

get-married10. When will I get married? Ok, this probably isn’t a terrible question to ask the Tarot, particularly if you feel comfortable with answering timing questions or have a tried and tested method for doing so. However, the trouble with this type of question is that it assumes that you will get married at some point in your life. But what if you don’t?

I recommend rephrasing the question to something like, “What do I need to know about getting married?” or “What is the potential of my relationship with so-and-so?”

11. Will I win the court case? In most cases, this is completely out of your hands and in the hands of the judge or the court system that is dealing with your case. You are better off asking the Tarot what you can do to improve your chances of success or what you need to know about the court case at this time.

What’s more, Tarot readers are typically not legal professionals and are therefore not in a position to provide legal advice. Stay on the safe side and invest your money in legal advice rather than a Tarot reading on the topic.

What Makes a ‘Good’ Question for the Tarot Cards

Asking the right types of questions can make or break a good Tarot reading.

So what constitutes a good question?

The best questions are those that elicit information to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself or situation. They focus on what you can influence or change in a positive and constructive way.

Good questions are often open-ended, providing ‘space’ to explore different options and possibilities. But they are also detailed and specific, allowing focus and direction.

Good questions focus on yourself rather than others. They create a feeling of responsibility and accountability, reinforcing that you have free will and can indeed shape your own destiny.

How to (Re)Phrase a Tarot Question

In most cases, an initially inappropriate question can be slightly tweaked or rephrased in order for it to be appropriate for the Tarot cards.

The following questions are helpful starting points for rephrasing a question:

  • What do I need to know about… ?
  • What do I need to do to achieve…?
  • What is standing in the way and how can I best overcome this?
  • How can I improve my ability to…?
  • What role do I play in so-and-so’s life/issue?
  • What do I need to change in order to…?
  • What is the potential for…?

Thus, if the initial question is something like, “Will I get married this year?” you may like to rephrase it to, “What do I need to know about getting married this year?” or “What do I need to do to improve my chances of getting married this year?”

You can also include a timeframe in your request to increase the specificity of the question and the answer. For example, “What do I need to know about my finances in the next 6 months?” or “Will I meet a romantic partner in the next 3 months?” However, it is generally best not to set a timeframe that is beyond a year as a lot will have changed after this time.

That said, the question does not have to be perfectly worded. Consider what you really want to know or understand about a situation, and then formulate your question(s) accordingly. What is most important is that you are clear about what you’re asking the Tarot cards and that you are empowered to positively impact your future.

A Reader’s Perspective

Let me share with you an email I received recently from a Biddy Tarot reader…

“I sent you an email in October saying I had lost faith in the tarot.

“Well, my faith has been rekindled.

“I have changed my questioning on the tarot. For example, instead of asking what does a friend think of me, I now change it to how beneficial is that person’s friendship to me.

“Thank-you for the inspiration,


Over to You…

What Tarot questions are a ‘no-no’ for you when reading the cards? How do you deal with difficult or poorly phrased questions? Leave your comments and stories below.

P.S. The Art of Asking Questions is the Source of All Knowledge

Asking the right question is vital if you are looking for an insightful and powerful Tarot reading. When you start asking the right types of questions, you’ll begin to see the true spirit of the Tarot coming through.

If you are ready to learn how to ask the right questions and create meaningful Tarot spreads that will help you and your clients, check out my Tarot Masterclass – DIY Tarot Spreads. Not only will you learn how to create your own, customised Tarot spreads, you will also learn the art of asking the right questions so that you can turn any query into an empowering and inspirational Tarot reading.

Access the DIY Tarot Spreads Masterclass right here.

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  • Summer says:

    Hi Brigit, I’ve just started learning to read the Tarot and I have a couple questions.

    Firstly, is it acceptable to ask the Tarot about the past? For example something like, “What should I have done during (insert past event of your life here)?”

