Break Through the 4 Biggest Blocks That All Intuitive Entrepreneurs Face

and Start Creating a Business that Feeds Your Soul and Supports Your Life

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For Intuitives, Tarot Experts, Readers and Healers Who Know You Are Meant to Do More with Your Beautiful Gifts, but Haven’t Yet Found the Right “Fit” in the World of Business

Inside this 1-hour workshop and masterclass you will:

  • Uncover the 1 thing that's really holding back from attracting clients and getting consistent income in the door
  • Determine the missing piece YOU need for true Soul-full success using your gifts
  • Learn why now truly is the perfect time to start or grow your Tarot business online
  • Take immediate action through 4 powerful exercises designed to help you break through your biggest blocks

You really CAN Have the Dream Business You Desire!

About Brigit

Brigit Esselmont is the Founder of Biddy Tarot and inspires over 6 million people each year to live more mindful and enlightened lives, using the Tarot as a guide.
She's on a mission to make Tarot a part of more mainstream conversations on spirituality and wellness, like yoga or meditation. The more people who are listening to their intuition and trusting their gut, the better!
She doesn’t own a crystal ball nor a crushed velvet dress. She’s simply a down-to-earth, practical Taurus who loves to use the Tarot cards in every day life.

Brigit believes anyone can create a thriving business with their spiritual gifts. It's all about saying “Yes!” to your intuition, then gaining the right guidance from someone who has walked the path before you.