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A Giving Thanks and Gratitude Tarot Spread

By November 16, 2017 October 12th, 2020

Even though in Australia, we don't officially celebrate Thanksgiving Day, it is a practice of gratitude I would love to honour personally. And of course, what better way to do it than with a Giving Thanks and Gratitude Tarot Spread! 

These days, Thanksgiving seems to be about eating as much turkey and pumpkin pie as possible (without splitting your pants!). But, back in 1621, when Thanksgiving first began in the US, it was about celebrating the successful harvest (the previous year, half the population had starved to death, so it a bountiful harvest was very good news!). 

So, if you wish to honour or give thanks on a deeper level, think about what you have ‘harvested' throughout the year and what you are truly grateful for. Often, it is the simple act of bringing your gratitude into conscious awareness that creates all the goodness. 

And this isn't just about airy-fairy, feel-good practices. There's a growing body of research that shows that expressions of gratitude positively impact our emotional and physical well-being. And even better, it's like a snowball effect – the more you express gratitude, the more grateful you become. 

In today's post, I'm sharing my Giving Thanks and Gratitude Tarot Spread, to help you focus on your blessings and to give thanks for what you have created and received this year. 

While this is the perfect Tarot spread for the holiday season, this can also be used at any other time in the year that feels appropriate for you. For example, you may use it at Mabon, the Autumn Equinox (September 21 in the Northern Hemisphere and March 21 in the Southern Hemisphere), when again, the harvest is celebrated. Or you might use it at the new year when you reflect on your blessings in the last 12 months. Or you might be feeling like you need a little more of that good, gratitude juju in your life, so out comes this Tarot spread. Go with your gut! 

So, here's the giving Thanks and Gratitude Tarot Spread: 

  1. What blessings have I ‘harvested' this season? 
  2. What blessings are available to me now? 
  3. What new blessings are coming my way? 
  4. What am I grateful for in my career and work? 
  5. What am I grateful for in my finances? 
  6. What am I grateful for in my relationships? 
  7. What am I grateful for in my personal development and well-being? 
  8. How can I express my gratitude towards myself? 
  9. How can I express my gratitude towards others? 
  10. How can I continue to create abundance in my life? 

Download the Spread as a printable PDF here:

>> Download your FREE PDF: Giving Thanks and Gratitude Tarot Spread

And here's my personal reading with the spread, using the gorgeous Lumina Tarot

1. What blessings have I ‘harvested' this season? (Magician) 

Using all of the tools and resources available to me, I have manifested my dreams and goals. For me, this feels like the ultimate harvest, where everything I have dreamed of has come to fruition. 

2. What blessings are available to me now? (Chariot reversed) 

With the Magician's energy, I have already set the wheels in motion. Now, I do not have to ‘drive' as hard. I can ease back on the pushing and striving, and instead, allow. 

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3. What new blessings are coming my way? (King of Swords) 

It's time to #bossup! My mind will be sharp and I'll be able to quickly make strategic decisions to access new opportunities and blessings. 

4. What am I grateful for in my career and work? (Six of Cups) 

I'm grateful that my career and work blends so many different aspects of myself in perfect harmony. I'm grateful that I can work from home with flexible hours so I can spend time with family and friends. I'm grateful that I can be my most authentic version of myself at work. 

5. What am I grateful for in my finances? (Five of Wands reversed) 

I'm grateful that there is no tension or restriction when it comes to finances within our family. We are blessed with financial abundance and it frees us up from any conflict or disagreement with how we should manage our finances. I' grateful that it is in flow. 

6. What am I grateful for in my relationships? (Fool reversed) 

I'm grateful for the freedom to me in my relationships. I am blessed with the opportunity to express myself in my purest form, free from judgement. 

7. What am I grateful for in my personal development and well-being? (Sun) 

I'm grateful for the sun, literally, and how that supports my well-being (we live in absolute paradise here and are blessed with the sunshine, year-round. That's why it's called the Sunshine Coast!). I'm grateful for my health and well-being. I'm grateful for my positive attitude, my strength and vitality and my outlook on life. 

8. How can I express my gratitude towards myself? (Hermit) 

I can express my gratitude towards myself by honouring my personal, sacred journey, by listening to my inner wisdom, and by following my inner guidance. Taking time for myself to listen in and explore privately is essential for my continued well-being. 

9. How can I express my gratitude towards others? (Ace of Wands reversed) 

I can express my gratitude towards others by leading by example. I don't necessarily need to be outwardly focused, trying to spread my message about how to live life. Instead, it comes from living it myself and sharing my personal journey with others. Gratitude doesn't always have to be overt, but can happen on more subtle levels. 

10. How can I continue to create abundance in my life? (Queen of Pentacles) 

I LOVE this card and for me it represents all that I do in my work. I know that through leading Biddy Tarot, I will continue to create abundance, not only in my personal life, but also in the lives of others' – our community, our team, and the wider society. 


A Tarot reading is never really just a Tarot reading, is it? It's an opportunity to go deeper within your subconscious and connect with your intuition and inner wisdom. So if you feel inspired to take this a little further, then consider integrating the Thanksgiving and Gratitude Tarot Spread into a Gratitude Ritual. 

Here are some ideas to get you started… 

  1. Create a gratitude altar. Find items that represent your gratitude and abundance and place them on your altar. You don't have to get super fancy, just gather together things like a photo of your loved one, a flower that grows abundantly around you, a citrine crystal, a dollar bill, anything that reminds you of abundance and gratitude. 
  2. Create your sacred space. Light a candle, call in the four directions, set an intention – whatever you need to bring yourself into a beautiful, sacred space. 
  3. Meditate on abundance and what it means to you. What images come up? What feelings or sensations come up? What symbol could you create for abundance? Surround yourself in pure, abundant energy and Universal light. 
  4. Do the Giving Thanks and Gratitude Tarot Spread. Give yourself time to truly dive in and explore the messages. Record your reading and take a photo of the cards 
  5. Write down everything that you are grateful for in your life right now. Think about your relationships, career, finances, personal development, spirituality, health, and so on. Let it flow! 
  6. Write a letter of thanks to someone important in your life. Put it in an envelope and send it to them later. 
  7. Say a prayer of thanks to the Universe for everything you have received, and then close the space. Blow out the candle, close out the four directions, and so on. 

Over to you! I would be honoured if you would do the Giving Thanks and Gratitude Tarot Spread and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #biddytarot and #thanksgivingtarot. Can't wait to see what you come up with! 


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