The New Year / Birthday Tarot Reading offers insight into the year that has passed and the year that is ahead. It looks at the lessons to be learned, the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead and where to focus for your best outcomes.

This 12-card Tarot reading is perfect for a birthday or for the beginning of the new year.

I will also calculate your Personal Year number, based on your birthdate, and share with you what this means for the year ahead. Working with your numerology adds even deeper insight into your New Year / Birthday Tarot reading.

New Year / Birthday Tarot Readings are usually around 2,400+ words long.

Your investment in a New Year / Birthday Tarot Reading is $297.



The New Year and Birthday Tarot Reading Layout

  • new-year-tarot-readingThe previous year in summary
  • What have you learned from the past year
  • What you ultimately aspire to in the next twelve months
  • What empowers you in reaching your aspirations
  • What may stand in the way of reaching your aspirations
  • Your relationships and emotions in the coming year
  • Your career, work and finances
  • Your health and well-being
  • Your spiritual energy and inner fulfillment
  • What you most need to focus on for the year ahead
  • What will be your most important lesson in the coming year
  • Overall, what lies ahead for the next twelve months


A ‘Real Life’ Example of the Birthday/New Year Tarot Reading

Jasmine is a regular client at Biddy Tarot and wanted to know what was coming up for her in the year ahead. She wanted to understand what energies were surrounding her career, love life and personal life.

Dear Jasmine,

Happy New Year! Thank-you for visiting and requesting a Tarot reading with me. It is my pleasure to read for you.

Now, let’s turn to your New Year Tarot reading. You’re interested to understand what’s ahead in relation to your work and personal life. You’re hoping to find love and find the ‘middle path’ as you interact and work with others.

I started with your Personal Year number for this coming year. Based on your birthdate, your Personal Year number is 5.

A 5 Year is a year for freedom, flexibility, travel, change, progress and new experiences.

A 5 Year marks the halfway point of a nine-year cycle. The first four years are behind you and the last four are yet to come. The events of this ‘middle’ 5 Year will enable you to know the difference between the old you, the present you, and the potential you. Therefore, it’s likely you’ll experience a substantial change in your life, or a chain of smaller events that will lead not only to a whole new way of life, but also a completely new understanding of life itself.

This year, you have the opportunity to turn your life around by heading in an entirely new direction. To facilitate this, you’ll need a complete change of attitude. Instead of feeling limited and restricted (like you probably did in the previous 4 Year), you now need to focus on becoming limitless and free. You will need an open mind, ready to explore new opportunities as they arise. You’ll also need to be adaptive and flexible depending on what opportunities come up this year. When choosing which opportunities to pursue, you’ll need to be careful to only select those which relate to your true desires and not your temporary urges or impulses. If you try to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself this year, you may find yourself spread too thin and unable to focus, which could, in turn, prevent success in any area.

A 5 Year is also a great year for travel and experiencing different cultures and diverse environments. If you are looking for direction, it may be a good year to set off on an adventure overseas for a period of time to experience something new. You might find your source of inspiration for the next half of this cycle.

Finally, be prepared for unexpected change. Life will throw a few curve balls your way this year. It’s not meant to throw you off course though. Treat it as an opportunity to change up the way you see the world and the way you experience life. Meet each change with an open mind and a desire to explore what life has to offer you.

Now that we understand more about your numerology, let’s look at your Tarot cards. Concentrating carefully on your situation and channelling your energy, I shuffled and then laid out the Tarot cards and this is what they told me.

  • The previous year in summary – Queen of Swords
  • What have you learned from the past year – Hierophant
  • What you aspire to in the next twelve months – Moon
  • What empowers you in reaching your aspirations – Seven of Wands reversed
  • What may stand in the way of reaching your aspirations – Two of Pentacles
  • Your relationships and emotions in the coming year – Knight of Cups
  • Your career, work and finances – Three of Pentacles
  • Your health and well-being – Nine of Swords reversed
  • Your spiritual energy and inner fulfilment – Wheel of Fortune
  • What you most need to focus on for the year ahead – Hermit
  • What will be your most important lesson in the coming year – Star
  • Overall, where are you headed in the next twelve months – Three of Swords


Let’s start first with the year that has just passed. The Queen of Swords shows that you had to make some tough decisions in the past year but you stand by those decisions and you know that they were necessary in order to get you to where you wanted to be. Take a look at the queen in this card. She is focused on the future, looking ahead with her sword raised high in one hand and with the other hand outstretched. She is clearly focused on where she is heading and she is prepared to make tough decisions to keep her on that path. She welcomes change but she also remains very focused so that the ups and downs don’t distract her. So I feel that 2013 was an important year for you where you stood by your own beliefs and your goals in order to stay on track with what you wanted. Others may have found your determination and conviction a little challenging, especially when you did not agree with one another, but you know deep down that is what has made you successful – you stuck to your guns and you followed your head.

