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Top 10 Tarot Cards for Delays and Waiting

By September 25, 2013 May 3rd, 2018


You know the feeling. You're eager for something to happen – maybe the sale of your house, the start of a new job, a marriage proposal. But it hasn't happened yet. Worse, you've already been waiting for what feels like an eternity.

“C'mon Universe! Make it happen!” you say.

But no. The Universe wants you to wait.

You turn to your Tarot cards, wanting to see if there will be further delays. So what Tarot cards should you look for?

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Here are my top 10 Tarot cards for delays and waiting.


Hanged Man – The Hanged Man hangs in suspension, waiting and contemplating. He isn't frustrated by the need to wait and instead uses it for introspection and illumination on the situation. This card is a wonderful reminder that even those delays which are outside of our control can be blessings in disguise, offering an opportunity to see the situation from a different perspective before moving forward.


Eight of Wands reversed – Just when you thought everything was flying along, suddenly it feels like it has gone in reverse and all that progress and development is being undone. The reversed Eight of Wands often speaks of delays that can be very frustrating because it feels like everything is coming undone at the seams.


Four of Swords – The Four of Swords shows the potential in waiting and restoring one's energy before moving forward. Instead of going full steam ahead, it pays to take a ‘time out' and to ground oneself. Again, a delay can be a blessing because it gives you that opportunity to rest and relax before the next series of challenges.


Four of Cups – Oftentimes, the Four of Cups speaks of delays that are self-initiated. You might not feel the ‘spark' with a particular project or opportunity, so rather than taking it up straight away, you pause to reflect on what it is you really want.


Ace of Wands reversed – You thought you had the greatest idea out there, but before you even begin, it starts to fall apart and you're finding your plans are delayed. The reversed Ace of Wands reflects a period where you are struggling to get an idea off the ground and make it happen, invariably resulting in unexpected delays. But, it may be a blessing in disguise. These setbacks may be designed to help you revisit your plans and reassess what is most important to you.




Two of Swords – With the Two of Swords, delays arise because of indecision and not knowing which direction to take. Both directions seem just as good as (or as bad as) the other. When you fail to choose your path, everything inevitably becomes delayed.


Hermit reversed – The reversed Hermit is a sign that you may be making a conscious choice to put your plans on hold while you bring your attention within you for greater insight. You may have momentarily lost your path and become disconnected from your soul purpose. So rather than continuing on, you choose to pause a moment and re-assess your priorities.


Seven of Pentacles – The Seven of Pentacles is unique in a way because things are moving forward, it's just at a very slow pace. For some, it's sustainable progress, but for others, it's a painfully drawn out process and can be a source of frustration. The key to remember is that slow and steady wins the race, and if you want results that will last for the long-term, you're going to have to wait it out.


Three of Wands reversed – With the reversed Three of Wands, you're waiting and waiting for your ships to come in, but nothing is happening. You have put your intentions out there and you're hoping to see results soon, but you're getting zilch, nada. You may need to realign your expectations and set about a new path to create the outcomes you desire.


Chariot reversed – The reversed Chariot often indicates a time when you are charging forth along your path but other people get in your way and steer you off-course. You have your schedule, but you are also relying on others to get you there and they're not always dependable. So, you're left waiting or delayed because someone else has let the schedule slip.


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What Tarot cards do you associate with Delays and Waiting? Leave your comments below.


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