    While I know it is unwise for one to end up being too hung up on the past (been there, done that and learnt my lesson the hard way), these questions I have about the past are something I am not deeply invested in, but are rather ‘just to know/by the way/FYI’ kind of questions to the Tarot. I would merely like to have the Tarot’s opinion on such questions I am wondering about. I also understand not to read into or rely too much on what the Tarot says because ultimately, we have the choice to control and shape our future.

    Secondly, I read one of your replies to someone who asked about multiple readings for the same question. This person asked, “I am just starting to read the cards on my own. If you don’t do multiple readings how else do you get to know the cards?”

    Part of your reply was, “… when you are learning, it is a little different. Most of the readings you do will be more for learning’s sake rather than to gain deep insight into a situation you’re truly invested in. ”

    As a Tarot newbie myself, what kind of learning approach should I take when I do my readings so that I may enhance my skills and know my deck better? Are there specific or other kinds of questions I can ask the Tarot that will help me learn more about it, instead of ending up trying to gain deep insight for a situation (which is not very reliable due to my newbie skills)?

    I hope I phrased all that clearly enough! I do write in a roundabout way sometimes. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • Brigit says:

      That’s a good question – whether it’s OK to read about a decision you’ve made in the past. I would ask yourself, if the Tarot could answer your question, what would you do with the information? I think that getting advice about something that has already been and gone isn’t particularly helpful. What might be more helpful is to ask what you have learned from the decision, or perhaps how it has impacted where you are right now.

      For your second question, I think it’s a good idea to ask lots of different types of questions – light-hearted, serious, predictive, advice-based, etc. – so that you can get a ‘feel’ for what the Tarot can and can’t do, and how you like to read the cards.

  • irene says:

    What obstacles are in my way to learning tarot

  • Suzanne Ronayne says:

    I wondered whether someone could interpret my traditional celtic spread:
    1. Significator
    Knight of Swords
    2. Crossed by the Empress
    3. Above Knight of Swords
    4. Below the Fool
    5. Recent Past the Hanged Man
    6. Near Future 2 Pentacles
    7. 5 Cups
    8. Advice 8 Cups
    9. Temperance
    10. Outcome 8 swords

    Thank you if someone can help.

    • Hanna says:

      I’m gonna preface my comment with by no means am I a professional! For the last 5ish years, I’ve been using Tarot for myself, and rarely for family and friends. Also, my deck’s meanings are different that most other decks I’ve seen.

      Currently, you’re thoughts are being faced with a lot of criticism. Your challenge is that you feel you must protect others, and provide for them. In you recent past, there was a lot of balance, there was a sacrifice but you learned something very important. In your near future, you will need to be prudent, and careful in how you maintain your balance, moderation with your income. Your goal is begin thinking in new ways, adjusting how you process and react to your world. You feel like you’re wandering, with no reason and you feel as though you aren’t thinking enough about your actions.

      The cards’ advise is to give up the extra things in your life, find what is most important to you and hold those things close. Outside influences are going to tell you to go back, that everything was great in the past. This card can also mean to not go on this journey alone, as to walk a journey alone is to have have walked during winter. (I’d translate this as don’t go back, move forward, but move forward with your loved ones.) You’re hoping to find yourself, and to heal. The outcome is fear, and imprisonment by being tied to those you feel you must protect and provide for, but its temporary. As long as you persist, you will succeed and overcome.

      I’ll also add, that I’ve always learned to end a 12-card spread with a powerful card. This can be a card you feel a connection with, or a major arcana, even a royal card. The next time you do a spread, keep drawing cards for the 12th until you get a more powerful card. That is your true outcome card. Usually, you should only have to draw a few cards.

  • Cookie says:


    First of all, Mdm, Briget. Thank you for great reminders. Knowledge is so fun…:) Wisdom is so hard to even find..learn..and have..and to pass on what you know, is great. Thank you very much Briget. If you would allow me to share my own experiences with Tarot, i hope you will not get offended as i do not like to upset balances. In advance, i apologize for any mistakes i may make in my words and intentions here. If you can forgive my ignorance, i would appreciate that and say thank you to you Briget for that.

