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Learning to Trust Your Intuition Through Tarot

By March 28, 2012

This week, I welcome Kate Holley as a guest writer on the Biddy Tarot blog. We met Kate last month when I interviewed her as a new and upcoming Tarot reader.

This week, Kate writes about the all-important topic of trusting your intuition as a Tarot card reader. This continues to be a common challenge for people learning to read Tarot, with many Biddy Tarot readers asking, “How can I learn to trust my intuition?”

I’ll hand it over to Kate now to start to unravel this question…


As tarot card readers our skills are defined by our ability to accurately interpret our intuitive messages and trust them. While the role of our inner guidance with tarot is generally referred to in terms of deciphering the messages of individual cards, there are many other aspects of a reading in which our intuition plays an important role in determining the quality of the message we deliver. Below, I look at some of the other ways your intuition can enhance your readings.

Tarot Deck Selection

While you don’t need to have more than one deck to complete a tarot reading, many of us do own a couple. For those who do, your instinct can provide you with important guidance about which deck to use for a particular reading.. This is especially important when reading for other people. The card meanings remain the same across decks, but the symbology, artwork, colours and style do not. Each of these factors can mean different things to different people, and add more dimension, depth and meaning to a reading. For example, when I bought Ciro Marchetti’s Legacy of The Divine Deck one of the first cards that leapt out at me was the Ten of Cups. In this deck it features a gorgeous dog and ginger cat. At the time, I was grieving the loss of  my treasured ginger cat, and as soon as I saw this card the tears started flowing. If your instinct tells you to use a certain deck, trust it. The decks imagery may hold more meaning than just the traditional card interpretations.

Choosing a Tarot Spread Intuitively

Particularly when starting out reading, we can become reliant on one familiar spread. There isn’t any problem with doing this. In fact, it is a great way to learn. There are times though where your intuition may tell you to do something a little different. If you are starting out this can be a little daunting, but a big part of your tarot journey is learning to trust your instincts and using it to select your spread is no different. Your intuition may guide you to use another spread you are familiar with, something new you have seen or heard about or even to do a free form reading. There are no right or wrong answers for which spread you use, there are only your answers and the more connected you are to your process, the better your readings will be.


Reading Tarot for Other People

As a tarot card reader, we are often approached by people going through difficult times. Even if you don’t offer your readings publicly, chances are family and friends know that they can turn to you and your cards in times of confusion. It can be a challenge to say no, especially to loved ones, but I believe this to be one of the most important intuitive decisions in the reading process. If your immediate reaction is not to read for this person when they ask you, don’t do it! Readings should always be done in the spirit of empowerment and healing. As readers, this should always be our intention. Sometimes this means declining to read for somebody, both for our own good and for that of the other person. There is nothing wrong with declining to read. It may be that the person is supposed to get a reading from someone else, or that they are supposed to sit with where they are right now. It is not up to you to decide what they need.  Just know that if your instinct says that reading for this person is not in your best interest, or theirs, it always best to decline. It can be beneficial to have references to other readers and appropriate services on hand in these situations.


The Timing of Tarot Readings

In some situations, your intuitive response may not be to not read altogether, but not to read now. Whether you are doing cards for yourself, or for someone else, it’s important to take into consideration any feelings you have about the timing for the reading. You may feel that you are not in the right frame of mind to do a reading, or you may feel emotional or unclear. It may not be anything specific at all, except a feeling that now is not the time. It is better to say no, than do an inaccurate reading for yourself or someone else. Come back to it, when it feels right.


Charging for Tarot Readings

There is some debate within the tarot community about the notion of charging for readings. Some believe as a form of divinity it should be shared freely, while others believe that a reading is an exchange of energy and time and compensation is fair. This is an area that only you can decide for yourself. It is important to listen to your instincts regarding this matter overall, but also on an individual reading basis. Personally, I do charge a small fee for general client readings, but there are also times when I have adjusted prices and many times where I have read free of charge simply because my instincts decreed it was the right time to do it that way. Try not to let money be your determining factor., but don’t allow your skills to be abused either. Tarot card reading is about life, people, growth and empowerment. It is a compassionate gift and should be treated accordingly. Only you know what is right for you.


Just as in life, your intuition is always turned on and  it’s wisdom applies to all areas of your tarot journey. The more you listen to your internal guidance, the clearer it’s messages become and the more beneficial your readings will be for yourself and for those you read for.


Kate Holley Tarot ReaderLearn More About Kate

Kate Holley is a Sydney based tarot card reader. When she’s not reading tarot, you will find her seeking out great live music, enjoying the outdoors, hula hooping or absorbed in books. Kate loves reading and talking tarot and aims to empower and support clients with her readings.

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