Here’s an example of how an intuitive reading works when I combine Tarot, Numerology and Astrology.

Susan is born on 7 October 1976.  She is a Libra, her ruling planet is Venus and the sign is governed by Air element.  Her corresponding Tarot significator is the Queen of Swords.  Susan values relationships and spends a lot of time trying to create the perfect relationship either at home with her boyfriend, or her boss and colleagues at work.  She has strong opinions about principles and ideas and has a lot of passion for championing the cause of working single-mothers as she is one herself.  As a Libran, Susan tends to avoid conflicts or any emotional situations if she could help it.  She has a Character number 7, a Life path number 4 and a Destiny number 3.  In a nutshell, Susan thinks and analyzes a lot about any issues that come her way.  She is also a bit of a loner and tends to be quite introspective whilst internalizing her feelings within her.  Her life path presupposes that life provides her with opportunities to be a very reliable and practical person, who is good at organizing resource or events  and managing projects.  She has a meticulous eye for detail and will often go out of the way to ensure that whatever she plans for either family or her colleagues, everyone is happy and her projects are delivered to expectations.  As her destiny number is a 3, Susan has gifts and talents to bring sunshine and happiness to people around her.  As she is such a reliable friend, partner and colleague, she takes on a lot of responsibility to help and support people around her with the purpose of keeping them happy.  However, in trying to make them happy, she is sometimes quite repressive and does not express how she truly feels about a situation although she might have differing opinions about it or she might be exhausted.

When Susan asked for advice after falling out with her boss, the two Tarot cards that jumped out at me from her spread were the Ace of Cups reversed and the 8 of Swords.    Understanding Susan’s numerological and astrological make-up helped me understand that the crux of the issue laid with Susan’s inability to openly communicate to her boss about how she truly felt about the situation.  Instead, she had clouded her mind with a lot of negative perceptions about her boss.  When I further discussed the matter with her, she revealed that her boss had accused her of making a decision about a project without consulting the rest of the team.  However, Susan felt that as someone with almost 18 years of experience in her role, she was qualified to make an informed decision that she had felt was beneficial to the business.  Her boss’ accusation hit a raw nerve with Susan because she felt it questioned her capability.

Our discussion about Susan’s numerological and astrological influences shed light on her reaction to the situation.  As a character 7, Susan often preferred to work alone.  She also felt her decisions were well thought through and she had done the due diligence of analyzing all facets of the situation.  In many ways, while Susan could have been a better team player by communicating her intent to the team and her boss.  Susan had withdrawn into herself after that tiff with her boss and had not brought up the incident since.  However, the situation had festered so badly that she had decided that she wanted to look for a new job.  As a Libran, working with the right people and keeping that interpersonal relationship with them is so important to her.  She wanted her boss to value her expertise and experience.  She wanted to make a difference to the team and the business and be recognized for her contributions.  However, as Susan did not want to rock the boat further, and just wanted things to get better on its own, her inability to be openly honest and to express how she truly felt had widen the rift between her boss and her.

So my advice to Susan was to give her boss a chance.  She should not shape her relationship with her boss based on negative perceptions by second-guessing how she thought the boss felt about her.  Instead, she should utilize the strengths of her life path 4 and the logical capabilities of her Libran qualities to plan a structured conversation with her boss to openly talk about how she wanted to constructively mend the relationship and effectively work as a  team.

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