    Now…This is just my experiences with Tarot. I do not claim to be even experienced but do read on and correct me if i have made any mistakes. Plus, i’ll be upfront with you, i do not seek to offend anybody who is very deeply into this but this is just my own personal experiences with Tarot. So..if you would like to read on, do continue. If not, sorry to you. Thank you. Always seek a well informed, wise and gifted individual. A professional.

    I don’t know about ya’ll and I am fairly new to Tarot meaning I have already did my research prior to even buying my decks but never touched any of my decks for very long.. and left them mostly alone for display and just keeping, until recently out of boredom, used them for fun. Nothing else. Just fun. I mainly bought them because of their beautiful artwork and mystic. But, what I find is that for both personal readings and for people i love, I do not ask any questions yet the cards I draw are all relevant to the current situation right down to what I am doing and in interpretation not from their standard booklets or whatnot, which i DO refer right AFTER i do my own understanding from the card/s drawn, from the cards themselves.

    I find that both fascinating and abit abit frightening which i will explain, and have been even advised not to use them before when i bought them, but did anyways now, and my way of using this is not allowing myself to follow specific rules that are out there to learn, spreads, etc.. that countless sites have advised, taught and whatnot…but what i found is to let the Tarot speak all by its own rules yet not allowing myself to be ruled by it. What I do with it is like an “advice” deck. I let it be like that. I started with that intention at the first go.

    I mean the depictions, meanings, that i eventually got are just so accurate to the point that I could shuffle a hundred times or whatever, flip, cut, toss it all, to make sure it is properly mixed and that it will include reversals, yet….I will stick pick the same very card sometimes even twice or even more, to remind me of the SAME situation/s and strange of all, when i am with another person and we play it together, it depicts WHO IAM WITH.. and read THEIR exact characteristics….and with the case sometimes even sharing the same depictions together, example:

    (Two of Staves in my specific deck and card where the depiction is of two people, long story short…it is of one that is of my own mother and myself, and i won’t go into further details but we tried this again for a full day and the drawn cards relate both as my mother and myself. Drawing SAME cards that after careful interpretations, checking, re-checking, seeing and analyzing meanings and what both myself and my mother hold, colors, symbolisms, the meanings behind each items, drawings, colors..etc…it is both very un-unsual and also very special…very surprising..shocking even.

    Everything drawn on that day was related to both my mother and myself. This is just an example and no..i did not ask any questions while my mother DID ASK and the cards drawn did answer her questions for ME and for people too.), else for personal readings on my own, and what I should do and not do in advice, i never asked any questions.

    For example, I find myself sitting down near my window, at night with the full moon out, in contemplation with my own personal feelings.

    My hands just reach out for my deck where I keep on my bed near my pillow.. and without much thought, I pick up the deck because I feel very sad at life and this world, nothing better to do i just reach out for my deck…, and I lend up drawing a card without asking anything at all, just a single card, and it depicts exactly what I am doing and feeling….with EXACT SCENERY to boot…. So..i don’t know what to make of it..

    Because, i have tried my other decks to make sure it is not bullshit….and the thing about it is that I feel nothing from them. No “connection”, I feel nothing special even though they are beautiful, the other decks. Except only this particular deck where whenever I place them in my right hand, it feels like it is alive.

    I know it may sound silly or maybe im imagining, but there will be a tingling sensation akin to either cold spots or very tiny, small electrical hits on my skin, say i took a very low voltage current from a small wire..i poke you with it…that’s what i get… to feeling the entire deck pulsating and it not my own pulses. I am talking about the DECK of CARDS themselves…which is….i don’t know man…. ..

    I also do not treat this deck with any respect at all, in a sense that I treat it like all material items. I can throw it, toss it around, leave it on a dirty table…not really taking care of it with all the cards in it’s box, or whatever, yet it still gives me and others I care and love about extremely good accuracy in both divinatory meanings and the accuracy is more IN the depictions in the cards itself and i find that i strangely interpret what it depicts first until i am satisfied, then look it up via its standard booklet and it states the same thing or at least 90% of what i interpreted in studying the depiction details in the first place.

