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A Weekly Spread for Intuitive Development

By February 8, 2022

Your intuition is like a muscle. It’s always been there, lying under the surface — but without regular exercise, it’ll never become any stronger!

Think of it this way: When you decide you want to build muscle, you commit to a regular strength-building routine. You might go to the gym a few times a week, start practicing yoga or pilates, or try another form of strength-building exercise. 

But building strength in your muscles doesn’t happen overnight — it takes dedicated, regular practice. It often takes weeks or even months until you begin to see and feel real results.

Well — training your intuition is no different. And that’s why I created the Weekly Spread for Intuitive Development!

This isn’t a one-off Tarot spread — it’s designed to be used once per week (preferably on the weekend) as a dedicated practice to help strengthen your intuition. 

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As your intuition becomes more finely-tuned, you’ll begin to notice stronger and stronger flashes of insight in your day-to-day life, as well as a huge shift in the power of your Tarot readings.

Build this spread into your regular Tarot practice, and watch your intuition grow stronger by the day. 

1. In which area did my intuition flow most naturally this week?
2. In which area was my intuition blocked or hindered this week?
3. How has using my intuition benefited me this week?
4. How has using my intuition benefited others this week?
5. What action can I take next week to help my intuition grow stronger?
6. What signs might I see next week when I’m deeply tuned into my intuition?
7. How might using my intuition benefit me next week?
8. How might my intuition benefit others next week?

To go even deeper, you might like to check out these two podcast episodes, which are all about your intuition as a Tarot reader: Anything Can Happen When You Unlock Your Intuition and Intuition vs. Resistance.

Try working with the Weekly Spread for Intuitive Development once a week for one month, and see what happens. I’d love for you to share your insights on Instagram — and don’t forget to tag #biddytarot so I can see! 


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The 2023 Biddy Tarot Planner