Tarot Reading with Laurie Elle


Do you have the best intentions for yourself, but you just don’t know how to transform those intentions into reality?

Have you ever felt so trapped or hopeless in your current life situation that you just don’t know where to turn or what to do?

Do you feel like you are your own worst enemy but you just can’t get out of your own way?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could align yourself with the natural flow of the Universe, instead of trying to paddle against the current with a broken oar?

Most of us have felt some of these emotions at one point in our life. Some of us find our way out of that trapped place or feelings of sadness on our own, but some of us find ourselves literally “stuck”. When we stay in that place of discontent, we either settle for that “stuck” feeling, or even worse, some of us spiral downward toward despondency and despair.

If you find yourself reading this and connecting with these words, then I believe you found me quite purposefully. The Healing Readings that you will receive from me are meant to be the catalyst to help shift the energy that is holding you where you are, and begin to help you transform the hopeful intentions you hold for yourself into your truth. Via my signature Reflective Resonance Healing Reading, you will be connected to your Higher Self, Spiritual Guides, and the energy of the Tarot. Via this energetic connection and Tarot, you will not only learn exactly what your Higher Self is wanting you to know, but also, you will experience a clearing of the energy and any unhealthy energetic or karmic ties that are holding you back from moving forward on your soul’s journey.

“It is only through love that we can shift the energy of a situation that we desperately want to change…” ~ Laurie McSwiggin, M.B.A, M.Ed., RMT

“It is only through love that we can shift the energy of a situation that we desperately want to change…” ~ Laurie McSwiggin, M.B.A, M.Ed., RMT

– Laurie McSwiggin, M.B.A, M.Ed., RMT –


I came to understand my gift of healing as a result of experiencing an intense and pure moment of unconditional love. Several years ago, my husband (my soulmate & my divine life partner) and I separated and quickly began the process of divorce. My heart felt broken. I wanted the separation; too much had gone “wrong” in a short period of time and the relationship seemed hopeless. For several months I suffered greatly. I wanted to be angry and cold. I wanted to push the memory of him away.

However, I learned that this was not the answer. I was told by a trusted Tarot reader and intuitive counselor that, in order for me to move on and forward with my life, I would need to send my husband unconditional love, forgiveness, and healing. So in a desperate attempt to free myself from the pain and sorrow I was experiencing, I found myself on my knees, surrendering to the Universe. It was at that moment when I began channeling energetic healing to my husband. Within 7 days of my first attempt at distance energy healing, not only had my husband “felt” something, but changes were taking place. Against all odds, within a month’s time we reconciled. Reconciliation was never my intent, only unconditional love and healing were my intentions, but clearly the Universe had other plans for us!

Today, we remain happily married, deeply in love, and the proud parents of a brand new beautiful baby girl. Since that fateful time in my life, I’ve become a certified Reiki Master Teacher and a certified REAP™ (Remote Energetic Alignment Process) practitioner. I perform my own signature healing technique, Reflective Resonance, which is a combination of distance energy healing and Tarot


Reflective Resonance is a powerful healing modality that can help free you from that which is holding you back. Your energy tells a story, and via my Reflective Resonance Healing Reading, I am divinely guided to help you! The best way I can describe this experience to you is by relating what I do to science. Quantum physics states that we, and everything around us, is made up of energy. I am able to connect to your energy, and I am then shown a “reflection” of what is happening within the energy centers of your body. In fact, just as in my own personal experience, your Highest Self will always direct you. It is unconditional love that is needed to shift the energy in your body, and I am simply the conduit and guide to help direct that energy.

In addition to aligning your energetic flow, your Higher Self will present me with karmic or traumatic events in your life that have left indelible energetic memories and or etheric cords behind. These cords can be unhealthy attachments and connections to memories, incidents, or to specific people. The events may have been a result of an actual trauma, or they may be linked to karmic events, agreements and debts. During the Healing Reading your Higher Self will guide me to where and how you need to “let go”, and via the Reflective Resonance Healing, I help move that process forward.


After you select your Reflective Resonance Healing Reading, and have paid via PayPal, you’ll be directed to the request form. (Make sure you stay on the PayPal transaction page after payment, and select “Return to website/Biddy Tarot” so that you’ll be redirected to the request form.) On the request form, I’ll ask your full name (birth name), your date of birth (month, day and year), and I like to visualize you during the healing, so I will ask you to share a picture of your face via email.