    What I notice is also is that the more I use it, the more drained I also become spiritually, including the questioner OR people involved…mentally and also bodily wise…tireness wihin..fatique… and my personality of late has been more unfeeling not to others but to myself, akin to being stuck in neutral too much.. also to anger but that could be just myself as i have been an angry man throughout my life.. but i feel changed anyways as in not being alert to being overly alert to being overly active bordering on burning out mentally and also bodily. It drains…a person…the most strangest part is that my deck KNEW about it…and before i could continue…a card flew out by itself and when i studied it…i depicted and basically adviced me to sleep. To be specific for you, it showed me..obviously myself..sleeping..the depiction….to me i consider it stop. Rest. Because by that particular point I no longer had the mental strength to continue or be clear enough. As for the symbols is personal. But you get my drift?

    Also, strange things have been happening in my house ever since i have used it which includes strange sounds to objects moving by themselves. Twice now. By their own accord where no wind, external factors, or such are present and some of these items are HEAVY and positioned in ways that it is IMPOSSIBLE to move all by itself or flung. My family has a very old heavy picture of Jesus that was around way before i was even born and it was flung. I checked, the way it was and is positioned, it simply CANNOT be moved all by its own accord. I don’t know if such poltergeist activities happened to you but it did for me the minute i played Tarot but i have seen stranger crap and you should NOT be discouraged. I am explaining to you that i never believed this prior…with Tarot. Because people all over the world have had their own stuff happen. It could just also be my own house.

    Even when someone DOES ask a question, for ANOTHER person, the card drawn depicts exactly and relates to that person and their situations right down to their horoscope symbol (eg. Rabbit). How the heck does it know? And how does even know said person’s general life and current situation? Also, the reason why I can read this deck so well is because of its culture. It is an Oriental deck and it is from the 80’s, but the cards themselves were kept MINT and NEW until I used them only recently. It is my believe and feeling for beginners or novices like myself to find a deck that suits your culture easily so you can have an comfortable feel for it also as obviously you will understand what the depictions and symbolisms mean.

    I also can’t be bothered nor am interested to do different kind of spreads like a lot of people do and usually just draw just ONE card per shuffle. I do not cut nor do I hold superstition about in while they are in my hands. I however feel very serious and do not like it when foolishness is present. (like people do not hold seriousness when I holding my cards and am waiting for them to please be attentive.)

    When used with my family members, the cards drawn repeatedly relate to them both in depictions, meanings and what their actual characteristics, behaviors, likings are.

    Currently i feel attached to this deck in a way that is…loving? That is what it exudes just from its Original and old box when i look at it. Hard to find a proper word..but also don’t know if its true to what my friend advised me to not use Tarot before.

    Not to offend anyone but what i feel is that if i wanted to, i could easily abuse this because it is true that it is indeed possible and can make money out of this if one could manipulate it easily to their advantage, but the deck whenever i look at it or even hold it tells me spiritually not to do so plus I do believe in God, yet our Jesus picture was flung off. I don’t know what the heck to make of it.

    I started it just for pure fun and boredom, but its showing me stuff that is quite…unbelievable…. If the devil or evil or negative form could do stuff, i feel that it is very possible that it can also do so with Tarot..but i also feel if used in positive thinking and ways…like i have said, in “advices” format…it DOES help….give a lot of insight to personal changes to do what is right and does show indeed….to the extent that is astounding…to YOUR PROBLEMS also.

    It is in my current feelings…that yes…be very careful with what you or a person may ask and if the deck one uses when ever used in the wrong ways, not fully interpreting the actual depiction and advices…can really…really harm rather than give motivation and good will, well meaning advices and guidance… I will not say what deck i use….but i also have a SECOND deck that i will say and is quite different that perhaps for those who wish to try..can do is:

    The Navigator’s Tarot of the Mystic Sea.

