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Times Are Changing — And It Just Might Be The Perfect Time to Start an Online Tarot Business

By July 20, 2020 August 1st, 2020

The world is changing rapidly. 

Systems are breaking down. 

Economies are being tested.

Revolutions are underway.

You and I are living through a completely unprecedented experience. It's an exciting yet unnerving time to be alive.

And one thing is for certain: this is definitely not business as usual. 

The coronavirus pandemic closed hundreds of thousands of businesses, and all across the world, millions of people have lost their jobs. So, not only are we living through a total upheaval (this is truly the Tower card come to life!), but many of us are unfortunately struggling to understand our next step.

For intuitives, that might mean thinking a little differently about how we make money.

With traditional structures being challenged, new ways of earning an income are more possible than ever. As more people shift from the office to working from home, there's surprisingly more possibility than ever to make our obstacles work for us. 

Honestly… we have the chance to be more authentic and conscious than ever with our goals. Despite all the uncertainty we might be facing, now could be the best time to start the business you've been dreaming of. 

The door is open for us to make money by being true to ourselves. 

Turn Your Roadblocks Into Open Doors

Whether you lost your job or are now working from home, it's easy to feel the fear and uncertainty of change banging away inside your head. But instead of looking at these changes as something to fear, consider this the sign you needed to turn inward and focus on your next step. 

Have you been putting off starting your own intuitive Tarot business because you're afraid that it might not succeed? Or because you didn't have the time between your 9-to-5 and all your other responsibilities?

If lockdown taught me anything, it's that we can always make the time for things that matter — even amid a pandemic. 

Now that you're not commuting to work or find yourself with a little (or a lot of) extra time, use it to work on a soul-aligned business plan

Take a few minutes here and there to connect with what you really want. To understand what your ideal intuitive Tarot business looks like. Journal. Research. Ask friends questions.

Maybe try the Starting A New Business or Business Planning Spread — whatever gets the ideas flowing, start opening up to hearing them!

Use Your Free Time To Your Advantage

These days, it's all about the side hustle. A 2019 report said that 43% of employees with full-time jobs have a “side hustle” in addition to their primary job. 

So, what's keeping you from starting one now?

If you're afraid to jump into the Tarot business waters head first, start by dipping in a toe instead. Take your passion online and start building a business slowly. Focus on growing your Instagram account or getting the word out about online readings in Facebook groups and community forums. 

If you're worried about what will happen to your day job, as I know so many people are, having a little extra money coming in, especially from tarot, can help ease your mind. Not to mention, it gives you the chance to grow your reputation as a trusted Tarot reader.

The more time you invest in growing your client-base and developing your reputation, the more likely your side hustle will become your day job in the end.  I know it can be done because that’s how I built my business. Starting small and growing it into what it is today — a full-time job that supports my family and my team. And isn’t that the end goal for most of us?

So, make use of the free time you've been given, even if it wasn't how you had hoped to get it.

Clients Need You Now More Than Ever Before

The pandemic has put many of us in a mental fog. Some crisis hotlines are experiencing an 891% increase in calls compared to this time last year. It's not surprising, though! Many of us saw our entire lives shift overnight as we locked down. The mental and physical stress that puts on people is immense. 

Add to that a revolutionary demand for social justice all over the world, and it's clear we are all in need of authentic connections and a safe space to share our thoughts and feelings.

Tarot is a great way to do that. As a Tarot reader, you give back to your community in times of need by providing guidance and support. As people worldwide search for answers, hope, and connection in an increasingly virtual world, you have the opportunity to give them those things.

This is the perfect time to start thinking about who your ideal client is and learning where to find them online. 

Your unique gifts have so much to offer a world filled with uncertainty and upheaval, don't let them go to waste by waiting until things get “back to normal.” 

After all, we may never see that normal again. 

But we can create a new normal. If reading Tarot is the normal you've been dreaming of, the time is ripe to start growing your business online and making that dream a reality. 

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