With the Hierophant, I feel that part of your lesson for the year was about staying true to your beliefs. I get this strong sense that you know exactly what you stand for and you don’t allow yourself to be swayed easily. Take a look at the man in this card – the Hierophant. His hands are held up as if to say, “This is the way.” You are very clear what that way is and you are not deviating from that path. You have constructed your belief systems and your personal ‘rules’ and mottos that you are now going to live by, no matter what. Sometimes this card points to religion, especially around those belief structures, but I get the feeling that this isn’t so much about religion but a way of life. You are very clear now about how you want your life to look like and how you want to operate within that structure.

This card can also point to a wise and well-respected teacher who came into your life in 2013. You followed this person’s advice and aligned with their belief systems. They have shown you a ‘way’ and you are now following that path. The good thing is that you’re not doing it blindly – you have made a firm decision that it is in alignment with your own beliefs and therefore you will follow it.

Now, let’s look towards the year ahead. What’s really interesting is that we have mostly upright cards and many Major Arcana cards. The upright cards are a sign that you have a clear path ahead. You know where you want to go and now it is just a matter of manifesting it. It is as if the Universe is opening the path up for you and giving you the ‘all clear’.

The Major Arcana cards are a sign that this will be a pivotal year for you where you learn many significant life lessons. In each Major is a special life lesson that you will master this year. With the Moon, it is about self-reflection and going deep within yourself to understand your ‘shadow’ side. With the Wheel of Fortune, you will explore your inner compass, your connection to your guides and your relationship with fate and destiny. With the Hermit, you will connect with your inner wisdom. And with the Star, you open yourself up to personal transformation and change. Very powerful indeed! We’ll explore these in a little more detail as we go.

So, what do you aspire to in 2014? The Moon is a sign that you seek to go much deeper within yourself to truly understand what makes you tick. You wrote in your email that you want to manage your responses better. Part of this process may be understanding what triggers certain responses and emotions, and then diving deeper to find out how to get on top of those triggers. You will also become aware of underlying fears and anxieties that may be tripping you up and starting off negative responses. When you deal with what is lying right beneath the surface you are in a much better position to create sustainable change. You might be exploring self-hypnosis, meditation, dream analysis, intuitive abilities or some sort of therapy with a trained professional. It’s not so much that you have ‘problems’ but it’s more a case that you really want to understand yourself better this year and get to the bottom of it.

What will facilitate you in this journey is if you allow yourself to become vulnerable every now and then and if you put your defences down. I can see you are very headstrong and that is very admirable. But there may be a point at which you need to stop fighting so hard and defending yourself, and instead let down your defences to go deeper within. You may need to accept that sometimes you do feel vulnerable instead of strong, or that certain situations or interactions really get to you (even though you are trying to put up a front that you’re on top of it). This is then what the Moon is all about – once you let down your defences you can go deeper into what is triggering these responses. Make sense?

What may get in the way of this journey is getting caught up in the day-to-day busy-ness of life. You may set the intention to go deep within yourself or to become more consciously aware of deeper influences, but when it comes to your day-to-day life, you forget to implement these strategies. You may need to actually schedule time for yourself to step back and go, “What’s really going on here?” rather than being right in the thick of it. It’s a bit like the concept of being on the stage versus being in the audience. You need those moments when you can step back and observe what’s happening rather than being in the middle of it.

The next four cards focus on the key areas of your life – relationships, work, well-being and spirituality – and what energies you may experience in 2014.

I was so excited to see the Knight of Cups in your  relationships, especially with this new guy on the scene! Is he like a beautiful, romantic man who can charm the pants off you?! The Knight of Cups is like your knight in shining armour. He’s so keen to be in a relationship with you and will do everything possible to woo you. He’s poetic, dreamy, and most importantly, romantic. He comes to you offering a beautiful opportunity to connect on an emotional level. So take it! Enjoy it! Get dreamy and romantic with him!

In your career, I see you working very well with others this year. It sounds like last year you had a few run-ins with people, but this year I see the energy beginning to shift and you will be more collaborative with your work mates. The key is to communicate the big picture and get clear on the plans together. You need to all be on the same page for this team to work. And once you are, then you will be a powerhouse and will be able to build and achieve some amazing things. You will also need to appreciate diversity in skills and experience, knowing that even the less experienced people have something to offer. Think about how you can facilitate this level of teamwork and collaboration across different levels of experience and expertise.