    To me this second deck is as equally accurate.. it does “connect” easy because personally i feel it is GREAT instant motivational deck.. but a tad bit harder to read…that is what I personally feel..may be easier for you!.. the depictions need much more…how do i put this…unique trained eye, mindset, a lot of wisdom and self knowledge about cultures, and of course, anything to do with the sea..body of water…sea creatures also. It is a blending too. Advanced deck i personally me..but this deck is pretty much straight-forward yet…not….all i know about it so far is that is also gives great advices…most importantly….it has great moral and motivational intentions…very direct to you…in a way…the depictions do relate..but it does not connect extremely strongly with me the same way as my own personal deck. The questions you may ask with this deck WILL guide you..and so far..for my loved ones…they do ask..and it has given MORE advices of “warnings” more… and for myself, “relationship” wise, insights, and it all relates also…again..without asking questions.. It runs on auto with me. Overall it is a good deck and while im here, this is my two cents worth at informing about it if you want to try it out yourself if you haven’t yet.

    In regards to this page topic… yeah……ask Briget….also don’t ask stupid questions and be careful what you want to ask….

    For me personally so far, a single card draw per shuffle is more than enough rather than specific spreads. One card..for me..per shuffle…at least a few times but normally i draw enough to re-affirm whether or not that card is telling me the relevancy or truth, i draw another card and even a third card to re-affirm if i want to see if it is lying….and it works..thats the frightening part… and to tell me, show me, and answer ALOT of questions that need not even have to ask in the first place..its like it knows you completely..

    So to each individual i think…full card…whatever rocks your boat but questions…follow the advice of this page because it is a good read and good understanding, and really..don’t ask stupid questions if you do, especially number 4. Yes it will NOT help. Even if you do ask, and it shows you stuff…correct your thinking properly. Use your common sense for that and do not go morbid. I am not even experienced as all of you are but what i feel, personally so far…use your common sense and your own wisdom, everybody has that! and not let the damn deck rule your life completely too.

    Take it with a pinch of salt..if you draw a “bad” card for yourself or do a spread and it advices you things that will make you go awww..crap…and sigh…always turn it around (not actually turning it!), but using the meanings, turn it “around” in your mindset and see it in a better light, as you all know Death is something related to you…and we all have to die..accept the advices given and not get too deep into it. From a novice Tarot reader to whoever may read this and plan on starting it, or have found your “deck”. Stick to THAT deck. That is my own advice. Go with yours or ask a seasoned Tarot individual.

    If you want to re-affirm with your other decks go ahead. Whether or not it is evil or good, Tarot.. or whatever, they are after all just cards even though to me, much too accurate for comfort in a sense that yes I FEEL..okay well…i “feel”..there are things involved. Whatever those “things” are…i do not know.

    Whatever questions you may want to ask, it is so far in my believe that it is best to keep your questions as positive, relevant or if your like myself, let the cards speak directly to you without questions…and also with purity behind your intentions either for yourself or if you read for someone, advice them to consider very carefully what they would like to seek advice from those cards you found, bought, and connected with and hold dearly. Interpret properly at all details and the meaning behind those details very carefully.

    This page is it properly and understand it, remember it well what Briget has written or advised you, for you and me. INSIGHT and GUIDE. It is a GREAT and very WISE reminder for you and me. Whether you, me, hold differences. Advices are Advices. To me, Tarot is like a very good friend..a often harsh but good friend who advices you properly, who is made of paper, colors, drawn uniquely.. and has it’s own living, breathing personality.

    I advice not to go pray to it, devote to it totally or use it as cursing methods, the occult or whatever negative methods. Your choices are your own and the advices you get, listen properly not just as it is, but what is behind the advices. You sow bad, you will get what you reap.

    Ask yourself. Have you asked the correct questions that come from your spirit or out from your own stupidity. That is all i have to say. To each their own. Do your own researches first and ask professionals like Briget, i am just telling you my own little experiences with it.. and please go learn symbolisms before you start. That little booklet or whatever? For the beginners? Let it come last. Let the cards come FIRST. That was and still is my way. You are always free to do whatever way you like and are comfortable with your own deck or decks. Go with peace and i hope you all will find answers to what you need to get by in this crazy world.

