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Top 10 Tarot Cards for Family Gatherings

By December 24, 2014 September 28th, 2022

It's the holiday season and whether you like it or not, it's often the time for family gatherings! You might all be huddled around the fireplace singing Christmas songs, drinking eggnog and reminiscing on your family memories. Or, you might be the family with the ‘Uncle John' who's just drank waaay too much brandy and is now telling inappropriate jokes to your grandma while your kids have gone crazy with shampoo all over your new kitchen floor! As you approach this holiday period and connect with your family, be on the look-out in your Tarot readings for these top 10 Tarot cards for family gatherings.

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Ten of Pentacles

I can just smell the aromas of the feast, hear the music playing and see the family all coming together in celebration. Food, wine and good company are abundant and this is one party no-one will forget (for all the right reasons!). No expense is spared!

Ten of Cups

With the Ten of Cups, I imagine close family members, drawn together by their unconditional love for one another, enjoying each other's company and having a wonderful time together. There are no arguments, no competition – just pure love and respect, and joy for being able to share these precious moments as a family.

Six of Cups

While the adults are inside, celebrating the holiday season, the kids are playing outside, sharing their toys and having a great time together! (A parent can only wish!!) This is a beautiful card for families with young children who are sharing a space together.

Nine of Cups

With the Nine of Cups, food and wine are plentiful… almost too plentiful! Everybody has a full belly (and then some!) and nobody is going home hungry after a Nine of Cups family celebration! Everyone's needs are catered for and there's a general air of contentment and happiness among family members.

Four of Wands

If there is one celebration card in the Tarot deck, it has to be the Four of Wands! And even more so, this is a card of homecoming, so expect to see family members from far and wide travelling in order for the family to finally be together as one and celebrate the holiday season. There might even be a surprise announcement to add to the celebrations!

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is about getting together with your ‘sisters' and having a great time. There's bound to be a lot of love, laughter and dancing at this kin d of family gathering. Enjoy it!

Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles reminds me a little of when Grandpa gets out his old Santa suit and dresses up to hand out the presents to the kids! What Christmas family gathering is complete without Santa and his sack of presents?! On a completely different note, you may be inspired to bring the family to a local soup kitchen on Christmas day to help out those in need.


The Judgement card has a much more spiritual energy to it and indicates a family gathering at church or a place of worship. I'm thinking Midnight Mass or even a more casual gathering in a place in nature, with songs of praise for the Universe.

Five of Wands

OK, these last two cards are when things get a little ‘uncomfortable' at the family gathering. Sometimes, Christmas dinner can bring out the worse in people, especially if there are family members who are present who wouldn't normally interact with each other. Tempers may flare and strong opinions are rife. You might like to find a quiet room to avoid the conflict!

Five of Swords

Another card of conflict, the Five of Swords reminds me of the end of the meal when everyone has stormed out and gone their separate ways. An unfortunate end to what could have been an enjoyable family celebration. But alas, people's tempers could not be controlled and harsh words have been exchanged.

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