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My Top 10 BIPOC Tarot Personalities, Deck Creators and Spiritual Leaders

By February 3, 2022 April 19th, 2022

To celebrate Black creators in our community, here’s my top ten list of some of my absolute favorite Tarot readers, astrologers, and Tarot deck makers!

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Bronx is a non-binary Tarot reader with an extraordinary following on Youtube. Their readings are eloquent and insightful, and they use a combination of Tarot and oracle cards to craft readings for all 12 zodiac signs every month!

2. Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot by Courtney Alexander

The Dust II Onyx Melanated Tarot hardly needs an introduction! Courtney Alexander has created a cult classic Tarot that honors and celebrates “cultural myths, symbolism, history, and icons within the Black Diaspora.”

3. Amanda Michelle Jones of Brown Girl Tarot

Amanda Michelle Jones combines art therapy, social work, Tarot, and astrology to help others in every aspect of their lives. They started Brown Girl Tarot as a way to bring women of color together in spiritual practice and healing.

4. Mecca Woods

Mecca Woods is an inter-stellar astrologer and author. Mecca applied the principles of astrology to her own life before launching her own astro-coaching practice in 2012. She now helps others create the lives they deserve by showing them how to tap into their natural gifts and talents.

5. The Black Queer Tarot, by Kendrick Daye and Justin Henry

“We believe in a world that centers Black queer people. A vibrant world where liberation and freedom are alive and well-connected bedfellows. A world where Black queer people are not just living — we're thriving.” …Now THAT’S a mission statement! (And the deck is truly a work of art.)

6. Jovannah Tisdale, The Spiritual Love Healer

Jovannah is a supremely talented Tarot reader and gifted healer. Her work centers around teaching you to manifest love and abundance, and live an abundant life after pain and trauma. She will show you how to release your pain, open your heart, and manifest the love and life you desire.

7. Kenneth Jones, Tarot Say What

Kenneth’s colorful and vibrant Tarot Instagram account is a visual feast. His daily three-card spreads provide a beautiful opportunity to tune in and honor the Universal messages he so eloquently channels.

8. BLew Lotus Tarot

Offering ethical and intuitive Tarot readings, BLew Lotus is a reader to watch. BLew Lotus services clients worldwide, and offers a range of comprehensive readings to help you develop an actionable plan for a happy and fulfilling life.

9. Mystic Bruja

Biyani is nurturing sacred spaces and inspires creative healing. Her/their Instagram account offers not only simple spreads that are perfect for Tarot beginners, but journal prompts, affirmations, and inspiration all centered around Tarot and Tarot cards.

10. Aly, BronxWitch


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