    Regards and with love,

  • Lola says:

    If a person can’t ask these -very common – questions..the why bother going to a reader to begin with? I’ve been answering these questions for the last 20 years with no problems at all.

    The only question I encourage my clients NOT to ask is the one pertaining to their soulmate’s name.

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Lola, I appreciate differences in the styles of other Tarot readers. I’m glad to hear that you’re comfortable with questions such as “Will I win the lottery?” or “When will I die?” I now know who to refer those clients on to.

  • Sylvia says:

    What do I need to do to improve my chances of marring my soul mate this year?

  • BlueberryBlood says:

    Excuse me, I am sure this is an irrelevant question but um for a while I have been thinking of a person. Due to respect for this person I will not reveal the persons name but I wanted to know if it would be a good reason to use the cards. I read the paragraph regarding the rephrasing the question of the person to “What should I know about this person?” Using a um nine card spread. The cards for the past were Judgement Fool and Tower, the cards for the present were Fortune, Magician and Eight of Swords, and the cards for the future were Five of Swords Nine of Swords and Knight of Cup. This is probably not the right place to post this question and if I posted it in the wrong area I apologize for disrespecting the author of the blog and anyone else whom is averagely eductaed on Tarot and or more experienced.

    • Tim says:


      Not knowing what exactly what you are seeking, whether or not you are seeking a relationship, general information to help them deal with a situation, or reacting to a “ping” from your friend which gives you concern, your question can be pretty vague.
      A psychic “ping” could of course be a good choice to use the cards for insight in the event you can not reach your friend. But if you are looking for relationship questions such as “what do I need to know for them to ___ ” it can lead to some interesting results, and interesting may not be a good thing.
      A little more insight into the question and situation is desirable to know how to help. Seeing this is an old post, for others reading this more recently, if you need help, you can not limit the information you are giving. Like a mechanic on a car, or someone who is embroidering something for you, both need to know completely what you want and what they will be working with.
      This of course is all in my humble opinion.

  • Kristen says:

    Hi there!

    I have a question. There’s this person I know of-who’s an athlete. Lately every time he’s injured or hurting in a way-I’m feeling it in the exact location he is. Does this mean we’re linked somehow despite never having met?

  • trifle says:

    Hi, english is not my language so maybe I do not understand the difference between these kind of questions for a matter of language
    You say one should not ask thing like “does he/she love me”, or “what do you see in my future?” , but one may ask “What is standing in the way and how can I best overcome this? or “What role do I play in someone life?”
    Are not these the same questions made with different word but with the same meaning?

    • Brigit says:

      The difference is that we are shifting the focus from the ‘other’ to the ‘self’. We can’t change other people or control them. We can only change ourselves. So focusing a Tarot reading on the self is a lot more empowering.

  • Jillian says:

    Hi ,

    I have recently had a tarot reading and a card came up that i can not find the meaning to.
    The card was two people sleeping on a grass verge with a spirit behind them, the
    Reader explained that it was a spirit beside me . I just remember it had the name
    Cumclavs or something like that on it. Does anyone know what it is??

    • Brigit says:

      Hmm, not a card I’m familiar with, I’m sorry. It sounds like a completely different deck to the Rider Waite.

    • Carol says:

