Tarot at an Early Age

From an early age I have been intrigued by the spiritual side of life and I bought my first deck of Tarot cards when I was a schoolgirl. A friend’s older sister was having a clearout of her room and as the cards were an unwanted birthday gift, she sold them to me for a few shillings!

I then started to do readings for myself and friends, but eventually life got in the way and the cards were put away for a while. However, I started up my Tarot studies in earnest some twenty years ago and went on to gain experience by reading the cards at various functions and occasionally at metaphysical shops.

Tarot and the Akashic Records

Besides Tarot, my other all-consuming passion is the eternal study of the Akashic Records and the spiritual journey of the Soul. I have completed the Soul Realignment™ courses (taught by Andrea Hess) at advanced practitioner level. What I discovered is that when I combined both Tarot and the Akashic Records, it gave my readings so much more depth and they became multi-dimensional, making it easier for me to see all sides of the story.

“This reading blew me away, it was so powerful, captivating and deep beyond nothing I could have ever imagined. I’ve had readings in the past and current soul path readings, but this goes above and beyond to look at your past lives, soul groups, negative entities, what you are working on from other lives, your spirit guides and your divine blue print. It was the most divinely channelled information I have ever received about me, looking so deeply into who I really am on my record and what I need to do in this life to move through any obstacles to achieve what I came here to do. It was beautiful and moving and the information contained in my record had catalytic information I needed right now to really move forward, I deeply resonated with everything in my reading and some areas were spooky with the detail…. This is like the mother of all readings out there, it is in my mind the most extraordinary reading for healing and change once you have a reading you’ll never be the same.” ~ Sharon Tanner

An Akashic Record reading allows access to information about the history of the client’s Soul and as well as showing me their Soul Profile, it often provides insight into how their past lives may be impacting on their current life in both positive and negative ways. It can also shed light upon why they are attracting the same kind of circumstances or people into their life again and again or why they experience irrational longings or fears.

With the help of the Akashic Record Guides, I will energetically clear your Akashic Record of any negative influences that are the result of choices you made in past lifetimes that may still be impacting on your life today, preventing you aligning with your Divine nature and achieving happiness and abundance.

Want to know more about an Akashic Record reading?  Scroll to the bottom of the page.

“I received a reading from Sharon and I can say with utmost honesty and respect that I have never been so blown away by something that I have read. After reading what Sharon wrote, I understood myself more than I ever have in 30 years of life. Furthermore, the answers to my questions brought me such clarity and peace. I now move forward in my life without fear of the future nor the unknown. Sharon brought prospective into my life through a multitude of types of readings and was so ridiculously accurate that there is no question in my mind that she is not only talented, but definitely connected to a higher realm. She has an incredible gift to see into people’s souls and be able to tell them details about themselves that would have otherwise been left unknown.” ~ Stefanie Moussa

Book a Tarot Reading with Me

By requesting a reading with Sharon, you agree to the terms outlined here.

How does it work, exactly?!

After you select your Tarot reading and have paid via PayPal, you’ll be directed to the request form. (Make sure you stay on the PayPal transaction page after payment, and select “Return to website/Biddy Tarot” so that you’ll be redirected to the request form.

In order for me to do a Tarot reading for you I simply need your name, date of birth and of course, your question(s). I will also ask for your place of birth if I am doing an Akashic Record/ Soul Profile Reading for you, so that I can locate your Soul in the Akashic Records. I will then shuffle the cards, using this information to connect with your energy. As well as interpreting the cards, I will use my clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient skills to deliver any messages to you from your Spirit Guides. You can ask Tarot questions about many different life situations and the cards will provide insight and guidance and occasionally, a very direct answer to your question – if that is what is needed at the time!

*Please note I am not able to read on medical or legal matters.

Choose Your Reading

One Question Tarot Reading – $43

A Tarot reading doesn’t necessarily have to be lengthy if all you require is a quick answer to one question. So while this (3 card) reading does offer insight and guidance, it is also specific and to the point. You can expect to receive this reading within 1-3 days.


Detailed Tarot Reading – $97

Sometimes a longer Tarot reading is needed, especially if you are experiencing challenges in several areas of your life. If you choose this option, I will create a specific (5-7 cards) spread for you in order to look at the situation/s deeper and to provide you with a more comprehensive reading. You can expect to receive this in 3-5 days.


Tarot and Akashic Record/Soul Profile Reading – $223

This is an in- depth reading which is comprised of ten or more pages. It includes a Tarot reading followed by an Akashic Record/Soul Profile reading. Once I have opened your Akashic Record, you will get the chance to ask the Akashic Record Guides questions on the subject of your choice. You can expect to receive this reading within 7-10 days.