In terms of your well-being, I think you need to be careful not to blow things out of proportion when situations become challenging. You are a very strong woman, but there are moments when certain situations really get to you. You find yourself in a dark place, worrying about all the ‘what ifs’ and the worst case scenarios, rather than just dealing with the consequences and moving on. It seems as if there is an inner turmoil at times that you keep very private, but in doing this, you end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. If you find that you have self-defeating thoughts or negative beliefs, you need to work hard at changing the self-talk. Turn a negative statement into a positive affirmation. For example, if you are experiencing troubled relationships, tell yourself, “I create joyful and harmonious relationships with others,” or “I respect and value what others have to say.” You’ll find that this starts to relieve some of that intense stress that you experience every now and then.

Spiritually, the Wheel of Fortune is a wonderful sign that you will start to explore your feelings around fate, destiny and karma. You may become quite introspective about your own destiny and what is available to you. You may explore your own free will and how you can use that to manifest your desired outcomes, even when life throws a few curve balls. I’m also drawn to the four guides in each corner of this card and see it as a sign that you have people/spirits/guides watching over you. You may not physically sense them, but you may hear them or simply know that you’re supported. Learn how to connect with your inner guides in a way that you can gain helpful information and direction for your own life.

Finally, let’s focus on what energies are coming up for the year ahead.

The Hermit shows that you will need to take some time out just for yourself where you can be in isolation in order to go deep within yourself and explore some of those fears or anxieties that we saw in the Moon. With the Hermit and the Moon combined, I feel that this year will present quite a deep, spiritual journey for you and you will have the opportunity for self-exploration and introspection. You may want to do it with the support of a therapist or guide, but ultimately this is YOUR journey that you will travel alone. It’s very important though because it will help to illuminate your path ahead and show you what’s next in your personal and spiritual development.

I love that we have the Star as your lesson for this year! This is one of my favourite cards. She represents personal transformation, renewed faith and hope in the Universe and is an eternal source of light. I feel that in the past, you have stood your ground and have been very strong in the face of adversity. But now I see you going much deeper into who you really are and what you stand for at a deeper level. You may be stripping back aspects of yourself that are no longer serving you and replacing them with something new and more self-serving. You also seem to have a renewed faith in the Universe and that you are being supported in your journey. You may be more optimistic, especially if you can combat that negative self-talk we saw in the reversed Nine of Swords.

And finally, the Three of Swords is a sign that you will inevitably experience disappointments and hurt this year (as well as some AMAZING moments!) but the difference will be in how you respond. These are temporary disappointments that may hurt at the time but you know that with time the hurt shall pass. You can choose to make a big deal about it (similar to the Nine of Swords reversed) or you can choose to let it flow over you without having an impact at all. Remember that there is always a sun behind the clouds – you simply need to wait for the clouds to clear and you will be back on again! Connect to the energy of the Star to help you through and focus on the opportunities that exist for you.

I hope this reading has helped you and has provided the insight you need. If you have any questions or require clarification about any of the cards drawn here, please email me.

Warm regards,


Jasmine’s Feedback

Dear Brigit,

Well, to say that I felt overwhelmed will be an understatement! The accuracy of your reading is simply unbelievable.

I was very happy to see that nearly all of my cards were in the upright position, unlike the last year when I had more than half of them reversed and no “cups” at all. 2013 was indeed very hard year for me, the year of self-doubt, self-judging and self-discovery, lots of hard work and stress and disappointments in personal life. But all this made me want to explore what I really want in life and where I want to go. I am still in the beginning of this journey of self-discovery and need to do so much more! But I’m ready to welcome change in my life and explore my “shadow” self much deeper. Years of unhappy marriage destroyed my self-esteem and sky rocketed my levels of anxiety and heightened my anticipation of worst outcome. I stopped looking for positive side of a situation, finding a good thing in anything negative. I am getting there now, but still have a long road to travel.

Having five Major Arcana cards in my reading made me think of the task ahead. Lots of lessons for me to learn this year! But all of the cards are connected with one another so beautifully!

I was very excited to see the Knight of Cups in my relationships corner.

Three of pentacles is one of my favourite cards for describing relationships at work. Last year was very stressful and challenging at work for me, I felt lack of support and cooperation from the management, but I’m looking forward to working with others and be constructive part of a team appreciating others and giving my best commitment to my work.

Having Star as my most important lesson this year was fantastic. I love this card! It is a shining beacon of hope and faith in the goodness and happiness of the universe, the reassurance that everything will be well, just keep faith. I definitely have to learn to look for silver lining in every situation and stop stressing and going into my dark place so often!

In any case, my main lesson for this year is to learn more about myself, become more positive person, find hope and keep faith. I will enjoy my romantic relationship with Jonathon and my working relationships with my colleagues. I will accept change in my life but will follow the path I decided for myself.

Thank you very much Brigit for your reading. Your insight and advice for me is very helpful. I do feel prepared to travel the road ahead trying to avoid as many pitfalls as possible and learn the lessons universe has for me.

Best wishes,