      Hello Jillian,

      I feel that the card you describe has something to do with love/a loved one and some sort of a real estate transaction of some sort…something having to do with property,..maybe even tenancy? You would know better than me. (Maybe a “marriage and love”) Two days ago, I saw your question and some things hit me immediately…I wasn’t certain how to reply but something tells me that I must, and “before too long”/ “you’ve been waiting too long”. Wow. goes: i picked up Romi and gypsy and had an immediate sensation that I know that…it’s Latin. HOW i Know, however, I don’t know. I looked into a thing or two about what I immediately “know” and found it to be accurate. This card has something to do with the keys (or the “key to what you need to know”)…thus, at first, along with this being Latin, I picked up that this is about an important thing you need to know or must do, or’s important. I did a little research and “cum Clav” is indeed Latin, may get used in Romania…..and, I looked up something about Romania and found that people who were Romanian would get mistaken as having been Egyptian. Gypsy referred to person from Egypt, thus Romanians became associated as gypsies.
      In older works of literary art (books) maybe as far back as the 1400’s the words “cum Clavs” would be written as an introduction to, or a description of, just before what looks like a bibliography or notations regarding the literature.
      I thought that yes, this card is showing you something wants you to find…and look. I looked at the word you used “verge” as well. Once upon a time originally meant “male member” (yes, the male sexual organ); then to the meaning “phallus”, then to the meanings “wand” and/or rod”. Once upon a time ago a verge would be used by A LORD in the sense of leader or Landlord/landowner and the feudal tenant. The tenant holds the rod while (and for the purpose of) swearing fealty to the lord. (or maybe a Bishop would carry one, a rod, or staff symbolic of an office in church processions). There is the grassy border, or area, as well, which is how you describe the verge in the card…and in architecture, can refer to an edge…and then, there’s “on the verge” meaning “on the brink”. I think your “verge” has to do with spirit and land, maybe marriage…but very strongly something of “property”……maybe there is something that a deceased loved one wants you to know about marriage and love and the land, and that this is YOUR KEY.

      The word “cum” is Latin for “with”. the word “clavis” (with the long “a” sound) in Latin means “the key”. the word “clavs” is plural in latin meaning “keys” or “the keys”.

      I feel also that your Reader used a very old ( and/or experienced deck, gosh..I actually want to say “ancient”..but I’m not positive that it’s ancient. Maybe it is “wise”…aged..having been used and possibly handed down in the reader’s family…but my overall feeling is that you did have a good reader. an authentic reader. That card may mean much more than simpply a spirit. Its the keys to what you need. (or to what you need to know). You would know more “specifically”, or “precisely…” It could be actual keys…however, it hits me very strongly and very unexpectedly that you’ll know specifically once I let you know it means keys. This was something powerful that struck me, and I’m not sure why me…’s because I am the one who could help you find what it means, and so I should. I have been stunned, fascinated, and, er, perplexed and awed simultaneously…over that I “knew” this card but not how or why. It’s like I have to recuperate or something ..from the energy..o isn’t bad. So don’t worry. It’s like I’m dumbfounded, amazed, and curious, and perplexed all at the same time. (smile). Gosh, I hope you come on here and read this. (I’m betting that you will, being that someone could help. The universe ..or answering you). Alright. Take Care.

  • Missy says:

    I asked about pregnancy in my reading. I got the following cards past-the world present-the devil future- page of cups. What do you think this means?

  • Toan Thi says:

    I’m really enjoy your Q&A webcam . Thank you Brigit

  • Martin Kostyrka says:

    You realise that there is no such thing as ‘chance’ or luck. Some questions may be unadvisable and need careful phrasing as you suggest but I don’t think ultimately any question is off limits- the difficulty will be in surety of interpretation and advisability of giving an answer.

  • Tess says:

    I would like to know why one cannot ask the Tarot these questions? Are the tarot not able to answer these questions or won’t answer these questions? Or is it too challenging or uncomfortable for the reader? Most people consulting the tarot want some indication as to what the future holds, or at least that was my understanding about the tarot. I feel its a fair question for someone to ask if a loved one will recover from a serious illness, if that is what they want to know but I can appreciate if this is beyond the scope of the Tarot cards. If the tarot cards can’t do this or the reader, then thats fine but why show one never ask the tarot this question?
    And the question about taken a new job, again I feel its a fair question to ask. Why isn’t the tarot able to show if taken up a certain job will enhance ones life or indicate otherwise if that is going to be the case?
    I am also confused by question (1) Will my lover leave his wife? If someone didn’t ask the wife in question about sleeping with her husband why is it now necessary to ask the wife’s permission before consulting the tarot, for an answer?
    I have more questions about the some of the other “never ask the tarot question” but it would just go on and on.
    Thanks T

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Tess. The Tarot isn’t really the best tool or resource to consult when inquiring about physical health – best to see a doctor or health practitioner. And asking the Tarot about someone else, who hasn’t given their permission for the reading is not, in my opinion, ethical. It’s like reading their private mail. It’s also inaccurate, because the reading will typically pick up on the energies of the querent, rather than the other person.