All of the above readings are sent by email in a word document with an attachment photo of the Tarot cards I have used in the spread.

After you have received your reading, you are welcome to ask me any questions, especially if there is something you are not clear about.

What are the Akashic Records?

If you are not familiar with the Akashic Records, to briefly explain, they are an infinite source of mystical knowledge and exist in a non-physical plane. They are a record of every person, animal and living thing throughout time and they also contain all possible information of the collective unconscious. These records are constantly growing, evolving and updating every thought, action and spoken word that has ever taken place by anyone at any point in history. On a personal level, your Akashic Record holds the details of your Soul’s journey from the moment it was created, through to your present life, and includes every detail of all of your past lives too. It also contains details of the purpose you came here to fulfil and is a record of your Soul’s evolution.

An Akashic Record/ Soul Profile reading will inform you of who you are at Soul level. It will also help to identify any negative patterns and blockages that may be holding you back from experiencing your full potential in this lifetime.  After the reading, with the help of the Akashic Record Guides, I will energetically clear any blocks and restrictions that have been uncovered. Your Soul will then be re-aligned to its Divine Blueprint and this will enable you to receive your energy from Divine Source and to also make better choices in the future that are congruent to your true Soul purpose.

This reading consists of the following:

1) Tarot Reading – once I have located your Soul using the information you have provided (and your Akashic Record is open) you will have the opportunity to ask the Akashic Record Guides your questions through Tarot.

2) Numerology Report -this will inform you of the numbers which contribute a unique vibration to the story of your life, which in turn, can uncover your destiny, life purpose and the life lessons you will face along your Soul’s journey.

3) Soul Profile – this will give you information about the Divine nature of your Soul from the moment it was created by Divine Source. It will uncover:

  • Whether your Soul presents as male or female.
  • Your most influential past life and the legacies carried down from it.
  • Your Soul Group of origination.
  • The periods in history/mystery schools which still influence you in this lifetime.
  • Your Soul purpose.
  • Your primary life lesson.
  • Your Soul specialization.
  • How many spheres of protection you have around you.
  • Your Soul’s primary energy centre and Angelic Realm of training.
  • How many Spirit Guides you have, who they are and what position they hold on your team.
  • How many white/blue lights you have around you.

4) Blocks and Restrictions this will inform you of any energetic blocks and restrictions present in your Akashic Record which need to be cleared, otherwise they will prevent you from living in congruence with your Divine Nature.  In this reading I will be looking for the following:

  • Negative Spirit Guides on your team that need to be cleared.
  • Primary Godspark damage.
  • Tears in your Golden Web which will cause energetic leaks in your chakras.
  • Issues in the Soul’s memory (loss, clouded, programmed or highlighted)
  • Soul facet loss or added.
  • Past life entities attachments that may be running programmes in your mental and emotional bodies.
  • Any negative unjustified karma held in your Akashic Record.
  • Any negative thought forms or anger spears directed at you.
  • Any earthbound ghosts stalking or attached to you.
  • Any past life compassionate connections with other Soul.
  • Any past life contracts (protection, healing or Soulmate) that are no longer in your highest good.
  • Any past life vows, curses, bindings or pacts which still remain in your Record.
  • Any negative physical or etheric implants.
  • Negative Astral travel during dreamtime.
  • Any portalways open to other beings, astrals, past lives or parallel lifetimes.

5) Soul Re-alignment and Energy Clearing – in this final part of the reading, clearing requests will be read out while I am in your Record – and the Energetic Clearing and Healing will be carried out by the Akashic Record Guides. Once you are aware of the blocks and restrictions in your Record, you will then be empowered through conscious knowledge to make new choices in your life.

Please note that you will also be given some “homework” to do on your own behalf – because although the work has already been done by the Akashic Record Guides, when you actively take part in the process yourself, it will significantly shift your vibrational state and belief system so that you can create better experiences and attract more positive people and situations into your life.

You can also ask the Akashic Record Guides about your relationships with other people

  • Have I known this person in a past life?
  • If so, how many times have we incarnated together?
  • What was my relationship to this person during past lifetimes?
  • Is this a karmic relationship, twin Soul or Soulmate relationship?
  • If we haven’t shared any past lives, then why have we been brought together in this one?
  • What is the energetic statement of the karma between our Souls and what choices did we make to create this?
  • What life lesson does the relationship support for my Soul?

Again, this is by no means conclusive and content will differ according to the specific questions asked.