I’ll personally confirm your request within 24-48 hours of receiving it and will let you know when to expect to receive your Healing Reading (usually within 3-5 days of your original request, sooner if possible).

When I conduct your Healing Reading, I connect to you energetically and I am always shown exactly what your Higher Self is wanting you to know and or heal.

All healing readings are recorded as an audio file. In this audio file, I will I will document step-by- step what I was shown, and which areas of your body/energy were worked on and cleared. I will also include a written addendum that will include links to photos and meanings of all the Tarot cards that presented themselves to me during your reading, so that you have the opportunity to create a personal connection with the cards that appeared for you. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification about your Healing Reading via email. If for any reason you require a written transcript of your Healing Reading Audio file, one can be prepared for you within 1-3 days after your reading has been delivered to your email. The additional cost of a written transcript is $20.00 USD. I will send you instruction about this when I send your audio file and written addendum.

As your Healing Reading will be recorded, you will be able to return to your personal reading at any time, opening yourself up to new messages and insights that may come to you as you progress on your personal journey.

Read more about what to expect with your Tarot reading here.


Reflective Resonance
$222 USD

In this reading, your energy will be connected to, and Information about the state of your energy will be gathered. Your Higher Self often describes a complete story to me as to how and why this energy has become problematic. Sometimes the problematic areas are a result of recent events, but other times the issues may have originated many years ago, or even in a previous lifetime.

I remain connected to your energy for approximately 1-1.5 hours. I document word for word the messages that I receive for you. I also clearly document for you the areas in your energy field that are worked on and the Tarot cards that presented themselves in your healing. Upon completion of the healing, you will receive a quick email from me with a very brief summary of your session. Then, you will be sent the complete Healing Reading audio file via email within 1-5 days of completion of the Healing Reading. You may contact me via email after receiving your Healing Reading with any additional questions that you may have.

Something to note, you may actually “feel” me when I work on you remotely. Some people do experience physical sensations during and after the healing is complete, particularly when I work heavily on a specific energetic area within your body. These sensations mostly resolve themselves within a day or so. I do encourage clients to be very gentle and loving with themselves post healing, especially on the actual healing day. You will want to drink plenty of water and keep yourself protected from harsh music, violent or distressing television shows, or other heavy or dense energy. You may also experience increased dream activity in the days that follow your healing. This is a way for your subconscious self to process and integrate the healing fully.



I needed help and I found myself desperately seeking guidance, comfort, and reassurance – that’s when I found Laurie Elle. Just weeks after my reading I am feeling more alive, with a renewed sense of self and strength that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Laurie Elle helped me clear my blockages and connect to my high self in such a powerful way that I am now able to find that reassurance and guidance I was seeking externally within myself through my inner voice.

Kelsey O’Neil

After Laurie Elle’s energy healing, my mind felt bright again and my intuition seemed to return. I was able to find answers and acceptance for the changes in my life. Since then I am feeling like I am back on track again with my life. After the results I experienced in my own life with Laurie Elles’s energy healing, I highly recommend her to you. She is truly gifted.


Thank you for the Reflective Resonance Healing. I definitely feel that something has shifted and I feel better for it. So thank you until the next time we meet.


The reading with Laurie Elle was amazingly specific to my situation. Laurie Elle gave just the guidance that I needed…it was truly magical and helped me enormously. Her reading and healing was so accurate that I feel truly blessed to have found her. I would highly recommend her.


This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and all I had to do was be in openness of love and healing. I expected a tarot card reading – what I received is so much more – life changing in such a positive way. Laurie Elle – you have a true gift. Anyone that gets to read with you has a treasure forever. Soon you will be so famous none of us will be able to get an appointment for years, if ever. You are a gift to us all.

Lorie, CT

I want to express my gratitude to you for the Reflective Resonance Healing. You were right on target; everything in my report was true. My life is more peaceful, joyful and I’m glad to report that I’m no longer sending out anxiety, fear, worry, and lack out to the Universe. I’m practicing feeling gratitude as you advised. The way I found out about you was really serendipitous.


Healing with Laurie Elle was an amazing experience. She restored my ability to connect with the universal energy. She cleared my blockages and showed me magnificent things through my own guides. She helped me to see again clearly. After the healing I feel truly transformed, strong and self-confident. She changed my life. I can warmly recommend her.