      Ultimately, I see the Tarot as a tool for personal development, spiritual guidance and empowerment. I don’t see the Tarot as a fortune-telling tool because I do not believe our fates are pre-determined and out of our control. Many of the questions I’ve listed above are centred around fortune-telling, which don’t really resonate for me personally.

      I hope this helps! Brigit

  • gregory says:

    can anybody tell me what the difference between oracle cards and tarot card and example of how they are different?

  • Bee says:

    Hi Ad,

    This is very first time for me to step in to learning about Tarot. Please light me step by step.


  • Laura says:

    Hi Brigit,

    I had a tarot card reading done this past week and the psychic announced I am pregnant right now. It is still too early to take a test. This isn’t completely impossible but I have been safe. A lot of the predictions I’ve read about related to pregnancy involve women who are trying to conceive. I had never gotten a reading done before so I was surprised at the forwardness. This prediction is really messing with my head but I’m not sure what else to do other than wait. I know you don’t recommend asking a psychic is you’re pregnant but have you predicted it before people before (when they didn’t ask)?Do you think there is any validity in a prediction like this?

  • Sabrina says:


    I am doing tarot for my senior project in high school. However what I am completely confused on is how to give a reading…. Do you have any posts? And do you know the person you are reading question?Do they keep it to them selves?

  • Veronica Flores says:

    I grew up watching my mother reading the 40 card Spanish deck (minor Arcana). Never thought my future would be to read the Tarot. The Tarot basically found me. I walked in my mother’s room to find a new deck in the pack sitting on her night stand. I asked “Why do you have these?” You don’t read these. She said take them, my friend gave them to me.
    Long story short, the first reading I did without instruction was 100% accurate. This was 13 years ago. I am now a professional tarot card reader. Although I am always open to higher education from other tarot card professionals.

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi! So I know these types of questions really are out of our control however my spouse and I have done two readings with the choice in front of us. The choice involves going to the police about a very serious matter. We have all the reasons for why to go but due to threats made towards the victims we have reason not to go (there are a few other concerns as well). So I did the readings from my prospective asking what will happen if we press these charges and the second question what will happen if we don’t press the charges. The second question gave me a lot of insight. The first one did too but there was a lot of guessing involved too (something about a messager kept showing in the cards not sure what that means). I asked my spouse to do a reading since he is actually a witness but he says the cards are always to accurate so no. I’m more or less wanting to know how I can better phrase my question to be more detailed so that I can better understand the factors involved in the decision (pros and cons to this decision)

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep functioning ,splendid job!

  • Wally says:

    Keep up the good work, Brigit!

  • Cindy says:

    It seems to me that learning to ask the right questions impacts the whole of our lives, not just how we read Tarot! 🙂 Great article filled with insights. Thanks, Biddy!

  • Tim says:

    Dear Brigit,
    I have been asking the cards (specifically the major arcana only) the following question: “what does (loved one) think of me at the moment?” The answers, as it happens, were very positive. Is this a legitimate question to ask, or should I rephrase it?

    • Brigit says:

      Trying to tap into what someone else might be thinking can be a cloudy area to enter … I know some people that have great success doing so, and others that will not even try.

  • Tim Gooderham says:

    Thank you, Biddy. I have a “set” of people I use to get readings, whether Tarot, medium or sprit guided. Of course, I am aware that it’s difficult for me to be fully objective in this area, but my readings (often just 3-card) seem to agree with the other people I get readings from. Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing such a nice thinking, post is pleasant, thats why i
    have read it entirely

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