Top 10 Tarot Cards for Decision-Making


Oftentimes, we consult the Tarot when facing important decisions or standing at a cross-roads in life. So what Tarot cards should you look out for in your own Tarot readings that indicate making a decision?

Here are my top 10 Tarot card for decision-making…

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Two of Wands – The Two of Wands reflects that you are at the early stages of a life cycle and you are now faced with a decision that will impact your long-term direction. This card is typically very positive – either direction will bring good outcomes, but you do need to work out which direction you want to take your life first. Think and plan long-term and this will make the decision easier.

judgementJudgement – As a Major Arcana card, Judgement indicates that you are at a major turning point where you are evaluating the actions you’ve taken and the consequences of those actions. Through this process of judgement, you will need to make a decision about what you will and won’t continue in your life, and what you have learned from your journey so far.

justiceJustice – The Justice card is very much about seeking the truth and determining what is right and wrong. If making a decision, then Justice indicates that you need to weigh up the facts or the different sides to the story and make a choice that is fair, objective and robust.

Queen of SwordsQueen of Swords – If any one of the Court Cards is going to make a decision and stick to it, it’s the Queen of Swords. She uses her intellectual power to cut through the noise and determine the best path ahead. She asks you to use your head and not your heart in your decision-making, and to commit to the choice that you make.

chariotChariot – The Chariot is fiercely determined. Once he has made his final decision, he will overcome any challenge or setback that stands in opposition to him reaching his goal. If you see the Chariot in a decision-making Tarot reading, know that you need to use all available willpower, determination and grit to remain committed to your choice.


two_swords_confusionTwo of Swords – When we are faced with a decision, it is not always clear which path to take, especially if both paths seem as good as or as bad as each other. The Two of Swords represents that feeling of indecision and being caught in the middle, not knowing which option is best. You need more information or a different perspective to gain clarity.

seven_cupsSeven of Cups – Sometimes, indecision comes from having far too many options available. We become stuck with choice and fail to make a move forward because we’re spending so much time weighing up all the different options. Time to get your feet back on the ground and make a decision based on the opportunities and information available to you at this time.

ace_swordsAce of Swords – When making an important decision, the Ace of Swords is the bolt of clarity that you need to take swift action and commit to a certain path. New information has come to light or you have a completely new perspective on the situation which empowers you to act decisively.

hanged_manHanged Man – The Hanged Man often reflects a period where you are being forced to make a decision that perhaps you don’t really want to make. You may be at the mercy of other people’s actions and the only way to free yourself is to make a tough but necessary decision.

emperorEmperor – Domination of the mind over the heart is sometimes unwanted or best avoided but with the Emperor, it is necessary and even welcomed. If you are facing difficult choices, you must maintain your concentration and focus. The Emperor calls on you to push ahead and do what you know is best.


What Tarot cards do you associate with decision-making? Leave your comments below.

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  • Joanna says:

    Great post Brigit! Very enlightening. One other card I tend to associate with decisions is the King of Pentacles which advises the querant to take a practical approach to handling his/her situation.

    • Brigit says:

      Joanna, great idea with the King of Pentacles. Yes, very practical indeed, and often made with a very level-headed perspective on the situation.

  • VJ says:

    I really enjoy your website, and look forward to your incredible knowledge of the tarot.

    Thank you for writing this article. At the present moment, I am in the process of making major decisions that involve Tower and World, along with Emperor, Justice, and Chariot.

    It will be another life changing decision.

    Thank you, again.

    • Brigit says:

      VJ, great suggestions with the Tower and World. Tower – sometimes the decisions you make are critical, but often forced upon you as a result of significant change. World – something is coming full circle and you are making decisions now for the next life cycle.

      • VJ says:

        Thank you, Brigit.

        Mars in Cancer (1st) is squaring Saturn in Libra (4th), so you’re right about decisions being forced, etc., and something coming full circle, World. I’m a legal secretary, but been unemployed for the past 5 months, and used up my savings, etc.

        I may have to give up my apartment in Los Angeles, after 14 1/2 years. Although, I feel that something has come full circle, it doesn’t make sense for me to move back to Texas at the age of 54, and live with my mother.

        I have to make a decision before the end of May.

        Thank you, again!

  • I sometimes associate big decisions with The Lovers card. Those are the decisions that can tear at your heart. Should I stay here or move away? Break up with this person or stay? Take this job if it means I won’t have time for my favorite hobbies?

    • Brigit says:

      Great suggestion. The Lovers often refers to a decision that has to do with your personal values, ethics or morals. It is a card of choice, but one of moral proportions.

  • Cheryl says:

    As always, thank you Brigit! This is a wonderful post and shows us how to open our minds to allowing each tarot card to assist us in all aspects of our journey.
    Your post on healing cards is insightful, too. I am sorry to hear of your loss of a dear friend.

  • chris says:

    thanks for much for your great channel, I am finding all the information so helpful and informative:)

  • Moddu says:

    This Seems strange to me, I was the other day drawing one card for my relationship, and to my surprise all the cards mentioned above regarding the Decision making poped up in a line , dont remember the sequence though. The Chariot, the Hanged man and the ace of swords and the two of wands… Seems like a tough time for me now 🙂

    • Brigit says:

      Wow… that is very interesting! Clearly you’re at a major turning point in your life. If you’re weighing up different options, you may like to do a simple Pros / Cons / Outcome reading for each option, plus another card for what you need to know to make your decision.

  • jennie says:

    Hi, Biddy
    I know this is a bit off subject, but i think the other post expired so id thought id ask question is, i just did a soul mate tarot reading, in the position where is says “how your partner see’s you” i drew the 3 of swords.. what that says to me is he see’s me as a person that is sensitive and/or with a wounded heart, do you think you could shed some more light on this for would you explain this to a person in a reading with this card in this position in this context? Thank you and many blessings,

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I think you’ve done a good job interpreting this card in this position. Sensitive, prone to taking things personally, a wounded heart, holding pain, sorrow or grief from the past. You may like to add another card to understand how to heal from this.
      Thanks, Brigit

  • jennie says:

    Thank you Bridget!! There were other cards in the spread to tell me how to heal but i cant remember rite now off hand lol.. ill have to recheck now that i have the confermation…. thank you again for your help!! Lots of love and blessings!
    Jennifer.. <3

  • angela says:

    that was a good read i love learning from your website,cards which best suit certain areas narrows things down for you which is super awesome.

    angela :))))

  • Neyha says:

    Thank you so much … As I am a beginner at Tarot , I keep looking up at ur articles .. Inputs for better understanding. Sweetheart you are doing such a wonderful job .
    Thank you n God bless you always for ur kind deeds .

    Neyha Samtani

  • andre harris says:

    I find that the hanged man usually means that the decision is out of your hands. Either things have already happened to make the decision irrelevant, or you have to wait for someone else to take action.

  • Dani says:

    Thank you, Brigit. Enjoyed the post. Read it just now because it fit my just drawn cards…Wheel, Tower, Queen of Swords, Judgement, Judgement, Queen of Swords (drawn in that exact order).

    Ow! Of course if you draw that sequence you start reading up!

    One thing I might add. When I get the “decision” cards I sometimes draw the King of Pentacles, 3oW, and 7oP. I take those combinations as “take the long view” advice. I see the King of Pentacles less as Mr. Practical, more as “wait until the harvest is ripe…don’t grab too soon.”.

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