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Top 10 Tarot Cards for Intuition and Psychic Ability

By June 25, 2014 May 3rd, 2018


Have you ever read the Tarot for someone who knows very little about Tarot yet has this magical, intuitive energy around them? Perhaps they're a talented Tarot reader, but they just don't know it yet, or they're highly psychic but haven't found a way to access this part of themselves.

If you're looking for this intuitive energy and psychic ability in a Tarot reading, here are the top 10 Tarot cards that are likely to appear.

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high_priestess High Priestess – The High Priestess is the most intuitive card of the Tarot deck. She sits at the gate between the subconscious and the conscious, the unknown and the known. She holds the book of mystery and secret knowledge in her hands and she guides the seeker between the worlds with supreme care and compassion. If you see the High Priestess in your Tarot reading, you're dealing with heightened psychic awareness and it's about time you pay attention to your intuition!


moon Moon – The moon itself appears as a source of light, but in reality, we know that it is simply reflecting the light of the sun – not all is as it seems. And so it is with intuition and psychic ability. We may not be able to explain fully our intuitive hunches but we know that they are there. When you see the Moon in a Tarot reading, be attuned to the subconscious mind and the intuitive ‘pull' you may be feeling around a particular situation.


queen_cups Queen of Cups – Of all the court cards, the Queen of Cups is the most intuitive and psychic being. As a Queen, she is highly receptive, open and compassionate. And as the Queen of Cups, she is in full alignment with her intuition, her emotions and her soul. She either represents an aspect of yourself, or an intuitive guide who is supporting you on your journey.


ace_cups Ace of Cups – As an intuitive card, the Ace of Cups represents that moment where you feel all of your emotional energy overflowing with joy and bliss, and you just know that you are on the right path. New potential and new opportunity is abundant and you know intuitively within yourself that the energy is pure.


four_cups Four of Cups – Whilst not a traditionally intuitive card, the Four of Cups suggests that through meditation and temporary retreat from the outside world, we can go deep within ourselves and connect with our intuitive voice. Be open to psychic visualisations and intuitive messages that come to you during these times of retreat.







ace_swords Ace of Swords – While the Ace of Cups represents the emotional element of intuitive insight, the Ace of Swords represents the clarity of thought that comes when you are 100% listening to your intuition. Intuition is like a bolt of lightning where there is no denying what you have experienced. It is not the ego, but it is crystal clear insight that accompanies a breakthrough.


lovers Lovers – The Lovers shows that when you are in pure alignment with Source and oneself, you open yourself to intuitive insights that are filled with pure love and pure thought.


empress Empress – During pregnancy, many women experience heightened intuition and psychic ability. Similarly, when you are nurturing and then ‘birthing' something (an idea, a project, etc.), you're often in tune with what is needed to bring this into being. As you connect with your creativity and with the Earth, you also connect with your intuition in a way that supports your growth.


page_cups Page of Cups – As a Page, you are opening yourself up to a new part of yourself, or a new skill set. And as the Page of Cups, it is a sign that you are learning to access your intuition and you are developing your psychic skills with a new level of curiosity. So if you're not learning Tarot yet, get started!


star Star – The Star is pure energy and reflects that you are connecting with the Universe in beautiful ways. The more you open yourself up to receive, the more that this Universal energy flows freely into your life. There is purity in intention as you explore your intuitive abilities and the psychic world.


What Tarot cards do you associate with intuition and psychic ability? Leave your comments and ideas below.




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Discover exactly what Tarot cards to look for in your readings when you seek to find fulfilling relationships, life purpose, positive change and more.

Discover exactly what Tarot cards to look for in your readings when you seek to find fulfilling relationships, life purpose, positive change and more.


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