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Top resources for understanding reversed Tarot cards

By January 30, 2010Reviews, Tarot Basics

Top Books

Interestingly, while the use of reversed Tarot cards is quite common, many Tarot books do not provide interpretations for the reversed cards. Even in those books that do, the reversed interpretations are not particularly helpful or are heavily geared towards the negative aspects of the card.

My two ‘bibles’ for interpreting reversed cards are:

  • Mary Greer Tarot Reversals BookMary K. Greer (2002). The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals. Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications. While the upright cards are also included, Mary focuses her attention on providing detailed descriptions of the reversed cards. She expertly uses the various methods for interpreting reversed cards to provide you, the reader, with a multi-faceted view of the card in question. An excellent resource.
  • Paul Fenton Smith Mastering the TarotPaul Fenton-Smith (2000). Mastering The Tarot: A Guide To Advanced Tarot Reading And Practice. Sydney: Simon & Schuster. What I love about Paul’s book is that he provides very practical interpretations of the reversed cards, using his method of returning to the lesson of the previous card to help the client move forward. He uses both plain language and real-life examples to create clear and concise interpretations of both the upright and reversed cards. In addition to the card interpretations, you’ll also find tips on how to become a professional Tarot reader. Another excellent resource.

Top Online Resources

  • Biddy Tarot – A shameless plug! For each Tarot card, you’ll find extensive interpretations for both the upright and reversed cards. My Tarot Card Meanings database is continually growing, so bookmark it for future reference.
  • Crystal Reflections – ‘Balanced’ and insightful interpretations of each of the reversed Tarot cards which offer hope and empowerment. The easiest way to navigate is to Google the card you’re looking for (e.g. Page of Wands reversed) and “Crystal”.
  • Aecelctic Tarot – Excellent database of reversed Tarot card meanings, as well as a Tarot discussion forum.
  • Tarotmoon – Thyrsse has published a number of sample readings, within which are interpretations of reversed cards. What I like most is that it shows how the reversed cards can be used within the context of a reading. The easiest way to navigate is to Google the card you’re looking for (e.g. Page of Wands reversed) and “Tarotmoon”
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  • Tanisha says:


    I wanted to know if the non use of reverse cards hurts or creates inaccuracies in a reading?

    Best to you

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Tanisha,

      You can create an accurate reading whether you use reversed cards or not. It’s totally up to the reader to choose what feels most comfortable to them in reading for their clients.


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